[Analysis] Does your child eat enough variety?

[Analysis] Does your child eat enough variety?
August 24 08:13 2016

What is the most frustrating life part of parents? They usually have their kids that are picky eaters and even if they don’t know that their kids are picky eaters they make them eat a lot of variety of foods. How do you get your kids there though? That’s a billion dollar question, No?

There are two things you must know for sure. Firstly, you should not force your kid to eat against their appetite as you can’t make them eat when they are no hungrier. Secondly, exposure to new food can make you ultimately have your kids eating a wider variety of food.


But the question over here is why variety of food is so important?

I am hundred percent sure that most of the parents and the ones reading this article will already be knowing the answer to this question that is why variety of food is so important? No matter if you don’t already know then read here. As you know your kids are growing up and their body needs regular fuel in shape of vitamins minerals, proteins etc which can only be obtained from variety of foods. If you are lacking variety, than your kids will become picky eaters.

The food variety lacking is not the only reason behind your picky eater kid. It’s not the rule of thumb but is accurate in most cases. But what if you have variety as well but your kid is still a picky eater. The one reason in my view can be the taste. If you are trying your kid to eat beans and your kid instead of eating, is spreading it all over the floor and wasting it, then you should immediately understand that your kid does not like it much.


What is the right time to start offering wider variety?

This is the time when you need to take some steps to make your kid eat variety of food no matter how severe tour kid’s pickiness is. You take these steps depending on the nature of pickiness your kid possesses. You can for this purpose expose your kids with new foods that taste yummy and you may have a talk with them to eat new flavors other than meal times. All what you need to do is to present delicious foods to them and politely asking them whether they want to try it or not. Make them realize the taste of new food so they may want to have a bite of it. You will have to work with patience and calm instead of forcing them to eat new flavors otherwise they will make your purpose fail.

Presenting new variety is good but many parents don’t know that how much variety of food is sufficient?

So how much variety of food is sufficient?

To answer this question there is not a hard and fit rule for it but rather here are some useful tips that you can follow to have the answer

  1. If your kid eats the same food every day and wants to eat it this way then it’s not only kid’s fault to be picky eater. You’re responsible for this as well. In this case you will have to change the daily routine of cooking food. You are lacking variety so you need to take care about this.
  2. There are some kids who can’t just eat the same food for maximum number of days and if you want to increase the variety of food this way then you need to be a slow approach.
  3. In general you should speak about minimum 20 foods with your kids tat which food they desire to have at which particular day. Try presenting them a new food every day and try to rotate their food as much as possible. If you can’t do then try to switch food after every two to three days.

You can’t just make it all happen at once, you should better need a slow and gradual process to make it really happen.

Now the question may be arising in your mind that how possibly could you add more variety of food?


How you can include more variety of food?

The answer to this question is quite simple and easy. Here I am listing some great steps that you can take to add more variety of food to your daily routine to make your kid have taste of various foods rather than picky foods.


Family meals

Planned family meals are a great way to add more variety of food in your menu. You can start by adding the food that your kid most prefers to eat and along with that try adding new variation in that food or presenting some delicious tastes besides them. In family meals everyone tries to eat according to his own taste but it is might possible that your kid start eating the foods that he generally don’t prefer to eat. If you see that your child likes cheese then try giving cheese mixed or layered with the food that your kid rarely eats. This will be easy and polite way to add new variety.


Variation in color, shape or brand

If your kid is picky in food then try to make him eat the food, he generally don’t like to eat, that looks similar in color, shape of brand with the one your kid eats happily. This connection of resemblance in color shape or size will really be effective as it will make easy for your kid to try.


Small amount

You can add variety to your kid’s diet by offering them very small amount at the very beginning of the process of variation. Try presenting new foods in a small amount and ask your kids to have a little bite and if he likes it he may ask for more and if he does not like it then he may reject it. Try making the foods so delicious and yummy with a very pleasant smell of food that can increase appetite. This will make your kid have a little bit of new added food and he will be convinced easily to take it.

Variety is so important in these days and is quite easy to add new varieties of food to your many as there are a lot of eatables out there in the market.


Little boy refuses to eat

Little boy refuses to eat

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