5 week pregnant

5 week pregnant
October 18 12:18 2016

The 5th week of pregnancy is probably the most popular week for women looking to conceive this is when many women first learn that they are expecting. If you have missed your menstrual period and are anxiously waiting to see if you are pregnant it is around the 5th week of pregnancy that a pregnancy test will come back positive with very little doubt. Early pregnancy symptoms also start to kick in and your little one starts to make significant in uterus developments.


Early pregnancy symptoms and body changes you should expect at 5 weeks of pregnancy

The human body is unique and functions in a complicated way, the female human body is even made more different due to the many different hormones that circulate in various quantities. It is because of this reason that some women find themselves experiencing different pregnancy symptoms to the majority, it is normal and if you are one of those women you should not worry much.

With that being said, there are some common pregnancy symptoms that appear around week 5 of pregnancy. The symptoms and the body changes that occur starting form week 5 are influenced by the rising levels of two hormones: human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and progesterone.

Here are some of the body changes and symptoms you can expect to experience around week 5 of pregnancy:


  1. Tender and sensitive breasts

The increased hormone levels bring noticeable changes in breast volume and sensitivity from the days after conception to become pronounced at week 5 or pregnancy. This is one of the first things you will notice about your body, your partner might even comment on how different your breasts look. The change happens because the hormones cause an increased blood flow to the breast tissue, as a result breasts tend to become swollen, sensitive and a bit painful on the touch. The areolas around the nipples will become darker and increase in size too, appearing much larger than usual especially towards the end of week 5.



  1. Fatigue

During pregnancy the body produces more progesterone, a very important hormone in maintaining pregnancy. Higher levels of progesterone cause an abnormal feeling of fatigue and sleepiness. The fatigue persists regardless of the amount of sleep or rest you may take and you will tire easily even when doing normal day-to-day things you used to be able to do before pregnancy.


  1. Mood swings and irritability

At week 5 your pregnancy, the pregnancy hormones are swiftly rising gearing for their peak which will happen around week 10. You will notice how easily the people around you will annoy you. You will experience weird emotion changes, which are accompanied by high levels of irritability. Its safe to say your client might not like you very much at this stage, but its okay you can blame is on the hormones.


  1. Frequent bathroom visits

By week 5 the uterus is starting to grow in relation to the increase in size of the unborn baby. The growing uterus will start to press on your bladder making you go to the bathroom to pee more frequently; also, the increased blood circulation induced by hormonal changes causes the kidneys to produce more urine than usual.


  1. Pregnancy cravings, nausea and sickness

At week 5 of pregnancy, most women start to experience symptoms like nausea and vomiting popularly known as morning sickness. Pregnancy sickness is one of the early signs of pregnancy, women who are not used to might find it difficult to eat and maintain food in the stomach.

The changing hormones can also lead to massive changes in your appetite. You may find yourself avoiding foods you used to enjoy, or you may start craving for foods you never eat on an ordinary day.


  1. Dizziness and headaches

Changes in blood circulation influenced by the pregnancy hormones often cause you to experience episodes of lightheadedness around week 5 of pregnancy. The symptoms will go away after some time when the body has adjusted to the changes and compensated the extra blood flowing to the pelvic region.


  1. Constipation and gas

Increased hormone levels can slow down considerably the rate of digestion, which results in constipation. As you reach week 5 the food you eat will start moving more slowly through the digestive system in an effort to allow your body to absorb as much nutrients as possible for both you and the growing baby. This delayed transit is what causes pregnancy constipation and release of gas. Eating more fiber and drinking lots of fluids can help to relieve the symptoms.


  1. Backaches

Backaches that appear after ovulation can continue through to week 5 of pregnancy. Sometimes they become worse if your body struggles to adapt to the growth of the baby.


  1. Vaginal Bleeding

Light vaginal bleeding can occur around week 8 of pregnancy. The bleeding is usually in form of brownish discharge and it does not mean you are having a miscarriage. It is a normal discharge that is known to occur in some women but absent in others, depending on the physiology of your body its normal to experience the discharge throughout your first trimester of pregnancy.


  • Weight

There is no significant weight gain expected on week 5 of pregnancy although abdominal bloating can give a baby bump illusion.



Changes to your unborn baby at week 5 of pregnancy

At week 5 begins a very important phase in your baby’s life, it is called the embryonic period. This is the period when all major body systems and structures begbaby_week_5in to form. The following systems and structures start developing at week 5 of pregnancy:


  • The heart
  • The brain
  • The spinal cord
  • The placenta
  • The digestive system
  • The lungs

The heart begins to beat at week 5 but only becomes detectable via ultrasound after two or more weeks.

In as much as such changes are taking place, your baby is still far from looking like a baby yet, it is still small roughly the size of an orange seed which is about half an inch long. The embryo will continue to grow rapidly, reaching the tadpole stage by the end of week 5 of pregnancy.



What can you see by Ultrasound at Week 5 of Pregnancy?


At week 5 of pregnancy the ultrasound can detect the gestational sac the tiny baby in its embryo state. The baby’s spine is the first structure to be detected along with the developing brain


Useful Pregnancy Week 5 Tips


So you are definitely 5 weeks pregnant, and its time to make some changes in your life for the benefit of your little one growing inside of you. The first thing you should do after confirming pregnancy is quitting on the harmful life habits like drinking, smoking, drugs and other medications.

Since you are on week 5 and already experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, there are ways to manage some of the annoying and irritating symptoms:



Managing morning sickness

Treatments foflower-pregnancy-on-week-5-2r morning sickness vary from one woman to another; one treatment may work for a certain woman but completely fail for the next person. To better manage the symptoms it’s recommended that:

  • You eat many multiple small meals and snacks at frequent intervals. The meals should be rich in protein and carbohydrates.
  • You drink clear and cold beverages especially water. If you have troubles holding it down add a few drops of lemon to the water.
  • Make use of ginger herbs and ginger flavored foods
  • Smell lemon or orange peels
  • Taking a short walk after eating
  • Avoid food that trigger your nausea
  • Take vitamin supplements in particular vitamin B6


Frequent urination


Lean forward when you pee to ensure that your bladder is completely emptied each time but NEVER cut back on liquids in an attempt to limit the bathroom trips that is very dangerous to both you and the baby.


Constipation and Indigestion


These symptoms can be reduced by:

  • Making sure that you take your time when eating
  • Avoiding tight clothes that put pressure on your abdomen.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids is recommended that pregnant women drink up to 10 cups of fluids per day starting from the very first semester.
  • Increasing fiber foods in the diet



To ease episodes of fatigue during pregnancy, its recommended that you:

  • Take frequent naps and sleep enough
  • Reduce the number of chores and tasks per day
  • Eat right
  • Exercise regularly


Early pregnancy complication to watch out for at week 5 of pregnancy


At week 5 of pregnancy you can start keeping an eye on possible pregnancy complications like miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. This is particularly important for women with a history of the conditions, either personally or in the family. There is no need to worry or obsess about the possibility of complications but its okay to just be on the look out for the signs.



Signs of a miscarriage include:

  • Persistent or heavier than normal bleeding with or without cramping
  • Abdominal and or pelvic pain
  • Passing of fetal tissue
  • Gush of fluid from the vagina.

If you spot the above signs especially in association hurry and consult your doctor.


Ectopic Pregnancy

Sometimes the fertilized egg can implant outside of the uterus this is called ectopic pregnancy. It is rare but very dangerous and has to be removed upon diagnosis. Women who get ectopic pregnancies have a history of the condition either personally or in the family. They also have pre-existing conditions of endometriosis, pelvic infections and tubal surgery.


Signs of Ectopic Pregnancy include:

  • Abnormal bleeding
  • One sided lower abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Malaise

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek emergency medical care immediately.




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