Clear watery discharge

Clear watery discharge
October 16 08:36 2016

During pregnancy, there are a lot of things that happen in a woman’s body. For the expecting soon to be mothers it is very important that they understand these changes so they can lead worry free lives that are healthy for the little baby growing inside their them. One very common pregnancy even that gets most women to consult with their doctors and or midwife is the discharge of clear watery liquid during pregnancy. This discharge causes may women to worry about their pregnancy particularly when the delivery date has yet to arrive. If you are one of those women wondering what the clear watery discharge means to your pregnancy then read on and find out.

You see there are many different reasons that cause women to worry when some liquid just starts pouring out of their vaginas during pregnancy. When clear watery liquid is discharged through the vagina, the first thing that comes to an expecting mother especially first-time moms is that something is wrong, they quickly think that their water has broken and they are getting into labor way before time. The truth is that most of the time the clear watery discharge during pregnancy is normal and its nothing to worry about. The more you understand where the liquid is coming from and why it is discharged the more you will relax and let your pregnancy progress free of worry and stress.


What is the clear watery discharge during pregnancy?

The clear watery discharge most women experience during pregnancy is called leukorrhea. According to medical specialists, leucorrhea is caused by the hormonal changes and blood flow that occurs during pregnancy to protect the baby and influence a conducive environment for the baby to grow. The discharge is one of the first signs of pregnancy and can be experienced at any point during the term of pregnancy.

Leukorrhea is very similar in nature to the vaginal discharge you might experience between periods; only it’s a lot heavier. Its presence, even though discomforting to the pregnant woman, is normal throughout your entire pregnancy. The discharge is there to protect the birth canal from infections and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina.

However, when women feel some watery discharge coming through while pregnant, they start to panic a little and head for the nearest bathroom. The very first thing they check for in the discharge is blood which is probably brought forth by the fear of a miscarriage, secondly, they assume they just peed themselves before going ahead to thinking that they have broken their water and are in premature labor.

Sometimes the color of discharge can change and appear to be brown or pink, especially after an episode of sexual intercourse or manipulation of the cervical region. This could mean there was a slight irritation of the cervix and its nothing much to worry about unless you notice some heavier than normal bleeding.

Leukorrhea does not have a foul odor; any vaginal discharge with a foul odor during or outside of pregnancy should be a reason to consult a physician, as it could be an infection.


What are does the clear watery discharge mean during pregnancy?

As mentioned above, a clear watery discharge during pregnancy is a result of an increase in hormonal production and improved blood flow to the pelvic region. For the ladies out there who are concerned about this discharge and what to know what it means, here are some of the most common reasons for the discharge:


  1. Leukorrhea

We have explored this cause of discharge in great detail but it’s worth mention again on the top of this list as it is the most common cause of discharge during pregnancy. It is normal most of the time and should not be a cause of worry and stress to the pregnant woman. Remember to note down any slight discolorations of the liquid, brown or pink is also normal but yellowish to green is definitely a cause for concern and should be reported to medical personnel without delay.


  1. Urine

The clear liquid coming out of your vagina during pregnancy can be normal urine. Leaking urine in pregnant women is a common event especially if the leak is linked to an effort like action like sneezing or laughing hard. The leak is caused by the growing pregnancy, which presses on to your bladder thereby increasing its pressure and reducing its capacity.


  1. Cervical Mucus

During pregnancy the cervix changes, it becomes thin and dilates leading to the expulsion of the substance that normally plugs the cervical opening during pregnancy. This substance is called cervical mucus and its role is to prevent foreign substances like bacteria from accessing the uterus. Discharge of cervical mucus usually happens towards the final stage of pregnancy in preparation for birth.


  1. Amniotic Fluid

Discharge of amniotic fluid is another normal pregnancy event. It usually occurs at the end of pregnancy and it is felt in form of a gush rather than a leak like in most vaginal discharges.


  1. Preterm labor

In most cases, labor is announced by a release of fluids. If the fluids in question are brownish or red in color, appearing before week 37 of the pregnancy then it could be a sign of preterm labor. It is best to consult with a doctor to confirm and manage the situation.


  1. Infections

Discharge that is accompanied with a foul odor, fever, vaginal itching and yellow to greenish coloring is linked with infections. There are a number of infections that can take advantage of the deep in immunity during pregnancy, bacterial infections are the most common and can be easily treated if caught early on, that is why it is important to see a doctor whenever you notice the above signs.


Managing clear watery discharge during pregnancy

There is no treatment to stop clear watery discharge during pregnancy, as it is a normal phenomenon. You have to prepare and find ways of dealing with it whenever the discharge appears. There are hygienic items that have proved to be very effective in handling pregnancy related discharge. You could make use of sanitary pad and panty liners to absorb the wetness and keep yourself fresh. The use of tampons is strictly prohibited during pregnancy.

For discharge linked to pressured bladder, doing some Kegel exercises works for some women as it plays a role in conditioning the bladder and its related muscles.


When should you consult a doctor?

Since you now know the characteristic of normal pregnancy discharge, a doctor should check anything else that does not fit the description. You should consult with your doctor when:

  • You notice discharge of Amniotic fluid or preterm labor
  • You are experiencing excessive watery discharge that is discomforting
  • Signs of infections namely yellow to green discharge, fever, vaginal itching or swelling, discharge that carries a foul odor. The common infections are yeast infections, bacterial infections, and sexually transmitted infections.


In conclusion, getting clear watery discharge during pregnancy is very normal and common. Worrying and being concerned about it is also common among pregnant women, particularly the first timers. Understanding why the discharge happens and what it means to you and your unborn baby is key in living a healthy pregnant life. Always remember the abnormal signs to be concerned about and report these to your doctor so you can be checked out. A healthy mom leads to a healthy baby and that is what you should aim for.


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