9 week pregnant

9 week pregnant
October 26 12:35 2016

Ninth week of the pregnancy is all about moving towards the end of first trimester. There are chances for you to have so many changes undergone at this phase, your baby also might have got many changes happened. This is the time when you should be visiting the health care provider for getting advice on what you should eat, your sleeping and also the fitness habits too. It is necessary for you to really know much on how the baby is developed and what changes are happening to your body so that you can hold the baby.

Baby during Week 9

At week 9, your baby may be just as the size that of the grape and also may measure just 1 inch and can be lesser than 2 grams in terms of weight. 9th week is the time in your pregnancy when the body parts of your baby is developing as well as proportions can continue for developing and also can even change in much faster pace. This is the time when the growing baby can be out of the embryo phase and enters to fetal phase. This is the time when you can call your embryo as fetus. At this point, the tail that was there with the embryo might have vanished and also you can find very small human being.

baby-at-week9The essential body parts of the baby can go through major development transformation within months that are there to come. The eyelids of the baby will cover whole eyes and are fused and this can open only when you enter into 26th week of pregnancy. The earlobes can be there with the baby in the very tiny form that is just visible. The other facial features a

lso might have appeared with your baby that include mouth, nostrils as well as nose which can be found easily on the face of your body. Mouth may just look like a flat line on the face and the tongue may even start developing.

The toes as well as fingers of the baby and even the ankles as well as wrists start developing at this time. The arms can be found growing and can bend near the place of elbows. Neck region of the baby can be well defined at this point of time. Fetus can even have turning and also lifting movements well. All the wrist joints, ankles, knees, shoulders and also elbows of the body can also be found in proper form and the fetus can move all that freely in amniotic fluid.


The diaphragm as well as digestive system can even develop at this point and can even allow the baby to hiccup or breath at this point of the baby development. 9th week of the pregnancy is when the skeleton of the baby may start hardening. You can find cartilage forming all through body so that it can be finest for you to understand how the whole thing looks like. This is the time when hair follicles and nipples are also formed slowly with the baby.

The intestinal system with the baby that include anus, bile ducts, gallbladder and the pancreas of the baby can be formed at this point. The intestine can also elongate at this point. The reproductive organs of the body might have developed from internal during 9th week during pregnancy. The ovaries or testes may grow but both girl and guy can look similar from exterior. The baby can make small movements and also can start kicking at the later stage. The blood floe in the body and the heart can be proper at this point. This is the best way for providing oxygen as well as nutrients to the body of the growing baby and can even remove the wastes out of the body. Heart beat of the baby can be heard from 24th day of the pregnancy and so it is necessary for you to get what you need. The 9th weeks is when the heart of the baby is divided into four chambers and is developed in the fully form. It can even be much useful so that you can find the body of the kid in really functional form. Placenta that is developed can take the task of the production of hormones in the 9th week of pregnancy.


Changes and Symptoms with Your Body

When you are pregnant for 9 weeks, it is the time when you can experience pregnancy and you may not be able to look that you are pregnant. You may not be able to find a significant changes in the body but you may be able to find so many changes in the body. There are chances for you to find the waistbands becoming uncomfortable even when you do not have a bump. There are chances for you to even have nausea very frequently. It is good to choose fabrics that are stretchy and breathable.

When you turn pregnant for 9 weeks, your breast size can increase in substantial manner as the glands and ducts can develop during early days of the pregnancy. There are chances for you to even find blue veins that are tiny which used be there for supplying blood across the region. It is good for you to wear maternity bra for having comfortable experience.pregnancy-flowers-5

The uterus size can increase double fold and you. Uterus can become the size of very small melon and it can make the navel region becoming firmer. As the uterus increases in size, there are chances for you to have the experience of cramping as well as much pain in the lower part of the abdomen. It is also much hard to deal with the gastric issues during your pregnancy. It is best to avoid such food items that can produce gas like beans and cabbage. It is good to avoid having many medication for gastric trouble. There is no need for feeling worries or embarrassed as anybody may be able to understand what you are actually going through.

There are chances for you to find that the taste and smell senses have changed much during 9th week of your pregnancy. There are many women who may have aversion towards the food items that they used to love at one point of time. The smell of the perfume that you loved may make you feel gag. It is good for you to avoid those things which can irritate you and do not need to worry as there are chances for senses to return so that they can normalcy at the delivery.

There are chances for you to have the feeling that your body is getting accustomed with all the changes. The hormones that include progesterone can be helpful for expanding the body as baby grows. These hormones can even reduce the movement of food through digestive system thus creating heartburn. You may have the feeling to frequently urinate after you are pregnant for 9 weeks.

There are chances for you to find a drastic increase in the blood level in the body for supporting the growth of the baby. The veins on legs and hands can bulge during the 9th week of pregnancy. They can protect the baby when you stand or when you are lying down with the extra amount of blood flow.


Diet in 9th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you should take care on the diet in a better way possible. It is necessary for including healthy as well as nutritious food in the diet when you are pregnant. It is good to eat well so that you can help yourself to deal with morning sickness. It is good to keep some food items like biscuits or crackers by the side of your bed if you are feeling morning sickness. Ginger ale or ginger tea can also be helpful in avoiding morning sickness. It is also good to have healthy snacks included between meals. It is good to avoid smelling the food and you can actually add some lemon in water or tea.


Vitamin B6 is a very important component during the time of pregnancy as it is of greater help in producing red blood cells. There are chances for the doctor to give you supplements of Vitamin B6 in the diet. Magnesium is another mineral that can be of greater importance for both the baby as well as mom. Bananas, beans and rice are the major sources of magnesium. You also get very good amount of magnesium from pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts and soybeans. It is also possible for finding magnesium in the whole grains. The small traces can be found with the cereals that are not refines, dairy products and also with the leafy greens. It is good for adding these food items in the diet.


Nutritious Snacks

The snacks that you include in the diet needs to be full of nutrients. Healthy snacks is what can make your body really in the best form to get the work done. Try to be in the finest way possible so that you can make use of these items for you as well as the for the baby to stay healthy. There are quite a lot of things like veggies, fruits and whole grains that can be part of your snacks. It is also really very crunchy to enjoy the various types of seeds to in the diet.

The food items that are too much oily and unhealthy are better to be avoided. The junk food may make you put on badly and it can make it hard for you to deliver your baby. It is necessary for you to have healthy stuffs only included in the diet. It is suggested to avoid alcohol when you are pregnant so that you can be very sure about yours as well as the health of your baby. The ladies who smoke should get rid of that completely when they are pregnant as it can have a negative impact on the baby’s health. These kinds of healthy habits should be avoided. It is also good to avoid soft drinks as they are more amount of sugar and is not going to help you but rather may put you in trouble.


Other Tips

9th week of pregnancy is the time for getting the advice from your healthcare provider. Try to make frequent visits to your doctor so that you get to understand how exactly your medical condition is and how healthy your baby. There are so many very advanced tests that can tell you whether your baby is healthy or have chances to develop some abnormalities. It is the time to breathe fresh air and so nit at all good if you are locking yourself fin the home. It is not good to give absolute bed rest to yourself unless it is suggested by the doctor. It is good for continuing normal activities both at outdoor and indoor so that you can give yourself enough time and space. It is not suggested to do some strenuous exercise but can enjoy some games or can walk around. Even some household chores are good to be done for your health.There are many couples who may not have any idea whether you can have physical relationship during pregnancy. Many of the couple fear of sexual activity to be harmful for pregnancy. The truth is that it is not but avoid only if you have some complications.


When you are on 9th week of pregnancy then it is the time for you to celebrate the motherhood. This is the time when the important changes happen to your baby as well as you. It is good for you to have better bonding between each other as a couple at this time. You should try doing things like yoga for maternity and also you can ensure to eat very healthy food that is going to benefit you and your kid. Your partner and you should be having better bonding for you to express any feeling that you have and also have bonding created with the baby.


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