10 Great Things about Having a Baby Boy

10 Great Things about Having a Baby Boy
September 05 19:49 2016

Did you just get the great news? Your husband or boyfriend must have been truly ecstatic when they brought in the blue paints for the newborn boy’s room.

Most parents usually do not have a preference but the other ratio is more inclined towards having a baby girl. Girls are lovely, and you would probably hear a lot of dads-to-be crooning to their pregnant wife’s tummy, wishing it’s a girl. But the blue balloons and joy that accompany parents when the great news is a baby boy, is also quiet thrilling. Raising children altogether is a great yet exhausting experience. And it is certainly not easy and comes with added responsibilities. However, a larger population agrees that raising girls is tougher. From the point that they are cradled in their pink blankets, to their elementary school, high school…prom and…more. It may sound pretty far-fetched but when you are a parent who gets naturally programmed to think far ahead into the future you’re your children. Raising a girl child attaches with itself an even potent responsibility that most parents would debate does not accompany with having a boy. Needless to say, whether it is a boy or a girl, they still would be the apple of their parents’ eyes. This article is for parents who;

  1. Have a preference for a boy and want to know the unexplored joy that come with the blue bundle
  2. For the parents who are bummed that they will be welcoming a baby boy when they expected a girl…here are some great reasons you should be ecstatic about having a boy.


Perk # 1: CLOTHING: You are spared from so much trouble!

Most of the mothers are enthusiastic about having a baby girl to play dress up with but it is not always that thrilling. You eventually tire out with the whole thing and it can be exhausting going out in stores picking up the right pony tails and accessories to accompany that particular pink dress your baby girl owns. If you are a mother who is not fond of dressing up much and hates to shop (trust me, we also have that unpopular category of women out there too!), it’s great to have a boy with whom dressing up is simpler. That’s the thing with having baby boys, the only thing you will probably have to be concerned about it picking a blue t-shirt that fits and is comfortable so your boy doesn’t whines about feeling much hot… Really, that is all! Dressing p boys is much easier and simpler and trusts me that is a big perk! On the other hand, dressing up our pretty little daughter can be fun but it also needs extra consideration and care.

Perk # 2: Carrying low!

Ever heard about those good old wives myths? This one is super terrific. You carry less weight when it is a boy. While many people have signaled this out as a myth, many pregnant women have actually conformed this!  There are many women who bore both boys and girls and confirmed that when they were carrying their baby boy they did not weight much and were not short of breath till they actually hit their 8th month when they grew impossibly large. While carrying a girl child made them carry a lot more weight comparatively. See, a baby boy might just not give you a tiring pregnancy after all!

Perk # 3: Look at all that energy!

Whenever your husband returns from work, is your son already there at the porch with a baseball bat in the hand? That is a very relatable experience. Little boys can always act like super energized balls of energy that are bouncing here and there about the house and garden, discovering new things. These are some seemingly insignificant little things that you won’t find in a girl child. Girl can be very choosy, bossy and moody with their games which is not all bad but very adorable. With your little guy friend, things are different. They are always up for a good game!

Perk # 4: Accessorizing up

This part goes along with the clothes. While dressing up you will hae to indulge in added exercise of finding matching handbags, clips, shoes, pony bands and the list goes on. With your boy child, just get him a watch and belt for accessory and the shopping trip to accessorize is over.

Perk # 5: Toys and games

There is not much distinction when it comes to buying toys for your girl or boy… until you visit the toy shop. But when it comes to games, girls and their dolls, dress up games and tea party can be exciting yet exhausting venture for any mother. With your boy, you can do a good game by just taking him to the park with a ball.

Perk # 6: The noise factor

Okay let’s face it. Girls are cute, pretty and are fun to be around for some. But, they are very loud. Your little girl may have that high pitched screeching noise that makes you want gouge your ears out! Even if your daughter is not loud, you are lucky then! Because try taking out some observing some little girls playing in the park. If you like loud things that do not stop ringing or shrieking, you will enjoy for sure.

Perk # 7: Freedom

How much we deny the fact that the world is changing and things are improving out there for everyone, especially women. But deep down you know, it can still do with some fixing. As mentioned earlier with daughters there comes a more potent sense of responsibly, additional care needs consideration and concerns that might not usually accompany you with a son. By having a baby boy there is some comfort knowing that there are a myriad of opportunities available there for your son and you will not always have to worry about them either. We know they can fix themselves anywhere they go..with our daughters our fear and concern levels shoot to top.

Perk # 8: The mom’s best friend

Single line for this one: boys make excellent best friends with their moms.
You can call it the Oedipus complex buy boys will always belong to their mamas. And they get along very well with their dads.

Perk # 9: Nicknames

You can easily choose a nick name for him, that will reflect something quirky and fun your little guy did. Call him bud, buddy, little dude, stinker or monkey man… all fit well!

Perk # 10: The most cherished part: A window into your husband’s childhood

Your mother in law probably has recounted to you a few stories; however the best window into how your better half, your husband was as a child and a youngster is through your son. Possibly you can see the similarity in the photographs. Having a young man around is bound to trigger the child in your husband, directly down to the toy plane commotions and sandcastle-building challenges the father and son will indulge in.


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