Aromatherapy and Pregnancy: pro and cons

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy: pro and cons
August 23 09:03 2016

Aromatherapy is used since ancient times .The history for the use of aromatherapy is quite brief, and the chain for this therapy is matched with the Chinese people. Aromatherapy is considered acts as a stress reliever during the pregnancy time. With a lot of benefits in pocket, there are also some disadvantages attached to use of this therapy but mostly are considered as rumors since they are not proved.

Today we will shed some light, that how can we use this therapy and what can be the drawback of this therapy. The effects of this therapy are wide ranging from helping you to alleviate insomnia till easing nausea. Before you book a visit to the therapist, please keep in mind that use of essential oils during pregnancy is under criticism as experts do not have a lot of knowledge regarding this elements. Oil smells pleasant. Essential oils while carry chemical messages to your brain, which in return effects your mood and behavior. This all happens because while you breathe you take in the scent or due to the oil but in either case it helps you in relaxing a lot.

First of all let me clear this, it’s not a compulsory therapy but an optional therapy. In this therapy some of the essential oils are used with the base oil. It is safe to use this therapy during pregnancy as long as you feel healthy and be careful with the essential oil. This oil is concentrated, and is obtained from plants and herbs. These plants and herbs then boost your health and well being. Essential oil used in this therapy, enters into your skin and goes to the baby by crossing the placenta. So, to protect the baby, we should mix it with some base oils. Choosing base oil is also an art; you should choose that base oil that is not allergic to your body and acts fine with you.


There are commonly three main ways to use this it


You cannot use the essential oils directly, but you will have to mix them up with base oil, to secure your baby and don’t let the oil enter in you placenta. Mix this main oil with base oil as required but not more than two spoons. If you’re thinking to use oil such as nut oil, coconut oil or almond oil then you are looking in the right direction. If nut oil gives you any sort of rash or you feel you are allergic to it then you can reject the nut oil and the same goes for wheat allergy.
On a safe side you can test a small patch of both essential and base oil combine on the required area to check if you are not allergic to this. And do these 24 hours before you actually want to have the massage.


This sounds weird but it’s true. You can use it by placing some drop of essential oil with base oil and then mix them. After mixing they properly use them with an oil burner or a vaporizer.

While taking a shower

This is also a good idea, instead of waiting for the massage 24 hours after checking it, and disturbing the atmosphere with its fragrance. Turn on the warm water tap and mix the essential oil with the water. The warm water will help your skin by taking in the oil and the steam of it will help you to inhale to scent of aromatherapy. You only need some drops of essential oil along with base oil. There are also other things to be used, instead of the base oil; you can also use the full fat milk as creamy milk is a good carrier of the essential oil as the fat help the essential oil to spread throughout the water.

Aromatherapy and You

Mid wife’s confidence is important and it should be brought into her knowledge if you are using aromatherapy from a therapist.

Morning sickness

There is a whole lot of trouble during your first trimester and aromatherapy can help you in easing the pain. It can help to comfort through your nausea. Lemon oil is mostly prescribed and many women use it but you can also use mint oil but there are many evidence present that it doesn’t work.

Pregnancy niggles

There is a less evidence that it works as many women finds essential oils to work with a wide range of niggles. The use of citrus oil with the essential oil is like a bonus gift, as lemon boosts you, so that you may feel more energetic and more in control, while lavender helps you to have a sound sleep.

Helping you to relax

Massage is commonly used to give some rest to your muscles, and fill you with loads of power. It pull downs your tension and also to bring down your stress levels miraculously. By adding some lovely oil scents your massage will be a wonderful experience.

Aromatherapy and labor

If you are interested in getting aromatherapy in between your labor hours, ask your mid-wife, that does your birth unit provide this. If they do not then you can use the other trick to help you feel relax by adding the main oil to the vaporizer.  Mid-wife is only allowed to use aromatherapy on you in labor in case if you are more than 37 weeks pregnant. In case you have epilepsy then some birth unit will not allow you to use it.


This therapy as we have informed you in start in not at all a risk free job. The whole lot of essential oil is not free from any kind of danger. Going with complementary therapies in general when you are pregnant is not without a risk. Some experts say this complementary therapy during pregnancy should be used as little as possible. It is because of that fact that it is not known that how well they work or how much safe they are. So it’s good for both mother and bay to be cautious.

If you are going through some trouble, such as

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • Skin problem or allergies

Then it’s best to let your wide-wife know about this


Aromatherapy and Pregnancy pro cons


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