Can I sleep on my stomach while pregnant?

Can I sleep on my stomach while pregnant?
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Many pregnant women lack a good night sleep at night. It is their fervent wish to have a sound sleep, so they can face next day challenges. In pregnancy because of the frequent transition in hormones in your body which ends up with iterated sweating. Pregnant women have to face many discomforts, during these nine months.

As you are getting closer to delivery date, baby is also being developed day in and day out. All these factors also sum up to make situation wore for you such as you have to deal with growing hips ache. And your most cozy position becomes the most challenging position for you to rest. And you have to go through a lot of struggle to find a relaxed position for yourself. And when you finally find some comfortable position to enjoy, your baby starts moving inside your womb, which ends with an enormous pressure on your uterus and bladder. This is why finding a cozy position to sleep is more than a challenge, and women have to struggle a lot.

According to the professional’s knowledge. If you are sleeping on your stomach in your early days of pregnancy, such as in the first trimester and in the start of second trimester, then it is considered safe. According to researches, your public bone which is carrying the baby, act as a guard for your small belly. With the growth of baby inside your womb, it will be increasingly difficult for you to find some comfortable position to have a nap or sleep. There will be a continuous struggle for it and you to attain some comfort, you will have to use supportive pillows.

Best ways to sleep when you are pregnant

In pregnancy, the most feasible side to sleep on is, your sides and this is suggested by experts. If you are in habit of sleeping on your stomach, then practicing to sleep on your sides especially your left side. The benefit of sleeping on your left side is that your baby will have access to huge amount of nutrients, which are good for him. There are other benefits also linked with sleeping on the left side, such as improvised blood circulations. Better blood circulation will give enhanced nutrient shipment from your own blood till placenta. Sleeping on your left side also make your kidneys work more fluently. Now kidneys can effectively flush out the raw material from the body in this stance. When these fluids are flushed out from the body, it minimizes swelling or edema in your terminus such as ankle, hand or foot, that are triggered by excessive fluid.

Worst ways to sleep when you are pregnant

The worst position to sleep, when you are pregnant is sleeping on your back. You shouldn’t sleep on the position because it introduces you to a lot of soreness. And the soreness is mainly because of the weight of uterus relaxing on the upper side of your spine, main blood veins and back muscles. This tension is introduced by its heaviness inflect hemorrhoid, muscle pain, restricted blood flow, and ultimately it effects your baby by stopping or minimizing the current of nutrients.

Sleeping on your back has a bad reputation and another cause to stop sleeping on your back is, uneven blood pressure. When you are sleeping on your back, suddenly you will feel rush of blood in your body. and other times it will immediately go to a minimal level. And due to the hike and drop in blood pressure, you will suffer from dizziness or blurry vision.

Here are some sleeping tips during pregnancy, which will help you to sleep better:

Having a good night sleep in essential for both the mother and child, we are going to give you some good night sleeping tips.

Sleeping pillows

If you want something, which will extend support to your belly and back, pillows are the best option. You can set the normal pillows in the required place and then you can sleep like a baby. If you are thinking, that what benefit will you receive by putting a pillow in your legs. It will make your legs feel cozy and the additional benefit is to the bottom of your back. According to your need, there are pillows designed for your specific need, which are available in the market. These pillows are adopted by professionals and these come in all size and shape, as large as covering your whole body with just one pillow and as small as filling your specific needs. You can choose any pillow, that is fulfilling your need, and suits you the best. After consulting your doctor, purchase a pillow for the market. And be careful when buying the specific pillow but they are designed with top notch material, which will give you the best comfort.


Food also plays an important role, to give you a good night sleep. For pregnant women, having a glass of warm milk or consuming carbohydrate enriched diet are normal food routines. Diet which is rich in protein will have authority over your blood sugar graph. These proteins are good, because they restrict bad dreams at night and you can have a comfortable sleep, without waking at night. Another benefit is, they minimize the chances of hot flashes and headaches due to the hormonal transition. There will be ups and downs with your diet in pregnancy but don’t leave nutrition without consulting your doctor. These (protein rich snacks and carbohydrates) are the best available options for you with their enormous advantages attached during night time.

Comfortable exercise

Deep breathing, meditation or exercise like these are best to relax your brain with body before you are going to call it a day. Without much of hard work, if you are counting sheep’s in your brain, while they are crossing the boundary, can also sooth your brain and body and help you to sleep. Chants and light yoga practice will make you sleep like a baby.


Don’t put a halt or abandon your workout routine, after getting pregnant. For enhanced mental and physical health, these regular light exercise will help you a lot. And don’t go for full fledge workout before four hours of sleep.



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