4 week pregnant

4 week pregnant
October 17 16:16 2016

How does the baby look like on week 4?

The miracle of life is always astounding and at week 4, the journey has only began. What happens at this time going forward is fascinating to say the least; and this information guides you through the intricacies of week 4. It is important to point out that every stage of pregnancy is very important and the early days contain more activity than one would anticipate. After fertilization has occurred in the fallopian tube, the blastocyte will settle down in the uterus at week 4. Those who are expecting multiples will have one or more blastocytes settle in the

The blastocyte will this week burrow or dig into the uterine lining to establish a connection that is hard to break. This connection is necessary to ensure that it is firmly attached for the next 9 months or so. After the blastocyte is firmly settled, it divides into two major parts. The first part is your baby who can be a son or daughter. For multiples, it could be several genders or one. The second major part or component of the division is the placenta. This vital organ is pivotal in creating the feeding route from the mother to the baby. Apart from moving nutrients to the baby, the placenta also plays a great role in eliminating waste from the baby to the mother’s blood.

It is really hard to believe that your baby or the embryo is just the size of a poppy seed at week 4. No matter how little the baby is, this is a period of great activity and as the baby gets busy, the amniotic sac will start to form around the embryo. This sac is also commonly known as the bag of waters. At this juncture, the yolk sac will also start to form and in the end, the yolk sac will be incorporated in your baby’s digestive system or tract. The embryo at this point is a ball of cells and at week 4 and the cells divide into 3 major parts. These parts are layers and there is the inner layer, the middle layer and the outer layer. The inner layer is the foundation of your baby’s, internal organs like the liver, digestive track and lungs. This inner layer is known as the endoderm.

The middle layer is referred to as the mesoderm. It will form the foundation of organs such as the heart, bones, kidneys, muscles and sex organs. The outer layer is called the ectoderm and it will give rise to your baby’s nervous system, eyes, skin and even hair. As you can see, a lot is happening at week 4 and the baby is well on its way to developing even more. This is definitely a crucial stage of development; it is the signature implantation stage that determines the onset of a pregnancy. A lot of body changes are anticipated as the information below informs.


What to expect from your body at week 4

Your body is going through a lot of changes at week 4; even though many symptoms may not yet be visible. This implantation stage signifies that you are indeed pregnant. The first sign your body will show is a missed period. Some people swear that they go a period even though they had conceived the same time. This is not unusual because implantation bleeding happens to 30% of all women who conceive. This means that when the embryo burrows in the uterine lining, there is a little blood produced. Usually, this blood will be light pink or brown in color.


At this time, a good number of women will experience some cramping commonly known as braxton hicks. This tension is literally from the action of the embryo digging into your uterus. The achy cramps will mostly be mild; although some women report some pain as if they are about to receive their period. It is too early for most women to really notice the signs of pregnancy although the hormones are raging and soon enough, the signs will be clear. Some common early signs that might be mistaken for premenstrual syndrome include bloating, mood swings, irritability, food cravings and mild cramps. If you are hoping for pregnancy or are trying to conceive, take it easy and try to note every single change you observe in your body.

After you have a missed period, this indicates that your progesterone levels have risen. This is important to sustain a pregnancy. Within a short time, the HCG hormone will be produced in bulk. In fact, the human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG will start being produced just a week or 11 days after fertilization. The hormone is made from cells that form the placenta of your baby. It is worth mentioning that people who are expecting twins or more will have a higher surge of hormones. In light of this, pregnancy symptoms might begin to show earlier even at week 4. It is the HCG that is responsible for showing the positive result on your pregnancy test.

Emotionally, this stage may take a toll on the woman leaving her feeling a bit exhausted or irritable. Again, these early indicators are rarely picked up by women especially those who are expecting their first baby. Some women do not have any sign or hint that they have conceived at week 4. As a matter of fact, some lucky women go through several week oblivious of their conception without any sickness. This goes to show that different people will react differently; every women is unique. Some women may be quick to take that pregnancy test when they suspect something is going on but the rule of thumb is to wait until you have a missed period.


Your wellness action plan at week 4

Even though week 4 of your pregnancy is still a bit early; it is never too early to observe healthy habits. These habits will determine the health and overall wellness of your baby and you. When you discover that you are pregnant or even when you anticipate that you are pregnant, get rid of all the harmful practices that you may still be holding on to. For example, smoking will do more harm than good and quitting is pivotal to your health and that of the baby. Alcohol intake is also another habit to start avoiding. In fact, when you plan to conceive, quitting these habits early can make your wellness journey easier and successful.

At week 4 of pregnancy, it is important to start taking prenatal vitamins. Folic acid is especially critical in the early stages. You can seek the advice of a health care provider regarding supplementation even before you schedule your first appointment with the doctor. Your eating habits must be very intentional at this point. This is because you need nourishment that will ensure that your pregnancy is viable all through. In this regard, stay away from junk food and start eating whole foods that are rich in all manner of nutrients. You need your vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. Consider eating cleaner sources of nutrition like organic foods.

Hydration is another key; to start off a great journey at week 4. Drink plenty of water and avoid empty calories as much as possible. Milk, soups and porridge are excellent for nourishment at this stage. Fruits and vegetables should feature prominently in your diet. Starting this healthy eating habit early will make it easier for you to go through the 9 months or so ahead. Avoid foods that you are allergic to or those that might have toxins. In addition, cooking your meals might help you get a healthier palate to your delight.

It is important to remain active even after you discover you are pregnant at 4 weeks. Some women are too scared to engage in any form of exercise and the result might be too much weight gain. Walking is the best way to get some exercises and this will help strengthen your muscles even as you look forward to the coming months. Stay away from vigorous exercises at this point because the reality is that 20% of all pregnancies end up being miscarried. Although there are many causes of miscarriages, vigorous activity will work against you; so take it easy.

It is probably wise to start avoiding coffee at this early stage. This is because you want to give your baby the best ground to grow and thrive; it is really not too much to ask. At this point, make sure to listen to your body. Any sign of cramping should be observed. Furthermore, if you experience any bleeding that is heavy, do not ignore it; see your doctor immediately.


Other tips for week 4

Your emotional wellness is very important at week 4 going forward. Having a clear positive mind will allow your body to avoid stress and function optimally. For this reason, women who were not planning to have a baby should rest easy and accept that life will change for the better. Emotional support from a partner, parent or friend at this time is critical. Even for those who were planning for a baby, emotional support is still key because the news of pregnancy can be overwhelming; especially for first time mums. Look for support around you and surround yourself with people who are positive and encourage you.


Some women at week 4 may experience the wrath of morning sickness. What many find out soon enough is that the sickness can last all day and night. To this effect, simple things can help ease your morning sickness as follows. First, make sure that your tummy is never empty. Experts have shown that hunger in early pregnancy makes nausea even worse. In light of this, eat small meals throughout the day. Feeling too full in one sitting is also nauseating.

It is no secret that different smells will bother pregnant women even at week 4. Therefore, keep away from those ‘bad’ smells. In addition, your morning sickness will be eased if you avoid spicy, greasy or fatty foods. The best foods to have for nausea are carbohydrates like dry toast, white rice and even plain baked potato. Gelatin, chicken broth and ginger can also go a long way to make your experience easier. Some women will use acupressure wristbands to ease their discomfort.

At week 4, fatigue may catch up with you and the best thing is to nap as much as possible. Take a break on weekends and nap as you wish. Things like house work can wait. Better yet, if you have a partner or helpmate who can take the load off your plate; let them help. You need to save your energy and lots of rest will do you so much good. Putting your feet up as much as possible will help in blood flow and overall relaxation.

At week 4 of pregnancy, some women are quick to share their pregnancy news to family and friends. There is no right way to go about it. However, taking some time together with your partner or close friend will ease the pressure. The most suitable time to share the news is when you can handle the reaction; usually when you are no longer dealing with morning sickness. In this regard, the beginning of the second trimester might be a good time to let others in on your baby secret.

It is normal for first time mums to feel as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Take it easy and sort out any health insurance issues where necessary. Getting ready financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually is the way to attain success at the end. Do your best and all things will fall into place. Week 4 of pregnancy is just but the beginning and expecting positive results will help you through the ups and the downs.

Finally, be very proactive on your prenatal care. Research has shown that women who take it seriously will end up having healthier babies at the end. Do not just follow up when there is a problem because prevention is better than cure. Keep a close relationship with your health care provider and implement all the recommendations to boost health and wellness from the onset. Week 4 of pregnancy is indeed exciting and enjoying every step of the way is the way to go.




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