13 DPO Symptoms

13 DPO Symptoms
October 19 22:35 2016

If you are pregnant there are certain symptoms which can make you realize this. The early days of pregnancy may not be able to be known through a test but certain symptoms can help you in understanding this. 12 DPO is again too early but certain symptoms can make it clear to you that you have conceived. Here are some of the symptoms that you should be looking for so that you can be sure of the happy news.


Cramps and 13DPO

Cramps are not uncommon for women. Women might be so much familiar with cramps as it is something that they deal with every month during periods. The early days of pregnancy is going to make you go through the worst kind of cramps. Cramps are things that you may expect with a pregnant lady in the early days. There are women who may have the feeling of cramps from the time of implantation when embroyo just attached to the uterus. This is something really hard for you to deal with. Cramps can make you so much uncomfortable that you may feel very uneasy during the 13 DPO. It is good for you to deal with the cramps well with the best way to get your food digested.



Rise in the level of hormones when you are pregnant can relax muscles in the whole body which even include digestive tract. This can make even the digestive process to get slowed down. This can make the bacteria work over undigested food before they are eliminated from body. This can make the food fermented resulting much amount of gas. Constipation can also be an issue when you have undigested food in the body. This can make the bowel movements too get affected. This can make you feel much gassy as well as bloated.



The amount of progesterone produced during the time of pregnancy is really so much. This hormone is the one which can make the muscles to get relaxed in the whole body which include even gastrointestinal tract. This is the relaxation which can slow down digestive process that can result in flatulence, burping, bloating as well as gas. There are chances for you to create much uncomfortable with abdomen especially when you have had a huge meal. This is something that is hard for you to deal with it so that you feel relaxed. There are quite a lot of people who may need to deal with that well.

Tender Breasts

Tender breasts and also swollen breasts are very common symptoms during pregnancy and can begin soon after when you conceive. Increase with the levels of hormones can result in much increased flow of blood and can also bring so many changes to the breast tissue. As the changes happen to breasts you may find it swollen and also can be much tender. There are chances for the body to even have itchiness, burning sensation etc. There are chances for breasts to grow in size, change in the shape and even feel much heavy that how it was before. Body may take some time for adjusting with it before the pain subsides.



Women may feel backaches in the early days of pregnancy as the disks and ligaments become softened. This can result with increase in the level of progesterone. If you have infection with urinary tract then also you may feel backaches. It is good to consult to the doctor so that you can deal with urinary infection well else you should do all that to get rid of backaches like hot water bag, hot baths or some pain relieving cream.


Nausea is the issue which can begin as soon as you become pregnancy. Nausea can strike anyone at any point of the day. There are women who have so much issues in the morning whole others in the other times of the day like noon or evening. There are no proper proofs or study that reveals the cause of this nausea. The major reason for the nausea can be due to the indigestion and bloating due to that. There are few women who may have so much sensation for smell and some of this smell may make them nauseated. It is good for them to stay away from anything that can trigger this so that they may find much easy for dealing with the condition.


Frequent Urination

During pregnancy the amount of fluids and blood increases in the body in a substantial manner. This can make the body to process these additional fluids which passes through the kidney and then to bladder. As pregnancy progresses, the increase of uterus’s size can pressurize the bladder. This symptoms are something that can continue through the whole pregnancy. It is something that is not possible to be dealt with but something that can only be managed.

Fuller or Heavy Breasts

Changes in breasts can happen as soon as you conceive. The increase in the levels with hormones may result in increased flow or blood and also changes to breast tissue. The swollen breasts can look much sensitive and tender. There are chances for you to even find it hard as you may have the sensation of itchiness, throbbing or tingling due to this. The breasts can also grow much in size thus making your breast become heavy and can even change in the shape. As the body adjusts with the new hormones in the body the discomfort and pain that occurs to the breasts can get subsided.

Sensitive Nipples

It is possible for you to change breasts as soon as you conceive. Increase with hormone levels can result in increase with the flow of blood and can change the breast tissue. This is something that can make the nipples to be sore or much sensitive. Some of them may find it possible for dealing with it as they may find it as enjoyable while others can have the so much pain which makes this condition a worst thing to be handled.


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