7 days post ovulation symptoms

7 days post ovulation symptoms
October 22 18:13 2016

Many women may start to experience some early symptoms right after the conception. This is because the pregnancy hormones are almost double at the earliest stage so women are more likely to notice that something is changing in their bodies. Keep in mind that every woman is different and has a unique physical health and body chemistry so the symptoms can vary according to the individual attributes. Even in some cases, most women do not notice any change or neither experience any symptoms until after implantation.

Most common 7 DPO signs and symptoms

Overall Fatigue and exhaustion: According to the gynecologists, fatigue is one of the biggest signs of pregnancy.  As they conceive, they more likely to feel fatigued. Most women are reported to take unusual naps during the daytime because of the hormonal changes. If you notice the similar symptoms, then this could be an indication that you are pregnant.

Breast tenderness: Although breast tenderness is a pre-menstrual symptom but it can also be a sign of ovulation. For some female, breast tenderness is their most noticeable sign of pregnancy. Increasing levels of hormones cause the changes to the breast tissue and increased blood flow. As a result your breast may feel very sensitive, tender or swollen. You may also feel itchiness, burning sensation, throbbing and tingling. If you notice that your breasts are tender, heavy, swollen or change in shape this might be your first clue that you are pregnant.

Cramping: At the early pregnancy stage some women may feel dull pressure in their lower abdomen or mild cramps. Since there are a tremendous number of changes occurring in your body so feeling cramps are not a big thing. They are quite common, normal and also a great sign of conception. Most women also describe cramps as feeling like pinching/pulling, quick sharp pains, little twinges or bubbles. So, if you experience cramps you can consider this as a symptom of ovulation.

Bloating: After ovulation you have higher levels of progesterone, which can slow down your digestive system, smooth muscle tissues throughout your body including the gastrointestinal track which can cause bloating. This process can also lead to flatulence, burping and produce an uncomfortable sensation in your stomach particularly after taking any meal. If you are feeling bloated more frequently than it could be a sign that you are conceived.

Spotting or increased cervical fluid: If notice a white creamy like discharge a few days before your period, then it could be a possible sign of pregnancy. The symptom can be more frequent as your days will pass. It is a common symptom, but if you feel any itching, unusual smell than consult with your doctor because it can also be an infection.

Backache: One of the most common pregnancy symptom that a woman may experience is backache.. Due to the increase in the progesterone hormone, women may feel pain and aches in their back and legs. This process may also cause cramping which is another symptom of conception.

Other possible symptoms are:

  • Aversion to certain scents or nausea
  • Vibrant or lifelike dreams
  • Increased gas or flatulence
  • Nipple soreness or sensitive nipples

If you don’t feel any symptoms, don’t panic. Every woman is unique and even some women do not experience any symptoms at all. Be patient and still if you have any concerns its better to consult with your doctor.


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