5 ways to control a panic attack when you are pregnant

5 ways to control a panic attack when you are pregnant
September 12 17:39 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to add a new to the family or it is your first time. You have got pregnant without struggling or you have struggled to conceive, these 9 months will raise every sort of concern that you will have regarding pregnancy. Some of the things going in your head will be, “Why is my baby kicking so much?” and if you are going to be a first time mother, “How will I survive the labor pain, which scares me to death?”, “How will this little creature look like?” or “How will I be an exemplary mother if I haven’t a single clue how to respond on all the baby needs?”. These questions are just some sort of example, there will be a lot going in your head. Every woman had gone through this experience while carrying that baby in her belly. When you are worried, a bit anxious and have lots of question but reluctant to ask about parenting, pregnancy or child birth, then you will be going to have, pregnancy glow. While asking these types of questions, when the anxiety should become the attention seeker? And how should I cure this during my pregnancy months? These questions are somehow asked by every mother, and every mother wants the answer to them or more.

How much is the normal ratio for panic attacks?

We should not link panic attacks with pregnancy but it is part of human life, once in a while everyone has to face this issue. Everyone has some concerns or questions waiting to be answered and when you are pregnant, the questions just got triggered and every time the questions are over your head. Some of the old mothers are worrying about; will her baby be healthy this time?  Or will she again have to face some fertility issue? Your past problems can put your future at stake. And the new ones are anxious to be some perfect parents, and how this new born will have a positive or negative effect on their life and relationship. The most important which triggers panic attacks are the questions of money, what will their financial aspects will be after having that child? But let me let you, these questions are normal and you don’t have to worry about anything.

These questions are normal and part of almost every mother’s pregnancy but then what is the difference between anxiety known as antenatal anxiety or normal worry. When you get things on your head and think about it all the time, which is what we call antenatal anxiety. You are not able to work properly, something is go around in your mind at every second of the day, you are not able to concentrate on your life and routine, the things which were charming for you and made you smile, are nothing but just waste of time, you are going through restlessness or fear and having a constant fear of panic. These all signs sum up give you panic attacks. The major problem for a concerned a panic attacks is when you are facing the issues physically like your heart rate has hiked or there are some other problem.

Who will be suffering the most?

Anyone can suffer from panic attack in between their pregnancy, and some researches have shown that almost 52 percent women fall prey to these attacks. There are some major problems that are going to uplift the ratio and severest attacks, when you are going through some so that means you have to pay close attention when you are seeing

  • Stress at work or home.
  • Past pregnancy sufferings.
  • A strict bed rest or complications with pregnancy.
  • Anxiety during a previous pregnancy.
  • A past scan of an anxiety disorder.

All of these problems will strength the hours of panic attacks.

What is purpose to have help?

Most of the women have a misconception regarding panic attacks are to deal with it. But when the levels of these attacks in thrusting then seeking help is the best which will work in yours and for baby’s favor. If you are thinking that after the pregnancy hours, you will be fit and fine then you are mistaken. Studies have shown that women who are having untreated anxiety during the pregnancy time are having more chances of postpartum depression, after having the baby. Anxiety or panic attacks are the same name of one problem and they are quiet closely related.

When you have taken over this problem of panic attacks, you will be able to enjoy more with the little one and before that. Panic attacks during these hours are at great discomfort. Nor only they will have a negative impact on you but on your little too such as panic attacks will increase the chance of low birth weight or preterm birth and these can cause behavioral and emotional challenges in your little on too, down the road when he is growing up.

Remedies of panic attacks

Medication during pregnancy

Many of the drugs fall under the same headline of anxiety, or antidepressants during the hours of pregnancy. These are the same class of medications under pharmaceuticals and will come handy during pregnancy.  Many researchers have shown that there are no long term effects of pregnancies on baby’s health and you can have the prescribed medications from your physician but over dose or wrong medication might land you in hot waters.

Have more sleep

Shortage of sleep can also work as a trigger for panic attacks, so at least have the healthier sleep of eight hours or seven hours per day. If you are having troubles while sleeping that contact your doctor. Don’t let the bed bugs bite you and if case they do, let your midwife or doctor know.

Complete Meals and Fresh Food

What you eat, leave an effect on your body and on your mental health too, research have proved this. Having a calibrated diet is essential which is full of unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts, and fish and whole lot of grain, nutrient dense. Fast food also helps to take away the panic attack and healthy bacteria in the guts.

Stay alert

When you are facing or about to face a panic attack or walk of about 10 minutes will cheer you up. And researches have proved this, more walk but not tearing you apart means less anxiety.

Have time in the day to relax

Routine meditation and acupuncture leave a good effect on your body and reduce panic attacks, research have shown for people having difficulty to cope with panic attack. Listen to music, do yoga or also having a massage from an expert will also charm your mood.


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