Are hot showers safe while pregnant?

Are hot showers safe while pregnant?
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While you’re pregnant, it is normal to have aches and pains in your body and during such times you may feel the urge to take warm and steamy showers or you may want to soak yourself in a Luke warm water tub for half an hour or so. But make sure that, in the first trimester, the body does not exceed the limited temperature. The body temperature should not rise above 38.9 degrees in centigrade (102 degrees in Fahrenheit) otherwise it may cause harm to the foetus and cause dehydration in the advance stages.

Some of the things that you should avoid during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Do not fatigue yourself during exercise or avoid your body getting overheated due to the scorching sun.
  • Avoid using hot water tubs, steam baths and saunas.
  • Do not spend long hours in the hot showers or take long baths.

What can you do instead?

Try taking bath in pools with cool water. Take bath only in Luke warm water or slightly hot showers. When you’re taking sauna or your outside in the sun, see to the signs and signal your body is giving to you and if you start feeling tired and exhausted immediately retreat to some cool place and get some rest. Take rest after working for a while, otherwise it can make you feel fatigued. Drink plenty of water and other natural fruit juices to keep you hydrated.


Cons of getting your body Overheated during Pregnancy

If the body temperature of the baby increases it can affect the developments in the body of the foetus inside the mother’s womb. In the first trimester if the body temperature exceeds over 38.9 degrees in centigrade then many deformities may occur like defects in the spinal cord, brain and pre-mature birth. Increase in the temperature can cause NTD aka Neural Tube Defects. And such consequences occur because your body, it is already managing quite a few extra pounds and accommodating the growing foetus and if then the steady temperature imbalance occurs in the body then it can give rise to complications such as discontinuous nutrient flow and other abnormal processes which can hamper the health of the baby.

If you are feeling hot, relax the fatigued muscles by taking some rest and try out some light exercises like stretching and yoga. The hormone endorphins are necessary for the muscles to get relaxed and Yoga is strongly recommended for this. You can relax and stay fit during your gestation easily by following some simple exercises. It will help to calm your mind and body which is very important during pregnancy. Cool baths can also relax your muscles and joints and release your pressure and tension, but if you really feel like taking bath in hot water, then warm up the water and make sure that it’s not too hot. Allow the water to cool down and then you may dip yourself in the tub for some time.


Stay Safe while taking Bath and Showering in Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant a number of things should be kept in mind to keep yourself and the baby healthy and fit. Following a good bath routine is also very important. The temperature of the water should be suitable.  If the water temperature high, the core temperature of the body may rise above normal then there is every possibility of miscarriage. The rise in temperature of the body increases the heart rate of the mother and the blood flow reduces which means the foetus stops getting the adequate supply of blood which may even choke the baby. If you’re taking saunas or bath in hot tub keep the temperature lower than normal and try to follow the signs. If your perspiring too much, cannot breathe, heart beat rate is increasing, face is turning red then immediately come out and call out for assistance.


A Hot Bath or a Hot Tub:What should you choose?

As long as the water is not scalding hot and till the water is comfortable it is always preferable to take a hot bath. Hot tubs should always be avoided during pregnancy. Soaking yourself in hot water tub with the baby inside is a big no mainly in the first trimester. A condition called Hyperthermia can take place in the mother’s body that causes the pressure of the body to fall drastically. During pregnancy the amount of blood in the mother’s body gets twice of the initial amount. If the pressure falls the unborn baby will not receive adequate amount of oxygen and nutrition.

On the other hand, hot baths can be completely safe and soothing till the temperature does not rise too much. The water will cool down over time as the temperature is not constant unlike the hot tub. The body does not get fully submerged in the tub in case of a hot bath. So the temperature of your body does not rise to a dangerous level.


Some of the safety measures you should follow

  • During you dip in the bath tub if you feel nauseous or dizzy immediately get out of the bath.
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable during the bath.
  • If you start getting chills or feeling thirsty it means your body is dehydrating, get out of the tub.
  • Even in case of a hot bath the water should not be too much hot. First test for the temperature by dipping your hand or feet. If they turn red then it means that the water is too hot.


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