15 steps to prepare for pregnancy after 40

15 steps to prepare for pregnancy after 40
August 14 16:32 2016

Most women think it is better not to haste into making crucial decisions like marriage or getting pregnant. With the modern women becoming increasingly focused on building their career, or having commitment issues, looking for the right man or just not ready to take on the responsibility as a parent_ pregnancy for them takes a backseat and moves away from the top list of priorities. However, when such women finally do feel comfortable and prepared to start a family or conceive a child; their age and fertility become quite incompatible.

Some renowned doctors insist that the odds of getting pregnant in your 40’s are fairly low and constitute of many risks. Some most common risks include the risk of having a child with Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. The most commonly asked question by older women wanting to have a baby when they are in their early 40’s is; what are the chances of getting pregnant naturally? Certain doctors do not feel very positive about it and insist that it depends on how fertile you are after crossing late 30’s. At 40, the chance of conceiving is an estimate 20 per cent according to the average annual rate of pregnancy per cycle. After reaching the age of 45 or over, women are less likely to get pregnant naturally since the number and quality of eggs decline, ultimately reducing a woman’s fertility. This often results in chromosomal abnormalities in eggs, inevitably raising the risk of miscarriage and certain birth defects.

But before one might get too negative about the entire idea of attempting to get pregnant, it is important to acknowledge that there are many women out there too, who conceived a baby well in their early and mid 40’s and had perfectly normal pregnancies! It also important to remember, that pregnancies at all ages usually do come with certain complications and risks.

Recent medical studies bring great news for older women who wish to get pregnant. Past years has seen the birth rate for women ages 40 to 44 experience a significant rise by 3 per cent in the years 2008 to 2009. This is said to the highest jump in the birth rate for older women since the 60’s.

Motherhood is the gem that every woman out there wants to own. So it is better to stay positive and go for it hoping to cradle a bundle of joy in your arms soon!


1) Seek a specialist’s consultation and advice before planning to conceive.

This should be more like a pre-conception consultation with a good gynecologist. It is primarily necessary to review your overall common health condition such as conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. It is also essential to check the likeability of conceiving a baby leading to any further complications in the early or later stages of pregnancy. Another important think to check about is your fertility and any resulting risks that may occur due to it.


2) Discussing any risks and mentally preparing to face them

As discussed earlier, women who opt for pregnancy in their 40’s have to be extra cautious about it, since health issues tend to increase with age. It is very vital to schedule this talk with your gynecologist, to discuss any potential risks, impairments and what could be done to prevent them. It is better to talk to different doctors about this, having more than one expert’s opinion would not hurt.

The most common risks that come with age for such women include high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Both of these health conditions are likely to be developed in pregnant women and it is important to take medications to control it and prevent it from becoming a potential complication during pregnancy.


3) Childbirth: what options do you have?

Explore what options you have for childbirth. While it is common for older women to give birth naturally, often due to increased risk of pregnancy complications often C-section becomes inevitable. It is advisable to plan your childbirth with your consulting gynecologist.


4) Do you think you need fertility treatments? Mull over it

Consider talking to your doctor about the possibility of taking fertility enhancing drugs or certain surgical treatments that may help you to conceive a baby.


5) Controlling any existing health problems before embracing motherhood at 40

If you have any existing health problems, make sure they’re under control before you try to conceive including treating sexually transmitted infections that hinder the ability to get pregnant etc. Check if you are using any sort of medication that should be avoided. It is important to do a few blood tests to be sure.


6) Make sure you maintain a healthy weight

If you are underweight or overweight, it is important to get your weight into a healthy range before to go on to conceive. Consult your doctor or a dietarian to recommend you a diet plan.


7) Healthy diet is important

Eating healthy is the primary requisite if you plan to nurture a new life inside you. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and follow the Do’s and Don’ts Chart for pregnant woman that your doctor provided you.


8) Learn to avoid harmful intake of food or drink or other substances

This is must for pregnant women who are conceiving no matter what’s their age. Tobacco, alcohol or any sort of recreational drugs are to be avoided. It is also advised to minimize one’s caffeine intake etc.


9) Exercise; you need it!

It is believed that women should abstain from any physical exertion during pregnancy. This is a myth. Exercising is safe and is highly encouraged, it can be aerobics, resistance or certain flexibility exercises. Of course, it is not encouraged to go for a full blown workout and women should be very careful about abdominal exercises.


10) Consider the risks of any sort of birth defects

This takes you back to the first step where you had a talk with your gynecologist regarding the potential risks that you may have to face. Chromosomal birth defects are common when you conceive late and you should well aware and open to test for any such abnormalities that can result.


11) Potential pregnancy loss can be very likely. Are you ready for this?

Pregnancy loss, needless to argue is very traumatic experience for any woman. And one needs to realize that you are even more exposed to this risk if you are an older woman. It is wise to consider the risks to avoid any sort of trauma, if your doctor expects your pregnancy to go complicated.


12) Be patient

Pregnancy is an entirely natural process that will require you to be very patient at all times. So do not be crestfallen when you are unable to conceive easily, hang in there and be positive about it. It may take longer to conceive when you are over 40.


13) Make sure you are financially ready

Now that you plan to bring a new life into this world, you will have to be responsible to provide for your baby. Make sure you are financially ready to take on the expenses of this future addition to the family.


14) You should be emotionally ready too

Emotionally prepare yourself for this new chapter to your life. If you live with your husband or partner, it is important to have that talk before you prepare to conceive. Make sure any disagreement should not shadow this new child’s life.


15) Read, research and talk about it

While motherhood and good parents are virtues that stem from within a pregnant woman, it never hurts to have the additional second hand information from other mediums. It is ideal to purchase some good books on parents, research or watch documentaries about accounts of women, who got pregnant at 40. Or what’s better? Go reach out to other women in person and talk about how their pregnancies went, it will help you prepare for what is in store for in getting pregnant in 40’s.



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