12 DPO Symptoms

12 DPO Symptoms
October 19 19:20 2016

Waiting for pregnancy is really a hard deal which needs to be handled well else you can go to depression. 12 days past ovulation (12 DPO) can really bring so many symptoms which can reveal that you are pregnant. It is necessary for knowing the symptoms so that you can get the best understanding of it.

12 DPO and fatigue

Women in 12 DPO experience higher amount of fatigue when they are pregnant and this is much evident during the first trimester. Body produces higher amount of progesterone that can make things much sleepy. Body produces additional blood for carrying nutrients and oxygen to developing fetus, which just shows that your heart may need to work really harder. Blood sugar can also become lower. You need to listen to the body then you will understand the amount of effort it takes for creating the little one. This symptom comes with only one cure that is when you are feeling exhausted, you should sleep. You may need to go to bed early or may need to take naps during day. It is good to avoid using stimulants like caffeine as they can be harmful to you when taken in higher dosage. You should take proper rest, have balanced diet and do regular exercise to deal with it.

Mild Cramps

Some of the women feel that the cramps which they experience during early pregnancy as the mild cramps or bad pressure in lower abdomen. Cramps are very common during the first trimester. The body is going through so much of changes and so the cramps are very much expected. There are women who even feel cramping during the stage of implantation when embryo gets attached to uterus. Cramps may even be like PMS, twinges, pulling, quicker sharp pains etc. This is nothing to be worried about but can be the first sign of a happy news.


Hormones can have a rise during pregnancy which can make the muscles relax in the whole body which even include the digestive track. This can lead to slowing down of digestive process. The bacteria now have so much work on undigested food before that is eliminated. This is the extra time that can lead to fermentation and because of which gas can form. Constipation can also be the reason for slowing down bowel functions. This can even result in making you feel bloated and gassy. It is always important for you to try something that can provide you with better feeling like some home remedies for digestion.


The slower digestion is the reason that can make you feel bloated. The fermented food can result in flatulence burping, bloating and gas. This can really lead to very uncomfortable state for abdomen which you may find soon after a huge meal. Bloating can make you feel really very uncomfortable.



The supporting ligaments and disks get softened during pregnancy that makes the woman go through backaches in the early days of pregnancy. This change in the body is due to much increase in the level of progesterone. If you are having an infection in urinary tract then also you may go through the issue of backaches. It is good for you to know what is creating the trouble and take the kind of solutions so that you may find it much easier to deal with. You may feel comfortable with hot water bath or using some oil or creams to reduce the pain. There are chances for you to get much better and good with this kind of the treatment.


Nausea is some issue that you face during the early time of pregnancy. Nausea can be an issue which can create trouble at any point of time in a day. Some of the women find early mornings as hard to deal with time with nausea. There are also women who may feel nausea during the evening or afternoon while others may have the trouble during the whole day. The cause of nausea is not known. The possibility is the increase in hormone levels. Progesterone is the hormone which can make the muscles to relax which can slow down whole process in digestion. This is something that can result in gas and bloating and it is also the factor that contributes to nausea. There are some women who have got the issue of too much sense toward smell during pregnancy. Certain odors can make them feel much nauseated during the early days of pregnancy. It is better to avoid going to places that have the odors which can trigger your nausea. It is good to ask someone to take care of cooking so that certain aromas which can result in nausea can be handled in much better way than and you may feel comfortable and good more than before with such kind of precautions.

Heavy or Fuller Breasts

Changes in breasts can begin soon after you conceive. Increase in the levels of hormones can result in much increased blood flow and so many changes to breast tissues. Milk ducts as well as cells that produce milks can develop breasts to be in swollen form, sensitive or much tender when you touch. You may even have the feeling of itchiness, burning sensation, throbbing or tingling. There are chances for your breasts to have grown in size due to pregnancy. When the body gets adjusted to new surge with hormones any form of discomfort or pain can subside with time.

Sore or Sensitive Nipples

The blood flow to the nipples can be more as soon as you conceive which can make your nipples sore. This is the change which can be enjoyable for few women while others may have pain. Pain subsides with time as the body get adjusted with the new hormones that have risen in level.

Frequent Urination

Very common and an early sign related with pregnancy is much frequent urination. The ladies who are pregnant may find themselves taking so many trips to bathroom during the early days. Pregnancy is the time when fluids and blood increases which can result in this condition.


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