7 week pregnant

7 week pregnant
October 18 12:41 2016

It is week seven, and you’re feeling the weight as your baby grows in leaps and bounds. The changes you’re experiencing are due to the remarkable pace at which the baby is growing. By week seven, you can now see the embryonic form slowly transforming into an actual small person; your baby. The legs slowly start to emerge together with the arm buds. The baby still retains a tiny tail, but this will soon disappear as you finish week seven. The chances are that most mothers have no idea they are pregnant by week seven but the body is already at work. Week seven is a great time for most mothers to realize and start noticing changes in their bodies. It is a tough time for most mothers when they really believe they will be mothers soon.


How the baby looks at week 7

At week seven, your baby starts to develop amazing distinct facial features. This is the stage where dark spots emerge on the face denoting the place where the nose, mouth, eyes and ears will develop. The baby’s brain is also rapidly growing at week seven. In fact, if one would be able to take a peek through the transparent skull, you would clearly see a baby-at-week-7visible brain inside. The nerve cells in the baby’s brain grow at a rapid stage in week seven. The baby grows at 100,000 cells per minute to be specific. You see your baby would have developed a lot by the end of week seven.

The baby will start to move in small jerk motions although these motions won’t be felt by the mother until she is four months pregnant. The baby is still considered an embryo at week seven, but it is a great week where amazing changes start to take place. The baby’s feet and hands start to emerge from the developing leg and arms. The feet and hands look more like paddles at this stage. The baby’s size will be double from the previous week and now measuring an inch long which is the size of a blueberry. This is approximately 1cm which a little bigger than the size of a bean. Thin veins can be seen beneath a skin with eyelid folds appearing covering her peepers.

Both hemispheres of the baby’s brain will be growing by week seven. Some of the organs like the liver start churning red blood cells a role done by the bone marrow. The liver churns out red blood cells until the baby forms a bone marrow. At week seven the baby has a pancreas and an appendix. The pancreas will eventually produce the hormone insulin to aid in digestion. A loop in the baby’s growing intestine bulges into the baby’s umbilical cord. The umbilical cord by now has distinct blood vessels capable of carrying oxygen and nutrients to and from the tiny body of your baby.

Most organs will not have developed, but the kidney would have gone through three set. In week seven, the kidney will be going through the final set of development before becoming ready for waste management. In the coming few weeks, your baby will have the ability to develop some fluids like urine forming part of the amniotic fluid. The tail will still be visible but should be declining as each week passes while more features start to appear distinctly.


Expected body changes and symptoms at week 7

At week seven, you probably by now know you’re pregnant if you hadn’t planned. This is the week that most mothers come to terms that they are actually carrflower7ying a living being inside their bodies. The early signs of pregnancy start to appear on week seven; the early morning nausea being the common one. Week seven can be a lot to take in for most mothers who have chosen not to tell others about their pregnancy. You will notice your jeans feeling a little tighter now like you feeling after eating a big sandwich. This is the stage where you experience skin changes; some for the better (skin glow) while others for, the worse (hormonal acne breakout).

The uterus will be double its size in the past five weeks, and to most mothers, eating will feel like a big task. These are the morning sickness most pregnant mother experience although a few can be lucky. You will probably have to pee more often than you do as your blood volume increases. Your kidney will be processing the high volume of fluids in your body making you pee often. By week seven you probably have something like 10% more blood than you did seven weeks ago. Blood levels will keep on increasing, and most mothers have a blood level of about 40-50% by the time they give birth. The high levels of blood are required to meet the high demands of the baby. This is why you are advised to take iron tablets if you have low levels of blood. This is not the only reason why you have to visit the bathroom more often. As your uterus grows bigger, your bladder is pressed making you feel the urge of peeing more often. The volume and frequency of urine will actually tend to increase up to until the time you give birth.

You will notice you’ve put on a few pounds and most of your pants will feel tight when worn. You might not need maternity clothes at this time, but it is a good time to start shopping for them. The changes that women experience during week seven will start to affect their behavior as they get used to the fact that they are pregnant. However, with a proper guide from your doctor, you should be able to deal with the changes and at least feel happy that you will be a mother soon. Week seven is a crucial week for all first-time pregnant women.


What you must do at week 7

If you hadn’t seen a doctor, this would be the perfect time to book a prenatal visit. Visiting a doctor for your first prenatal appointment gives your baby a healthy start to life. This is the time when you’re faced with questions like, “when will my little one be arriving?” Write down all the questions you might have before heading for your first appointment. List down all the medicines you’re takiweek7-flower4ng so that your doctor can help you decide if they are good for the baby. Take a good look at the calendar and note down the last time you had your periods. Your health care provider or midwife will use this to estimate the when the baby is due.

Did you have any genetic carrier screening before you got pregnant? If not, this will be a good time to do it. This will help the doctors determine if your baby is at risk of any genetic or chromosomal problems. They are rare, but it is advised you have the chromosomal or genetic testing. Your doctor will advise you on most things onwards but making the first appointment is always important.

Try and avoid being close to sick people or people who are unwell. You can easily get sick from diseases like rubella and parvovirus. You should be very cautious on how you spend your time. Try to keep your distance from animals especially lambs and ewes. Lambs and ewes are known to carry an infection that causes miscarriages. If you have a cat, then this is the time you let someone else handle their poo. Cat poo is known to cause toxoplasmosis; a parasitic infection that can infect your baby. You might be required to clear your beauty cabinet of all products that are chemical laden. You will realize being sensitive to products with certain chemicals. You will have to stay away from all insect repellant products like DEET.


What to eat and what not to eat

Your eating habits will change requiring you to make changes in how you eat and what to eat. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, heartburns and indigestions mean making adjustments on your nutrition and how you eat. First, you should try to eat small meals at frequent rates than before. Limit foods that irritate your digestive system. You will have to increase the amount of fluids taken on a daily basis especially water.

This is the right time to double your iron intake. You can take foods rich in iron in addition to taking prenatal vitamins. Increase your intake of leafy vegetables, nuts, and lean meat. Keeping a good diet to supply you with all the necessary nutrients the baby requires is a must. You might have to cut down on snacks and instead, substitute them with vegetables and fruits. Take enough proteins from lean meat and chicken. You will have to avoid certain drinks especially alcohol. Taking alcohol should be out of your way as you start the long nine months journey of taking care of your unborn baby. High energy drinks are also not ideal but instead try to take fruit juices to boost supply your body with all the essential vitamins. Even better, make juice naturally in your home from fruits instead of buying processed juice. Eat as many fruits as you can whenever you have a craving for those junk foods. If you are a regular or seasonal smoker, you might have to avoid smoking until you have your baby. The nicotine from tobacco is considered unhealthy for the baby, and I know you don’t want to put the life of your unborn baby at risk. Such lifestyle changes are required to keep the baby healthy.

Taking prenatal vitamins is one of the best ways to supplement the shortcomings of your diet, but this should not be used as an excuse to take junk foods. The best source of nutrition for the baby is from the foods we eat. Prenatal vitamins need to be taken even before mothers conceive, but there is no problem starting yours now. Your doctor will help you choose a prenatal vitamin depending on your body needs.


Additional tips on week 7 of pregnancy

You will not see how your belly grows during these periods or afterward but it is important to take pictures of it after each and every week. This will be a good memory to share with your child when he or she is born and grown up. It might difficult to take photos but take a belly selfie using a mirror or even use a friend or partner to take the pictures.

When visiting a doctor for the first appointment, most mothers prefer to go with their partners, but this is up to you. For the first visit, going with your partner helps but you can also go alone or take a friend if you are going to be a single mother. However, 88% of women worldwide would prefer to go with their partners especially if it is the first pregnancy. So, ask your partner to accompany you.

Have no worries visiting your doctor for prenatal checks. Most of these prenatal checks are just to know everything with your baby is just fine. The doctors usually listen to the baby’s heartbeat and perform other tests they consider appropriate. If there are any complications, the doctors will be able to provide solutions at an early stage.

You will be required to buy a belly band to extend the lifespan of your pants. You will also need a helper and get enough time to rest and sleep. However, this does not mean becoming lazy and not doing anything. Most of your days to day activities can continue as normal although you need to avoid heavy exercises. You will need to keep fit throughout the pregnancy period. There are fitness classes for a pregnant mother that you might want to know about in early. You don’t have to attend them now, but you will need to start attending them with time. Being pregnant is not a disease, and you will be required to work out. Working out will keep your blood pressure in good levels and give and keep you in good shape throughout the pregnancy.



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