10 tips to help your baby get the best sleep of his life

10 tips to help your baby get the best sleep of his life
September 08 09:09 2016

Every parent has to go through the ordeal of raising a newborn child.

After the grand entrance of your baby in this world – naked, scared and of course ignorant, it’s your job to teach him the about life and world.

A baby is so helpless and ignorant that their brain cannot even differentiate between day and night. So, that’s why parents find it so difficult in the beginning to make their baby sleep at “proper” time.

The problem is, the baby does not know what the proper time to sleep is, so you have to teach them from scratch.

Ask any expert on this subject and the answer will always be similar. Make a routine and build a habit because it helps both the baby and the parent to create a healthy lifestyle.

Tackle one ignorance at a time. Let’s start with a sleep.

Here are top ten tips you can apply immediately to get your baby a good night sleep:


We sleep at night and wake up in the morning. This “but obvious” fact tells us one thing- that we are biologically programmed to sleep when it’s dark (absence of light) and wake up in the presence of light.

We sleep at night because our brain releases a hormone that aids in sleeping when there is no light in your surrounding.

So what has this got to do with your baby?

When the time comes to put your baby to sleep, you can dim the lights of the room. Eventually, you can put the lights out so that your baby can get to his “sleep mode.”


You can follow the same ritual every day to let your baby know it’s time to sleep.

If you can manage, you should put your baby to sleep in the same spot. However, the place should only be reserved for sleeping. You should also put him there at the same time every single day. This way the baby’s biological clock will know when it’s time to sleep. Also every time you put your baby in his sleeping place, his brain can automatically relate that place to sleeping.

You can also sing a lullaby just before bed. Over time, the baby will relate the song to sleep.


Make sure you put your baby to bed when he is drowsy, not asleep.

This way you are building a habit that will be beneficial to him lifelong.

You might find it easier if you let your baby sleep in your arms then put him to bed. But this way, you are not teaching him the habit of going to sleep on his own.

Thus, initially when you put your baby down when he is not asleep, most probably he is going to cry. Let him cry a little bit.

Over time he will learn to go to sleep on his own.


Doctors say don’t give your baby unnecessary attention before you make him sleep. Giving a lot of attention might trick your baby into thinking it as a “play time.”

So avoid making a lot of eye contact, giving unnecessary attention and playing with the baby just before sleep.


Limit the hours of sleep your baby gets during the day. It’s logical that anyone will have a hard time going to sleep if they have slept all day.

So, sometimes even if your baby might urge to sleep but you shouldn’t let them sleep more than he needs.

A good rule of thumb to follow is – don’t let your baby sleep after 5 PM. Napping in late afternoon might interfere with their sleep cycle.

Dream Feed

You should feed your baby around 11 PM to avoid waking him up at night due to hunger. This is to make sure your baby gets an extended period of sleep.

Nothing is more annoying than to wake up in the middle of the night just to eat.


We have been preconditioned from out childhood that we should sleep in absolute silence. Well, here’s a deal breaker for you.

Humans are not biologically programmed to sleep in absolute silence.

We need a little noise to sleep better because our ancestors slept in open places where they could hear sounds of birds, animals winds and rains. Since we are descendants of those people, it’s only natural that we inherited the same habit.

The good news is you don’t have to keep your baby in the open air like cavemen. Instead use the technology. You can find plenty of apps that can make these sounds. This will definitely improve the quality of yours as well your baby’s sleep.

Sounds ridiculous? Just try once.

Resist the Urge

When you hear your baby crying in the middle of the night, don’t jump in immediately to comfort him.

During early months, babies have a hard time sleeping for an extended period. So, to help him to form the habit of sleeping, you must let him sleep on his own.

So, the next time your baby wakes up, instead of hopping in immediately, wait for a while and let him try to get to sleep on his own.

Of course, you don’t want to make him cry all night. That’s why in the beginning, you can help him get to sleep by crying him in your arm, however, consider letting him get to sleep on his own after a few months.


Doctors suggest that newborn babies have a hard time sleeping because babies have feelings of free-fall when they get to bed.

That’s why to calm your baby down, cover them in tight swaddle when putting them to sleep.

A baby feels safe when they are covered tightly (and comfortably) while sleeping.


You should change your baby’s diaper just before putting them to bed. Doing this will reduce the chances of your baby to wake up in the middle of the night due to discomfort.

If you hear your baby crying at night, sometimes it’s not just because of the diaper. Most likely they might be babbling to themselves and probably will go to sleep on their own.


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