Before Getting Pregnant: your personal checklist

Before Getting Pregnant: your personal checklist
September 18 08:39 2016

Getting pregnant isn’t some fun. After getting pregnant there is a lot of change in your life. You can’t be the same person you were used to. So before getting pregnant there are 9 simple yet important steps that you have to look for first.

1st, paying a visit to your dentist

When you become pregnant, there are many kinds of medical treatment and pain medications. These treatment and medications are not a good idea to have when you become pregnant because after that they will harm your fetus. Before getting pregnant, pay a visit to your doctor and have a full examination of yourself. If you are in need of any kind of treatment, have it before getting pregnant.

2nd, Paying a visit to your doctor

Likewise this is also a wonderful idea to pay a visit to your family doctor or a general practitioner.  Go there and also have a full examination there too. Check you freckles and moles because your body and skin will have lots of changes during pregnancy and it is very good to have your body full examined and know what is coming ahead. Before conceiving have your full heath chuck and ask for doctor’s advice and tell him that you are about to conceive. Also share your medical conditions and history with him and ask for his guidance. Ask him which sort of medications are allowed to him and from which you have to keep yourself away. The doctor might recommend you to have your general blood tests too, to check if everything is in proper line and you have no problem during pregnancy.

3rd, initiating a prenatal vitamin

For the growth of DNA, folate is an essential vitamin B medicine. Lack of folate in pregnancy will trigger the neural tube effects such as some heart defects and spina bifida too, during the whole nine months of pregnancy. Folate fragments are also present is a lot of natural foods, but to keep your side safe and ensure health levels, it is suggested that pregnant ladies should go for folic acidic medicine. Folic acid is a human version of the natural element. You should take these medicines a month before conceiving and in your early pregnancy hours.

4th, Limiting Caffeine and Putting off Alcohol

There is no science behind conceiving, you might get pregnant at eleventh hour or any hour before that or after this. Consuming alcohol isn’t a good idea at all and during pregnancy alcohol is totally restricted because of its consumption, alcohol will inflect hazardous damage to your developments and health. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy will have severed side effect such as physical and co-ordination problems, mental retardations and behavioral issues too. These are hundred percent cure able but why too indulge in such hazardous activity.

Some people think that a certain amount of alcohol consumption is safe but that is totally false. There are not levels of alcohol consumptions that can be considered safe. To eradicate this confusion completely a research has proved that it isn’t safe to consume alcohol when you are pregnant.

With alcohol in the list, caffeine will also disturb the placenta and it is high time for mother to stop the consumption of caffeine too with alcohol. Caffeine is said to have sever damages on the baby’s health such as miscarriage and low birth weight. There is no need to cry over split milk when you can do something right now. But some research says that drinking coffee or tea during pregnancy is normal and totally out of shelf. You can continue to consume dark chocolates during your pregnancy and it will not matter much.

5th, gaining a healthy body

Among twelve percent of case regarding pregnancy says that women either are too much over weight or under weight.  Estrogen is a hormone important to ovulation and it reactively responds to the weight of human body. And no baby will also relate to no ovulation. When you have to conceive, fetuses are transported by obese women who possess a higher risk for host of misunderstandings triggered by a lot of weight. And on the other hand when you are under weight this is also not beneficial. A fetus required a number of nutrients to grow such as minerals, vitamins and the calories that you are giving by maintaining a healthy diet. Lacking weight during pregnancy can also give you low birth weight baby or premature baby.

6th, Checking your diet plans and making healthy revisions

Whole grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and protein combination is called a healthy diet. This diet will also help you to have routinely ovulation. A healthy diet also affects the sperm quality and make sure you and your partner are on the same page. The same food will also be beneficial for your growing baby both during after pregnancy when the baby will be in utero or when you are going to breastfeed the baby.

7th, Speak to your hairdresser and nail therapist

Also know about the salon treatment that are they safe during pregnancy or not, because some of the chemicals which are used to hair your color are not safe during pregnancy. Before conceiving have a little chit chat with your hair treatment expert and know about it, that is it safe to have. And if this treatment isn’t safe then which treatment is.

Same is with nail polish; studies show that chemicals present in some nail polishes are bad for fetuses and women too.

8th, check your beauty and skin treatment

Like hairs and nail some beauty and skin treatment are also bad for body and baby. If you want to have them, then it should be before pregnancy otherwise put it so hold. And most are the treatments are found ill for fetus too. Cut off electrolysis, bleaching and laser treatments from your list. And have some other way to make yourself look beautiful such as waxing is totally a safe way. Skin treatments such as fillers or botox are also not advisable for the body as they are safe for the baby too.

9th, Stopping Contraception

There is some contraception that can be stopped right away such as saying good bye to condoms. You should stop taking contraception pill as they are not safe for you. Visit your doctor and ask him about using contraception when to stop then and what the time to start again is.