5 Easy Games for Kids You Can Play With Just Your Hands

5 Easy Games for Kids You Can Play With Just Your Hands
August 02 16:23 2016

In the modern era, most people provide their kids with an iPods, Play Stations, etc. Selfies and iPhones seem to rule the society and the kids. The trend of other games, which involve some kind of a physical activity, are hardly taught and played now. It seems like these games were played ages ago. The hand games were played in the playgrounds as well as indoors, or even at schools, etc.
If your child gets accustomed to these hand games, then you would be able to spend more quality time together. These hand games can be played by children of any age and are played using only the hands of the players. Here are 5 easy hand games for you to play with your kids:


1. Di-Bi-Di-Bi-Dip (Cham Cham Cham)

This is a two-player game from Korea. Decide the leader first, and then he would hold out his fist chanting ‘di-bi-di-bi-dip’ or ‘cham cham cham’. Then both the players would flip their hands either horizontally or vertically. If the hands match, then the opponent wins, and if they don’t, then the leader wins.


2. Chopsticks

It is a hand game for two players, in which simple math is used. Both the players begin with one finger held out on each hand. One player would tap the finger of the second player and this would cause that player to hold out his second finger. Then the second player would do the same to the first player. The game would end when one of the players have all of his fingers held out, which would make him lose the game.


3. Thumb Wrestling

This is also a two-player game, in which both the players have to curl their fingers and lock hands together. Both the players would chant together ‘1 2 3 4, I declare a thumb war’. After this, both players would wrestle using their thumbs, until one player pins down the opponent’s thumb.


4. Rock Paper Scissors

This game is normally played between 2 to 3 players. The three shapes are used; the rock, a paper, and a pair of scissors. Each player would chant ‘rock-paper-scissors’, and then the players would form one of these shapes with their hands, simultaneously. This game has only three possible results, which declare the winner. Other than that, there is a possibility of a tie that is immediately replayed to break the tie.


5. The Hand-Clapping Games

There are a variety of hand-clapping games present. From the Patty Cake Song to Miss Mary Mack, there are loads of clapping games to choose from. These games have different versions and variations. Most of these hand games play a vital role in the motor coordination of the child.

These hand games can prove to be valuable for your child’s development. It is better to introduce the younger ones to such games first, instead of handing them electronic devices.



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