Blueprint to Raise Successful Kids

Blueprint to Raise Successful Kids
August 23 13:07 2016

Before anyone points out, let me make clear this myself

Success is relative. I know that and so does everybody else. It means different to different persons, I get that.

BUT even though every other story of a successful person is different, there is always a common theme hidden under it.

To put it simply, success simply means living the life the way you want.

For some, it might be to earn millions of dollars while others are happy enough to become location independent and travel the world.

So, the question is, what did the parents of successful kids do differently than the others?

Lecturing them the importance of hard work, good grades, and obedience?

This is the 21st century. Everybody does the same thing. There’s nothing new about that.

But what’s new is the cutting-edge research from scientists all over the world. They have found certain traits that were common among all the parents of kids that went on to accomplish great things.

Below you can found most of these principals that have been acquired by people who have dedicated their whole life to find it.

Work Ethic

This principal was found to be prominent especially in the parents of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold said he had to do sit-ups to earn the breakfast.

Sounds nothing special?

Researchers found out that this was an extremely effective method to teach him the importance of developing a great work ethic.

One of the most popular complaints of parents are their kid do not want to work hard even though they remind of its importance repeatedly.

Instead of doing the same thing like everyone else was, Arnold’ father tried something different.

He engrained the mantra in Arnold’s brain that IF HE PUTS IN THE WORK, HE WILL GET THE REWARD.

He made his son do something painful and them immediately gave him the most primitive reward for any human being – food.

This little but super effective method had a deep impact on his brain. He learned from a very young age that – he’ll be rewarded if he puts in the work required.

This taught him the fundamental principal of achieving anything in life – a great work ethic.


The kids of successful parents don’t necessarily become successful.

This is because there are some people who lose humbleness after becoming successful.

Result? They are often seen insulting and even humiliating other people.

The kids of these people copy this trait of their parents even before becoming successful.

While cockiness might not necessarily affect their parents, it definitely affects their kids in a long run.

This results in developing a kid who has achieved nothing in his life is proud of his existence.


Kids must be taught from a very young age to not act according to their feelings.

If you think I am repeating the same thing as everyone else, step back and read it again.

Most kids are taught to control their emotions.

This is not possible because human beings do not have a choice whether to feel an emotion or not. It’s something natural.

So hearing this advice, kids try to suppress their emotions. Suppressing your emotions simply leads to avoiding reality because emotions are what makes us humans.

Instead, let your child know it’s okay to feel whatever they are feeling but they must not let it govern their behaviour.

If your child doesn’t feel like brushing his teeth, let him/her know it’s okay to feel lethargic sometimes but they must do in spite of that emotions.

This what builds discipline.

Doing something you said you would even when you don’t feel like doing it when the moment comes.

Social Skills

“Your network is your net worth” – Billionaires

No matter how smart people are, they cannot and will not accomplish things all by themselves.

On the way, they are going to need friends and other people. To make friends and build a network with important people, one must know social skills.

The faster you teach your child the importance of social skills, the better his/her odds to become successful.


A recent research was conducted showing kids who were gifted and had high IQ have a lower chance of becoming successful than that of average kids.

They even tracked many kids who performed extraordinarily in their childhood. But the end result was quite astonishing even to the researchers.

Only a small number of them went on to achieve something incredible in comparison to their not so smart counterparts.


The kids who were gifted were reminded by everybody that they were a genius and smarter than the others.

This infected them with one of the most dangerous diseases in the world.


Simply put, the kids who were smarter began to believe they were special and they deserved more. Eventually, they didn’t put in the work required to achieve things because of this self-entitlement belief. They thought they will make it in life regardless of their efforts.

The bottom line of this story was – never praise your kids for something they didn’t work for.

Instead, reward them with their favourite things when they worked hard even if the end result wasn’t satisfactory.


There are two kids – Joe and Johnny

Joe has been conditioned from his childhood that he is good in English and bad in maths.

He often hears his parents and teacher that he is really good with letters but poor with numbers.

This changes his attitude towards both the subjects.

Joe started to work harder on English but neglects Maths.

He somehow came to a conclusion that no matter how hard he works, he probably wouldn’t make it with numbers.

On the other hand, we have Johnny.

Whenever Johnny performs well in some subjects poorly in others, his parents and teachers congratulate him for his hard work in the subjects he performed well and tells him to work more on the other subjects.

This leads Johnny to believe he can perform well in the other subjects if he puts in the work.

One kid has a fixed mindset and the other one has a growth mindset.

One kid has the odds against him of becoming successful while the other one has the odds with him.


Developing a positive outlook towards life is they key to happiness and success.

But whenever people hear this statement, they start thinking of positivity as a fairytale where you get whatever you wish for and you live happily ever after.

The irony is, this kind of outlook towards life doesn’t have a slightest of resemblance to real life.

So what’s the catch?

Having a positive outlook towards life means you learn from every negative and painful experience of life. You get into terms with the fact that every problem that arises is there to help you grow into a better person.

This kind of mindset usually leads to the classic never give up attitude since you know that after climbing the wall, you’ll be a stronger person than you were before.


“Chains of habits are too strong light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken”

  • Warren Buffet

Instilling good habits from a young age is the key to accomplishing anything in life.

Today the number of unhealthy and stupid kids are increasing at an alarming rate. And one of the main reason for this is the installation of wrong software (habits) at a very early age.

Eating healthy food, exercising regularly and reading books are some of the classic habits that no matter what your child wants to be, it’ll always going to accelerate his/her success.


Whenever your kid gets good grades or performs well in any competition, never forget to celebrate their success.

I have seemed countless mothers punishing their kids for getting a B+ because he/she couldn’t score as well as their friends.

Not only the kid loses all his motivation to perform any better, he also starts resenting his friends as well as the parent.

They come to the conclusion that no matter how well they perform, there is no pleasing parents so why to try to please them in the first place.

Eventually, they start doing whatever they want. The parents get furious on this behaviour and the kid starts resenting them even more.

This downward spiral only leads only to more pain and negativity.


Nothing leads to more unsuccessful kids than throwing the definition of your success onto them expecting them to perform according to it.

Simply put, your child might never become a success by your standards and definition.

Even though we all know that success is relative, why do we still want our kid to follow out definition?

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Let your child make up their mind of their definition of success. They even might change it time to time.

What seems immature to most people is actually a metamorphosis.

When your child discovers things in life he/she never thought was their which they eventually will, their definition of success is bound to change.

During times like this, it’s very important for you to support them in their endeavour instead of just labelling it as another “childish dream”.

Closing Thoughts

As you have noticed, most of us were brought up in the exactly opposite environment.

Repeating this cycle over and over again makes no sense if you desire different result.

So if you want to raise a kid that performs differently than the other children, why not try a different style of parenting?

Like Albert Einstien said

“Insanity is doing same thing over and over again and expecting different results”


Blueprint to Raise Successful Kids

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