10 things to teach your daughter about her body

10 things to teach your daughter about her body
August 11 08:19 2016

Puberty can be a very strange, confusing and embarrassing stage of life and it is the responsibility of parents to help their children go through this stage without any fear, confusion and/or embarrassment. For daughters, the changes in the body are more obvious and a bit more complicated. Therefore, it is very important for parents to help their daughters as much as they can before they get some wrong idea from an unreliable source (e.g. friends).

It is quite common for parents to feel shy, uncomfortable, embarrassed or a bit unqualified to talk to their daughters about their body. But the bad news is that they can and will get answers from somewhere, so it is your job to make sure that what she knows is complete and true. You should try to make scenarios for your daughter in order for her to understand the values and perspectives of your family.
The thing is that many parents feel uncomfortable confronting their daughter because they don’t know where to start, how to deal with sensitive issues, what to talk about and what not to. Parents are also unsure about how much should a daughter at a certain age should know, thus, rises the problem.

In order for you to be more confident regarding this issue, below are mentioned ten things a daughter should know about her changing body:


1. Bodies come in different shapes and sizes

The media nowadays can give wrong ideas to children about the unrealistic and ideal bodies which should be taken in account. As a parent you should focus more on her health than her physical appearance. If you obsess over the physical appearance, may it be hers or your own, your daughter is sure to pick it up and might get the wrong idea and develop the same obsession putting her health in danger. Rather, you should be focused on teaching her about hygiene and her bodily health rather than the shape of her body.


2. Be active and try new things

Try to encourage her to be active and be a part of things as it makes the body as well as the mind feel good and productive. You should try to refrain from thinking her about her weight and the shape of her body because at a young age it of less important than her health.


3. Take care of it, from head—and brain—to toe

Your daughter should learn to adopt healthy eating habits. She should be active, and get enough sleep for her body to grow healthy. You should play a part in encouraging your daughter to eat three regular meals as well as two healthy snacks, five fruits and vegetables, everyday. Carbonated drinks and sugary beverages should be avoided as much as possible. Parents should always keep in mind that the personal hygiene and safety of their daughter is of greater importance than her physical appearance.


4. How it works

Your daughter should know that the human body is a beautiful creation of God but at times certain smells and noises may emerge that may not be pleasing. They should know that it is perfectly normal. You should teach your daughter about the different but perfectly normal parts of her body that may include vagina, pelvic region and the bladder. You can be general and abstract to avoid unwanted shyness but parents are encouraged to use the correct terms in order to avoid any confusion. This will help your daughter feel more comfortable with her body and in turn be more confident.
5. Change and puberty

You should be prepared to tell your daughter about the changes the happen to her body before they actually happen. This is very important because the changes can be too obvious and complicated that a girl surely needs someone for help at that time, and that someone should be her parent/guardian. This will make her less embarrassed and ashamed of her body. Reproductive health and menstruation can be important health topics to count a few.


6. Sex and sexuality

You should be confident in talking to your daughter about how to respect her body and talk about sex as a healthy and loving relationship with someone you truly love and trust.


7. Privacy in person and online

Parents should keep in mind that respecting your daughter’s privacy holds as much importance as all the above. But keeping in mind it is also important to keep in track of what is happening with her physically and socially. With the social media almost taking over our lives it is important for your daughter to know the responsibility of using social media. Try not to impose yourself on her and make her learn in her own terms what to share and what not to share online. You should be with her while she’s on social media in order for you to know who is she interacting with and what she is posting online. There should be a limit to her screen time.


8. Care for and protect yourself

Parents should teach their daughters to seek help from adults they trust when in times of distress and discomfort. They should be able to tell adults if they are being bullied or if someone is being mean to them. They should also know when to say “No” and how much personal information to share depending on the person they are talking to.


9. Use appropriate books

Information regarding her body and transformation can be gathered from a great many sources. This can be from her pediatrician, her teachers or her books (such as kids’ health). You should leave age-appropriate books for her to read but make sure you read it to find out what kind of information is provided because you should know that there are bad books which should be avoided.


10. Don’t compliment her (solely on) her appearance

As mentioned earlier, you should try to focus less on her physical appearance and how she looks and focus more on her upbringing, health and the way she deals with other people.