Can coffee induce labor? Minimize caffeine while you are pregnant!

Can coffee induce labor? Minimize caffeine while you are pregnant!
September 23 07:21 2016

When you are expected, there are a lot things that you are advised not to do. You are restricted from eating blue cheese; clean the cat litter tray and also you can’t have alcohol more than a sip.

In number of foods for example chocolates, tea and coffee, Caffeine is naturally found in them. The presence of caffeine is also found in energy drinks, soft drinks, flu and cold remedies. With high amount of caffeine intake in pregnancy, there will be a lot of troubles waiting for you little one in later life. These high intakes can cause low birth weight and intense level of caffeine can also cause a miscarriage.

If a cup of morning brews is your wake up tip and you had to take five cup to walk through lunch. Then there should be some serious thoughts given to your habit. You are now four weeks pregnant. Caffeine gives you the power to be ultra active in the morning but it also has negative effects that erode calcium and other main pregnancy nutrients out of your body before giving any positive nutrient to your body. Another negative effect of this diuretic effect: continuous urine that is the least thing a mother to be needs. When you are pregnant there will be a lot of peeing naturally. There are other several reasons to cut off from caffeine during pregnancy. With the use of caffeine you will observe many those mood swings that will become more intense and volatile, as per your dosage.

If you are eager to known how will caffeine affect your baby in the pregnancy era, then don’t get in a shock when I tell you that it enters into placenta. The damage is done by caffeine but we don’t know till what strength. According to a research in the United States, 2 cup of coffee roughly 200 milligram per day doesn’t affect your body and baby. This much amount is okay but when you integrate the amount till five to six cups of coffee pr day that it is bad and your chances for miscarriage are enhancing.

It is a serious problem for you when you are addicted to four cups of coffee per day that boost your mornings. And also that mountain dew affects which gives strength to your afternoon.

The caffeine effect

There are many reasons to cut down or reduce the caffeine intake less than 200 mg per such as that caffeine is an energizer that influence the sympathetic nervous arrangement which will give you a buzz. This buzz will send messages to and fro your mind at increasing speed. When you will take one single sip of your latte, your energy levels will shortly begin will pump up your blood pressure and heart rate. And these two things are required to be stable or within the safety limit while pregnancy.

When the body moves to take care of an increasing blood fluids and volumes in this case blood pressure will more often hike in the pregnancy. Caffeine is an energizer so it future shoots your heart rate and blood pressure and also due to its influence on the sympathetic nerve chain. And this whole thing creates more pressure on the baby and mother. Another side effect on consuming caffeine is that it minimizes your body’s trait to intake iron. Iron is a required mineral during the pregnancy hours. When you are breastfeeding the baby, your iron compounds are still under a lot of pressure.

Saying no to alcohol

Not one single drink or a sip of alcohol is marked safe by the doctors in pregnancy. The safest thing to do for you and your baby is saying completely no to alcohol. The mother who drinks alcohol no matter how much in quantity has a higher potential of stillbirth and miscarriage. Drinking excessive amount of alcohol is dangerous because alcohol syndrome, which will trigger heart defect, facial deformities and also mental retardation. The normal amount of alcohol consumption also affects the baby’s brain development process.

   Which type of medicines contains caffeine?

There are also some medicines present for migraine, pain relief, cold, headaches and some other varieties of medicine which help you to stay awake contain caffeine. When you are pregnant every step is so much important for the baby and you. Before making any decision or taking any kind of medicine consult your doctor. Some herbal products too contain caffeine. Such as the yerba mate, guarana, kola nut and green tea extract. It isn’t confirmed that how much caffeine do a herb contain but it is better to be safe then to cry over spilt milk.

Effect on child’s health

Another effect of caffeine consumption is on the child’s health. Caffeine has the ability move through the placenta and move to the growing baby’s system. It gives a rapid effect on the baby and body because of it quick consumption into the blood stream from the gastro-intestinal tract and takes around fifteen to thirty minutes on average. Caffeine will also stay in your blood on an average of 12 hours.

Caffeine also effect on a baby for being small in size in its gestational times. And according to a study these small gestational time babies posses a great risk of both long term and short term health problems. Some studies in the United States and Australia have claimed that with caffeine’s consumption less than 200 milligrams per day, there was an integrating risk for small gestational age baby was there. And because of this research some of the doctors too recommend to completely buyout the use of caffeine. When the caffeine passes through placenta during pregnancy which is growing in your uterus (womb) and gives the baby oxygen and food via the umbilical cord, consider this a dangerous move for your health and for baby’s health too.

Consumption of Caffeine is safe during breastfeeding?

A study in the United States says that a use of caffeine is safe for the mother. But a small amount of caffeine also enters into the breast milk. So, it is better to avoid having caffeine in all circumstance when you are having baby or when your baby is on breastfeeding.


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