10 Tips To Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth

10 Tips To Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth
August 19 07:52 2016

Being a parent is not easy. If you are a parent of a young child you already know how difficult it is to raise a child. Keeping them safe and healthy is quite the task and one of the many things parents struggle with is oral hygiene. Children, being children, are new to everything and do not know the benefits of brushing their teeth. You could be the parent that forces them to brush their teeth but why make it out to be a chore? There are many ways you can make simple tasks such as brushing teeth fun for your child.

Brush your teeth with your children

Children love to copy their parents. Sometimes they make up games where usually a boy tries to copy his father by walking and talking like him, likewise, a girl copies her mother. Brushing your teeth will your children makes them more comfortable doing it. They can see that it isn’t all that scary after all. Once you do it a couple of times, your kids will start to brush their teeth regularly and by themselves. Furthermore, children tend to copy exactly as their parents do, so it would be best to display the proper technique of brushing teeth for them.


Skip the toothpaste

Toothpaste does have a lot of benefits like freshening the breath, whitening the teeth, etc but the main purpose of brushing our teeth is removing any plague. Plague can be virtually removed by any abrasive surface, the most common ones are toothbrushes. If your child is uncomfortable with toothpaste there is no need to force it onto them. Let them start brushing their teeth without any toothpaste. Once they start to get the hang of it, start applying very small amounts of toothpaste on their brush and gradually increase it. Make sure you make your child feel comfortable and let them open up to the idea that toothpaste isn’t so bad with their own pace.


Reward your child

Make sure you make your child feel appreciated for their efforts. Punishing them for something as little as not brushing their teeth would only discourage them. Reward them for their efforts. There is no better way to encourage them to do anything, let alone brush their teeth.


Add it into your routine

Fixing a routine is quite the task but once it is set, its continuous. Make your child feel that brushing teeth is just a part of the day without which the day seems incomplete, like having dinner. Once you start brushing your teeth with your child everyday they start to accept the fact that this is just something without which their day seems incomplete.


Use tastier toothpaste

The toothpaste most people use are the common ones which are all quite minty. Minty toothpaste does keep your mouth fresh and cooler for longer but it can be difficult for children to use because their taste buds might not be compatible. Try getting a different flavored toothpaste like bubblegum, cherry, orange etc. Or better yet, when you shop for supplies, let your child pick their own choice of toothpaste flavor. They can enjoy brushing their teeth with it and be excited about it.


Use cooler toothbrushes

Children love to get new shiny things. Well, most of them at least. Let your child buy their own personal toothbrush. Children tend to feel more independent and feel in control if they get to choose their own toothbrush. Its very simple but if you think about it, once a child gets the idea that they own something they will make sure they get the best use of it and use it occasionally. They will think of it as a new toy and this technique may be effective.


Explain the importance of cleanliness

If your child does not respond to the other techniques you can try to reason with them. Make sure you keep a cool mind and remember that children don’t know better. Try to explain the importance of cleanliness in a way they would understand. Make sure you don’t be too harsh or controlling in this regard because children should not get the idea that brushing their teeth is just an imposition put upon them by their parents.


Include a dentist

If your child does start to brush their teeth regularly it is important to keep a dentist in check. A dentist can always provide you with better techniques to make sure your child is keeping good control over their teeth.

To conclude, getting a child to get good habits and do the right things can be difficult. Most parents try to impose the right things onto their children and most of the times children tend to feel burdened. Try making sure your children understand that you want the best for them and they do try to control them but only when it helps them. Making your child brush their teeth can be very simple if you do simple things like get better tasting toothpaste or let your child buy their own toothbrush.


10 Tips To Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth

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