5 signs that you may be Pregnant

5 signs that you may be Pregnant
September 12 17:10 2016

Thinking if you are pregnancy? In the initial days, even there are many signs that will tell you that you are pregnant and you will also feel that your body is changing.

OK, 5 signs telling that you may be pregnant are:

  • Having nauseous feelings
  • Tender breasts
  • An integration in vaginal discharge
  • A missed period
  • Tiredness

A few numbers of women get to know the feel that they are pregnant, a few days later when they had conceived. It is entirely natural that you will go through the initial pregnancy exposure even as close as 2 weeks after the conception. Your personal doctor will tell you that you are pregnant since four weeks but according to your knowledge it has been only 2 weeks after the conception. Your doctor will number will pregnancy day, from the very beginning of your previous period. We are no proper channel that will bring this in your knowledge that what is the specific date or time when the embryo has inflected in your uterus (womb) and that is when you had the conception.

Each pregnant lady is not the same so are the pregnancy feelings. It becomes a bit difficult to tell that are you pregnant or no just by seeing the changes in the body, and more importantly after the two weeks of conception. Tiredness, feeling sick and tender breasts is so much easy to mix with the symptoms that you are going to have period when actually you are pregnant. Majority of the women get to know about their pregnancy when they have missed their period.

What kind of pregnancy symptoms will I notice first apart from missing period?

There may be a little tingling or prickling feeling in your breasts, specifically near your nipples. And it is due to the increase in the blood line to your breast which is pushed by pregnancy hormones. After or within the week of conception, you will take notice of how firm your breast feels. The bra that you are wearing on normal basis will be now uncomfortable and it will give you more chafing feelings than normal routine. After the three or four week of conception, your sore breasts will become more notice more commonly.

The changing color of your vagina or vulva is another symptom of early pregnancy. They change color to dark purplish red while your pregnancy moves on but the normal color of them is pink. This change in color is caused by the integrated number of blood given to the tissues near your vagina. Mid-wives know this change in color as Chadwick’s sign.  If your periods commence near the date then you might feel the change in your vaginal exit at initial stage.

During pregnancy it is normal to have increased vaginal exist. Normally it is not much more different than the discharge that you were having before getting pregnant and it is completely harmless. The reason behind your discharge is to protect your vagina against any sort of infection going up to your body. Do not wash your douching as this might disturb your body and also disturb the healthy, natural balance of bacteria. During pregnancy you might also feel like getting thrush. Your baby is safe by it but you definitely are in need of a cure. If there are any changes in vaginal discharge such as the smell or appearance then you need to pay a visit to your doctor.

Having vaginal spotting really means that you are pregnant?

It is not necessary. You can also see a little brown or pink color stain when you wee or in your knickers or you can also get the feeling of slightly cramp. A little bleeding or spotting is totally in routine starting from week six to week seven. Professionals are not having any clue that why does spotting in the initial pregnancy takes place. It can be said that it is due to the fertilized egg implanted in your womb or also due to the hormones that have the control of periods while lingering on. Mostly the spotting is without any sort of pain and it can only occur to you when you are wiping.

Will I have cravings yet?

During this time, you might feel like there are some changes going on with your food habits than falling from some specific food. You will also know a metallic taste in your mouth and you will also be more sensitive to the smell of cooking or food. You will also feel hungrier with pregnancy hormones called progesterone. But this is quiet as the same when you were in periods and feeling hungrier due to the increased level of progesterone.

With the increase in food there may also be a decrease in food because of the morning sickness and you might also feel queasy. And you will also go for some specific food that settle you down rather than going against the whole lot. With the carving going on you might also lost the taste of your food and you will also leave the coffee, alcohol or tea.

What is the date for morning sickness?

When you are four weeks pregnant or two weeks according to you, you will start to feel morning sickness. But the high time for morning sickness is after six weeks of pregnancy. You can also encounter morning nauseous without or with vomiting. Normally morning sickness starts at the end of first three months. The real reason for morning sickness is not known but somehow it is connect to the oestrogen and pregnancy hormones of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)

Are my energy levels going to change in the early pregnancy?

You might also start to feel stressed out right from the beginning of pregnancy meanwhile your body is getting ready to fully support the inner soul in you.  And these losses of energy will last unless you are approximately 12 week pregnant. The feelings of being emotional and weepy will also come to your way.



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