30 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

30 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby
November 07 10:55 2016

Having a baby changes your relationship, if you already have kids then you know this, if on the other hand its your first kid on the way then you have no idea what is coming your way! Yes babies are a bundle of joy but they can take away joy out of the parent’s relationship. If you are curious about what to except with your relationship after giving birth then this will be a good read, some of the points in this list will not apply to you as people are different in their own rights. You alone know the nature of your relationship, but just to give you a good idea of what might be heading your way, here are 30 ways your relationship changes after having a baby:


  1. Baby daddy will suddenly find himself shy of attention; this will probably be tough for him and well maybe to you too! This happens with every couple that brings home a new born, if you have kids you already know this, if you are having your first baby then you better get ready for this change. Its normal for everyone, babies demand lots of attention and time from the time they are born until… they ship off to college!


  1. If you felt sorry that your baby daddy won’t be getting any attention then hold your pity because it gets worse: YOU wont have time for yourself either. Chances are very high that the only time you will be alone is when you are in the shower…that’s if your partner doesn’t join you in there too!


  1. Remember back then when you used to dislike your partner once in a while? Well you better find out how you dealt with it because having a baby will bring back those feeling more often than ever. Your partner will fault somehow in taking care of the new one, you wont like it and to make it worse he will complain about the baby and you definitely wont like that too. The way you handle these situations will be very vital in the development of your relationship.


  1. The pregnancy hormones are going to go away and your normal hormone levels will slowly come back to place that will play around with your emotions. Get ready to be moody and easily irritable. Your partner will annoy you more than usual, that is very much expected.


  1. You will turn into a super mom, no one will be able to so thing right except you…or at least that’s what your motherly instincts are telling you and your partner will feel the heat.


  1. Remember those snuggly nights in bed you used to have? Well the baby will make sure you and your partner never get much of those. You might even find yourself arguing constantly about whose turn it is to go attend to the baby.


  1. You wont like his reluctance to attending to the baby; after all it is his baby just as much as it is yours.



  1. He wont like how you will constantly be giving him instructions and correcting him, its bound to make him detest you a bit.


  1. Forget about date nights or spontaneous hangouts with your partner. Your plans will depend on whether you find a baby sitter or not, if you do find a baby sitter will you be able to actually take your mind of the baby and focus on the date? Impromptu dates will definitely come flying out the window once that little one breathes his first breath.


  1. You wont like it when he watches his football games, hang around for drinks with the guys after work. Why should he get those privileges when you are at home taking care of the baby? The way you let him know of this will determine the mood of your relationship.


  1. His work stresses and frustrations will not be tolerated any more, no ear for his complaints. If he is not offering to take care of the baby will you grab a quick nap then you are not listening.


  1. Believe it or not, you will bank a good number of dipper changes for him to take care of even though you truly know you could have done it yourself.


  1. Yes, his suggestions are not welcome, neither is he allowed to ask how your day was.


  1. Getting intimate with your partner will be different and sometimes challenging. Remember you have spent a minimum of six week after giving birth with out having sex. A lot of things will come to play; you are going to have confidence issues concerning your lady business and baby weight. He will also be facing problems of his own. It will be a while before you find your stride again.


  1. You wont like how you have to deal with body changes after the birth, in that capacity you will probably project these feelings to him and be jealous of him for not having to deal with any body changes during pregnancy. You will constantly be on the look out for any sign he shows towards your birth stretch marks, bumps and lumps. Don’t be surprised if you watch him get dressed and feel like you were short changed by the pregnancy.


  1. You will start keeping track of who has done how many nappy changes. The scores will determine who has the upper hand in the next argument…that is if its you with the higher numbers of cause, if not well you will always find other points to dismiss him with, you are the one who carried the baby for 9 months didn’t you!


  1. You will feel like he is not helping enough around the house, he will feel not appreciated for his extra efforts. That is another fight waiting to happen right there.


  1. Sleep deprivation will not make it easy on your relationship either; you will be gloomy and too tired to do much about it either.


  1. You will probably be able to count the number of times you had sex per month on one hand, compare that to your previous sex life…big difference right?!


  1. When you do manage to have sex, it won’t probably go the same way it used to. You wont have time for that satisfying foreplay that you like; probably you wont even have time to finish before the little one demands you come pick them up. Well since you do not want to wake the baby up, the sex will be much quieter than the bay itself, meaning you wont be able to express your self the way you used to. Safe to say the only screams in the house will be those of your little one. Gone are the days when you used to have sex anywhere anytime! The few times you have sex; it will most likely be scheduled.


  1. At least once you will think about telling your partner to go breast-feed the baby himself. You will even wish he was the one with the boobs!


  1. You will be lucky if you get to go out with your girlfriends and it is his fault.


  1. Most of your discussions and chats will be about the baby, gone are the days when you used to have a nice naughty conversation that make you want to head over to his office for a quick afternoon glory.


  1. Some communication problems will develop.


  1. You will a lot of differences in opinions when it comes to questions on how to raise the baby, picking a school and other things.


  1. The constant visitors who come to see the baby will increase your frustrations, as they will always mess with the baby’s schedule. The frustrations will be projected to the relationship, as it’s the two of you left to patch things up once the visitors leave.


  1. You will find him checking out your chest more often if you pick the right bra.


  1. You will cherish more the little time that you have for yourself and alone with your partner. It is possible to find the orgasms even more satisfying than before.


  1. When your baby daddy gets his daddy grove on, he will be more attractive to you than ever!


  1. Your love for him will grow every time you watch him do something thoughtful, whether its making you breakfast or getting the groceries, every little good thing will positively influence your relationship than before.





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