10 Signs You’re Ready for Another Baby

10 Signs You’re Ready for Another Baby
March 12 08:54 2017

Having a new born baby can be overwhelming and it is normal if you once said to yourself you are never having another baby again! Due to the stresses of raising a baby, many parents vow never to have another one again but there comes a time when your little one has grown and you begin to feel the need to have just one more cute being. But how do you know if you are ready to have another baby or not? When is it okay to have another baby?

Here are 10 signs you are ready to have another baby:


  1. You miss feeling needed 

It doesn’t matter how old your child is, when you develop those feeling of being needed you know you are ready to have another baby. For most parents, as soon as the child starts to develop the ability move around and play by themselves without needing you to watch over them constantly then the time to have another baby is fast approaching


  1. No more diaper change 

You know you are ready to have another baby when your current child no longer wears diapers. This means you have extra time in your hands and you can go ahead and start trying for another baby


Ready for Another Baby

  1. When you sleep through the night           

Remember those days when you used to wake up constantly to feed change or check on the baby? If you no longer do that and sleep through the night, then you are ready to have another baby.


  1. You have packed the baby cloths 

When you have packed all of your baby cloths and folded the crib you know you are now ready to start all over and welcome another baby to the family.


  1. Staring and smiling at other babies     

The classic way to tell when you are ready to have another baby is when you begin to notice other babies everywhere you go. You can even find yourself smiling and waving at other people’s babies.


  1. Looking at baby cloths 

If you go into a shop and find yourself in the baby section holding up tiny shoes and stocking, then you know the ghost of parenthood is calling and you are probably ready for another kid.


  1. Your child reaches the cute age 

There comes a time when your baby reaches an age where by everything they do is very cute and adorable and you just wish they could remain at that age forever, that is when you know you should have another baby.


  1. Time for a sibling 

As a parent, you will suddenly feel the need to gift your child with a sibling, forgetting all the stresses and fatigue that come with having a newborn baby in the family. When you start feeling that kind of selfless and desire then you know you are ready to welcome another baby into the family.


  1. The finance is good 

Financial situations are always used as an excuse not to grow the family, when your finance is stable and you have survived the first baby then you can begin to start thinking about having another baby.


  1. The pregnancy test is positive 

It does not matter how you feel about having another baby, when the pregnancy test comes back positive then you are ready to have another baby!


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