10 life hacks for parents

10 life hacks for parents
August 18 07:42 2016

As parents from the very day your kids is born, your start training him, help him, cultivate him for a better future and a good human being. Today we will talk about some skill that every child should have before setting his first foot in high school.


Making a meal

By the time your child enters high school, he should be expert in doing everything that is related to his own care. We shouldn’t set our hopes high but we do expect from them that should be able to cook some breakfast for themselves. Most of the days you treat your child like a king or queen but sometimes you have to leave them on their own and let them making their own breakfast. And this will build some confidence in them.


Wake themselves up on time

Waking up in the morning is the most troubled thing that parents face everyday but as your child reaches high school he should wake himself on time, make his bed, have a bath and get dressed himself in neat and tidy clothing. Our presence that we will do everything for you spoils them. They are waking up late, having no or little breakfast, and after we drive them to school because they have missed their bus, and topping it all, when they reach school they are late for their class too. So, we should let on their own and let them manage their own things, and while they do we just keep a close eye.


How to do their own laundry

Do your kids really know how to do their own laundry? Many of the college students doesn’t know how to do their laundry. How to remove the stain? Make a habit for them, doing their own laundry, and they also should know how to set the machine. And when they get a new machine how much chances are there that they will be able to set the machine. So, just let them grow and let them learn.


How to say “no”

This is a huge deal. The kids who doesn’t know how to say “no” are in hot water because this will end them up over scheduled and stressed and they will also be presented be a lot of questionable options and when this happens you will not be there to monitor them and help them out.


How to study

It seems unorthodox but this is true. Not every kid know how to study, and while studying how to manage it, and how to prioritize their work. It is not enough to read the book alone. They should also know what is asked from them, what is required from them, and what is the main agenda for all of this lesson. Spoon feeding will give the student an edge only for that time being. Later he will be in a mess, and will not have a single clue that what should he do, and how to get out from this dilemma?


How to budget and Pay bills

When you are all over your child, he will have no clue how to spend his money on required portions? What is the best way for him to save while spending. Give them some money ask them to spend it wisely. They will have troubles in starts but gradually they will manage how to move on with life and what are the best ways to spend money. This habit will also help them in their future and they will know the worth of this shot then.


Advocate themselves

Train your child how to have a conversation with an authority, and train them for advocating themselves. If your child is in trouble at school, don’t go for it but let your child handle it, and put your trust in him. For instance if he is having trouble with a teacher at school, and he comes home complaining about the teacher. Do not call at school and starts an inquiry about the teacher. Ask your child politely about the matter and then say to him to handle this on his own. If he can get it done with the teacher its good but if that is not possible that go to the principle and tell him the whole story and ask for his help. But you should come in.

Also, teach your child to be a good listener. Prepare him to listen what the other person is saying and after that understanding whatever he said, because every time things will not go in their way but will have a twist unfolding so they should be prepared for it anytime.


Talking to strangers

Their life will be full of strangers, meeting them at every corner of life. But your this rule, do not talk to stranger will not be beneficial for them, and when the time comes they will not be able to get a single word out of their mouth. Send your child out to talk to strangers, obviously safe ones like your neighbors, friends colleges or any other reliable person. Make them run errand around your place and these things will break the shackle of their hesitation. And this will also help them for asking help when they will be in trouble and you are not there for their help. Like car broken down on a long trip.


Take Public transportation

Often people comment that they will not let their daughter to ride alone on a metro bus. But will they allow her when she will be 25 years old, or is it even up to them when she will be 25. This age is quite mature enough to let them leave the house alone take the metro and room around the city. This will enhance their confidence and will also help them in getting to know their own city. At this age, people join the army or the air force and come over their fears. When they will leave for high school, how they manage then. So, leave them on their own but also put a check on them.


Basic first aid

If you’re not at home and your child get himself in trouble. What will he do, surely look for first aid box, but what happens what he doesn’t know the abc of the first aid box. Teach your child how to use first aid box, so he can manage things on his own when you’re not around.


10 best life hacks for parents

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