10 ways to raise really awesome and functional teenagers

10 ways to raise really awesome and functional teenagers
August 22 08:52 2016

There are several people worried about raising their teenagers and asking about the helpful ideas that help raise theirs teenager kids. We have discovered some great myths for raising awesome, functional teenagers. All what you need to do is to believe us and follow these amazing secrets that we are just moving to reveal.

Most of us probably think that teenagers are like angry birds that show anger and attitude to their parents and every one they are in contact with and they slam the doors, are irresponsible, are cause for the dirtiness in their room and do not put the things in right manner but that’s all not true all the time. Yes they do these things sometime but that doesn’t mean they are horrible. We don’t believe that teenagers could be so ugly, in fact they love, pleasing, careful, funny, smart and up and about for everything as long as food is involved. Teenagers possess a very nice and generously kind heart that always love and want lots of love and corroborated. They are somewhat quirky, and messy too and the best thing they have best humor sense.

Okay, So, how to raise awesome, functional teenagers?

Here is a list of 10 ways to raise awesome, functional teenagers. Follow up

  1. Love them intensely

To raise awesome functional teenagers you should love them intensely, love everything like the annoying stuff around them, their dirty clothes, their sweetened arms, and love their actions and intensions. Make them realize how intensively you love them and care for them. Don’t hate the pimples on their face even so they might not dishearten. All this seems to be bit difficult because we know that you cannot see dirtiness around in the house and you want your kids to be perfect in everything. But if you desire to make them awesome and functional you have to do all what is mentioned. All of the imperfections are going to be perfect one day because they are more perceptive then you can think and finally you will have an awesome, functional, responsible, neat and clean kid. So in the end, love them intensely.

  1. Listen to them and pay attention

When your kids return to home from school then remember that these are the few but very precious moments of the day when they are open to you and reveal whole day’s secrets with you. Just leave your cell phone and stop having a call or don’t waste your time in cooking lunch or any other work. No matter how important task you are doing, just leave it and pay attention to your kids. You should be excited to see them and while you spend this time with them, look into their eyes and put your ear to hear only to them. Just make them relax and listen carefully and answer, don’t try to lecture them or advise anything unless they ask for it themselves. This will make them feel values and important.

  1. Say yes more than you say no

There is an entire life waiting for them to hear a NO but you don’t have to say no to your teenager kids. You should in spite say yes to them and support by saying that you can make what you want to, you can do what you want to because you have that potential that other does not have, you have the ability so you can get  success. They will in the future be swimming in the sea of high waves shouting no you can’t move further, you can’t do this; you don’t possess the ability to do that etc. in this time you will have to make them realize their abilities and powers that they are unaware of.

  1. You can’t move on with only yes, say no often as well

There are several reasons for you to say no to your kids. Try saying no in the things that they do in wrong way, that may harm them or make them feel unhappy. You must say NO to forbid them to go in the parties where you think that they might be forced to take drugs, alcohol or smoking etc. you know that these are ruining habits that will not make your kid an awesome, functional responsible teenager. You should even make some rules for them to be followed with strictness and love.

  1. Feed them a lot

You are supposed to feed your teenager kids and not only them, their friends too. You know that your kids are in the phase of growing uop and the body continuously needs fuel for the better nourishment. You should not only feed them but their friends as well. When your kids’ friends want to hangout try suggesting your kid to have a home party and that will make you know their gathering and a better understanding of natures their friends keep. Moreover you can keep an eye on your kids as well. This is safe from every point of view.

  1. Don’t yell

When your kids come back to home from school and just rush into their room slamming door then just go into their room and act wisely. You don’t have to yell at them straightly or ask them to arrange their room. You just keep calm and ask them politely about the whole day mess. Try to heal their pain, their messing up mind, tiredness and the stress. Don’t act harshly with your sweating kid. Just be polite and ask them to put the thing in the right way.

  1. Stand back just watch the happening magic

When your kids are doing something or making up something, don’t try to guide them or dictate them like you should not do it this way or you should do this or you could have done this. No, you just stand back and see what they are doing. When they will finish up then you praise them and this is the time when you are supposed to advise them that you could have done it in a better way like this. This will make them feel satisfied and courageous.

  1. Don’t force your kids in anything

If your kid is not having a lunch or dinner then you should not start forcing them to have food right that time. Be nice and ask them politely if they could have a small bite of it, by showing love they may eat a bit but if you will force them they will become exhausted. Just leave them in the condition they are and ask them for food after every 15 to 20 minutes but with affection.

  1. Try to be friendly with your teenager kids

It I possible that they might be hiding something from you like a secret or a desire to have something like mobile phone, computer or laptop or anything they are in need. You should live like friends with them rather than living like parents. When they will feel you as their friends, then they will never hide anything and explore their inside world in front of you. This will make them feel happy and prevent from fear of parents and shyness. In this way you can keep an eye on their desires, the actions they are going to take and hence, you can be in touch with the activities they do.

  1. Give your kids’ surprises

On some occasions, you must give your kids’ special gifts or surprises like arranging a birthday party on their birthday and inviting all the closed ones and make them feel special as they are the whole world for you. In surprises, make them have the things they need the most. This will make your kid very thankful and will love you more and more.

There are a lot more ways to raise your awesome, functional teenagers. We hope that this article remained helpful to you and now, you can raise your awesome functional teenagers with no problems. For more ways stay tuned to us.


10 ways to raise really awesome and functional teenagers functional teenagers

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