November 10 12:15 2016

Having an awesome birthday party for your kid does not need you to spend a lot or do extravagant things. You can spend less on the party and your kid has a really good time. It just takes some careful planning but it is achievable. If you are planning a birthday party for your kid here are 10 tips to help you save money and still throw an awesome party:


  1. Cut back on the venue

Usually hiring a venue is what costs the most when it comes to parties. If you cut back on spending too much on the venue you will save a whole lot of money and have some left to spend on entertainment and food. The best way is to host the party in your back yard, inside the house or at a friends or relatives place. If you have a pool or know someone who has a pool, you can host the party there. Not only will it save you venue money, it will also save you entertainment money as the pool itself can provide a lot of fun and games for the kids and their parents.


  1. Home made games

Another big expense when it comes to kids parties is entertainment. Things like hiring a clown or bouncing house can cost you a good dime. Why not make a list of home made games for the kids to play instead? You could buy paper, glue and water based paint, there are a lot of activities to keep the kids occupied and entertained with just that material.



  1. Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is not only interesting for kids but the adults too. A well planned scavenger hunt around the house and yard can take a good chunk out of the party duration and leave the kids well entertained, saving you extra stress and pressure.


  1. Food and snacks

Food, snacks and drinks can be another cause of costly parties. Hiring a catering service does not help you reduce party costs. If you are hosting a party why don’t you prepare the food and snacks yourself? It does not have to be heavily cooked food, just some sandwiches, chips and fruit juice will do. You could ask one or two mums to help you out with the cooking if you are not very handy in the kitchen.

Another way to save on food and also entertain the kids at the same time is to download an easy cookies baking recipe and have a bake off wit the kids. You can divide the kids into teams and enjoy a nice afternoon of baking and laughter. This depends on the age group of your kid though.


  1. Let the kids make the decoration

If you invest in colored paper, glue, balloons, color pencils and glitter you can make the kids decorate the venue for the party. Its very easy and convenient, they can make the party hats, cut paper into different shapes and sizes so it can be hung on the wall. They can even make custom birthday cards.


  1. Forget the take home party bags

Party bags cost a lot, what costs even more is the staff to fill them with. If your guests have a good time there is no need to give them take away goods.


  1. No need to hire a professional photographer

Kids events should be documented but there is no need to hire a professional to do it, especially if you have a good phone with a decent camera.


  1. Choosing the party time

If you have to hire a venue choose a less popular time, it will be cheaper than the peak times.


  1. Cut back on the invitation cards

Making invitation cards and sending them out is another popular party mistake. You should consider sending electronic invites instead to save some money.


10. Do your own thing, do not compete

Most importantly, do not compete with other parents. Just do your own thing and make sure kids have fun that is the goal of the party anyway.





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