Symptoms of 14 DPO

Symptoms of 14 DPO
October 19 19:12 2016

Detecting pregnancy should be done 14 days past ovulation because that is when the results will be accurate to affirm your doubts. Any other day earlier than that can bring out false results. During this time, 14 dpo symptoms begin to show up.

14 DPO Food desires

At this stage, one yearns for salty, sweet and even sour foods. It is at this moment that you realize that a small being is forming in your tummy. The cravings erupt all of a sudden longing for certain foods and until you eat them, the craving won’t die that easily. Besides, it is not normally attributed to hunger. How do the food cravings come about? This is largely caused by the hormonal imbalance that alter the flavors and smell of certain foods.



This is where tiredness steps in. This is a clear indication that your body is adjusting to harbor an extra soul in your womb. This is normal for a mother to be hence no need for alarm. The exhaustion is caused by many reasons;

a) Since the baby will need some food while inside, the placenta begins to build up and pile nutrients in preparation for the visitor’ to feast on.
b) Hormones too can make you feel dizzy because of its circulation.

What makes it worse is you indulging in hard tasks that will double your weariness and will leave you feeling terrible. To rid such exhaustion, enough rest as well as intake of energy giving foods is recommended.

Nipple sores

The nipple tips start becoming twitchy and tender. This is a clear indication of pregnancy. At the first instance, one may seem uncomfortable because the nipple tips protrude more than usual.


This is definitely one of the most signs that most women use to determine their pregnancy. A large percentage of women in such state have experienced nausea especially in the morning. It is presumed that this is a sheer signal of a good pregnancy. It keeps the woman rest assured that she is okay. Nausea does no harm to both the baby and the mother. The causes of this nausea have been pointed to stress and certain hormones that may be triggered by aromas of different foods.


During pregnancy, it is really hard to predict ones next mood. It swings from happiness to irritation. It is so surprising to find out how slight things seem to put them off for no apparent reason at all. However, it is understandable since you are going through a lot of changes in your body.
The common cause is the hormones in your body which trigger such reactions. The hormones: estrogen and progesterone are the hormones responsible for all these. That is not the only cause as there are many other contributing factors. Will I be a good parent? Will I manage to bring up this baby as is supposed? Am I at a good place to cater for its needs? These questions will severally ring in your mind hence not granting you an ample time to celebrate over your pregnancy.


This is a sign that your body needs to stay more hydrated as lots of fluids are lost during sweating or urinating. Another factor to dehydration is the kind of food ingested especially the savory ones. Usually pregnant women experience gestational diabetes which explains the dehydration. Luckily, there are medications to balance this which gets back to normalcy eventually.

Twitchy feeling in the ovaries

This is a common occurrence in the early stage of the pregnancy. This is not a big deal as it is simply one of the processes during expectation. The twitching is because the womb and the abdominal muscles are stretching to create space for the baby. It tends to be on one side of the womb.

Discharge of mucous

This is a common sight during pregnancy. It is a milky discharge that is odorless in nature but now that you are pregnant, they are more compared to that of a normal lady. Its large quantity is because of the increased blood flow to the lower part not forgetting the estrogen being produced.

The components of this discharge include: cervical and vaginal secretion, bacterial product and dead cells of the vaginal walls. During the first period of pregnancy, they build up in the cervix to act as a protection against harmful germs or bacteria.


One finds it hard enough to sleep soundly during the nights at such a state. A large percentage of women have actually gone through this. This happens when one is at rest when there is no movement at all. The most affected parts of the body are the legs. Keeping the limbs on the move provides a great relief but only for a short time because once they are static, the pain keeps coming back. It is called the Restless Leg Syndrome. However painful they are, one is not advised to take medication as this will worsen the matter or bring furthur complications.

A tweak at the belly button

With the pulling of the umbilical cord, there has been a myth that the baby inside is pulling it but that is very wrong. Besides, how would the baby pull yet it is inside the amniotic sac? Scientifically, the feeling is because the skin is stretching hence the impact on the umbilical cord. If the pain persists, seek medical attention.

To ease the pain, try remedying the situation. This can be through taking in lots of water, lying vertically on the left side, raising the legs for close to 15 minutes or even buying a belt for maternity reasons.

The cervical position

To check whether you are pregnant, one should always confirm with the cervix. The position changes compared to a normal position. During pregnancy, it comes lower and is softer. This is because it is filled with blood.

In conclusion

The above symptoms will definitely ring a bell that a new member is on the way. The best way to tackle pregnancy is to register for antenatal visits where the doctor advises you on what to do and what not to do. For many women, it is a great pleasure and an exciting time to expect a new born.


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