10 strange but Important Toddler Habits

10 strange but Important Toddler Habits
November 07 10:34 2016

Childcare and education matters a lot in the improvement of health and development of learning skills. All that experience of a child in his early life at home is actually educational for the child. About 60-70% children are being catered out of their homes. Some parents prefer to trust on their relatives foe their child’s care, some leave them in care centers, few are contented by the care in kindergarten. Parents choose one way to bring up  their children out of the home, depending upon their financial conditions, their family values and the timing. Those parents who are not able to provide their children with high quality child care often make compromises.

When a child is being consistently cared  with some degree of emotional support, this thing positively affect the child and his family. With poor quality of the environment at home and care centers,  child doesn’t genuinely prepare for the school to  pass through the school life easily. In this case the formal course of education till the 12th standard is nopregnancy-flowers-6t able to resolve the issue with the child because what the child actually requires are the behavior and mental health care of their parents.  Those parents who consider that their child’s education starts from kindergarten are just focusing on development and avoiding the importance of experience that the child can have.

When a child experiences something different every day, it is helpful in the effective functional and structural development. Experiences also raise their level of intelligence of a child and makes the personality better. These experiences can have positive as well as negative long lasting impacts on child, family and the society.

If a child has provided with high quality education, then the child will be succeeded in school and crime rates will be decreased. If the child care is not proper then it can have detrimental effects on the child’s language, social behavior and development as well as performance at school.

There are several factors which can cause hindrance in the quality of education and health care. High quality education requires struggles from parents. The presence of parents at home not ensures the better emotional and  social development of children. There is a need to provide some guidance and advice to parents that how they should treat their toddlers. Similarly, working mothers don’t give enough attention to keep their children clean all the day long. Due to their busy routine, parents usually stay unaware of the activities of their children. They don’t enjoy the activities of their toddlers. The toddlers usually do have some annoying habits, which should be noticed by their parents to stop children to do it again such as:

  1. Some children develop an annoying habit of nose picking. This becomes a fun for them. Children should be taught by their parents that it is not a good habit.
  2. Children are so impressed by drawing that they start drawing on any surface such as furniture, walls and curtains. They should be guided by their parents that it makes everything dirty.
  3. Children are in deep and passionate love with stories. They want them to listen again and again. This becomes annoying for the story teller. So parents should push them to other activities as well.
  4. Toddlers are very impatient. They just want the things that they need at once. Parents should develop a little bit of patience with their children because it is very much important for the present and future life.
  5. Toddlers expect that their every demand should be fulfilled by their parents. This should not be the case. Besides that parents love their toddlers, they should try to avoid their some unnatural demands.
  6. Whining is another bad habit toddlers that they begin to cry to get what they want. At this stage parents can establish their authority over their toddlers by making by making them stable.
  7. Children are usually picky eaters that they eat such dishes which suit best to their taste. Parents should convince their children to eat more dishes to develop a sense of taste in them.
  8. Toddlers show over reactions sometimes about not getting toys, chocolates and juices, etc. in a few cases when mom says no, then dad says yes its ok. This is totally a wrong impact on the brain development of children. They think that one of their parents is dominating the other and the child start over reacting with the other. This should be avoided.
  9. Toddlers often seek fun from biting others. They sometimes also bite their parents. Parents should teach them that it is not good to bite others as the others get angry upon this. Quite a bit strictness in this case is helpful.
  10. A most annoying habit of toddlers is that they are used to eat mud and toothpaste as well as they lick the walls. This habit is mostly for shorter life span and goes with age. But the parents should take precautions, that they should make it sure the dangerous things such as detergents and medicines should be out of reach from children.

Parents can also improve the quality of education which they are giving to their children at homes by improving their parenting. Improvement in parents is made easy by community discussions. Parents having concerns about the health of their children and their primary education often rely on some care centers. But it is unfortunate for them that usually care centers provide mediocre care to their toddlers. In some care centers, children get poor attention and start adopting the annoying habits. The results would result in personality destruction.

Despite the high quality of education and intensive care, few children are weak with respect to mind due to poor nutrition. In this case, pediatric can play the role and keeps the account of child nutrition very well to see him as a fit toddler.

Few poor toddlers don’t get the high quality of education and care because their parents don’t  have enough money to give better life to their toddlers. In this case the Government should move a step to improve the conditions. In some developed countries Government is playing an active role by running some active NGOs.

Pediatricians also play their role in education and child care. They may make possible the high quality of early experiences of their patients. They also can improve the child care by  helping communities. Pediatricians can have effects on family as well as communities.  Pediatricians can play role in childcare and education in different ways.They ask about the care plan of children from their parents or either they care for the other’s child or not. They help with children out of home care by providing paiatrician treatment and remaining in touch with the care providers and parents.

So, the most important matter of a child’s life is its proper early education and the health care. These two are the basic rights of the children who are born in this world. High quality of education and  good health care is actually based on a triangle of parents, care providers and the pediatricians. Parents are the ones who teach a first word to their child. Child care providers help in maintaining health of the child by maintaining hygienic conditions. This makes toddler to grow up with extreme intelligence a character building. Pediatrics are the dieticians of the toddlers and keep in view the strategy which is used for child care and to educate  him by early experiment. Environment of the home in which the child lives matters a is a key determining factor for proper mind and character development. Poor environment may result in destructed personality while if the environment is sound and parents are co-operating, then the results will be opposite. For a toddler to be a perfect healthy person ,he should get proper learning from his  own experiences.