Dad vs. Mom: Who’s the Better Parent?

Dad vs. Mom: Who’s the Better Parent?
August 09 08:08 2016

Being a parent alone is not enough a tough job that the community has to bring up the debate of the better parent?

While there are no black and white answers, we do believe each one has a unique set of skills that gives them an edge over the other.

The gospels taking sides of moms are already out there. So we decided to dedicate this article to all the dads out there.


Fathers are usually misunderstood for being the negligent one. Unlike a woman, a man doesn’t really express his love and emotions to his children mostly due to the stereotypes of masculinity and partly due to their own ego.
But this doesn’t change the fact the father figure is essential in the child’s life. There are some things that a mother will have a difficult time to teach to her child.
This isn’t an exhaustive list but here are 10 things that a father does better a better job than the mother

1. Masculinity

Don’t let the title fool you. Knowing what it means to be a man is important for both the boy and the girl child.

The father can show exactly his son what it means to be a man. Without a father figure, boys often get lost and trapped in society stereotypes of masculinity (sometimes even their father).

A girl child can get to know what a healthy male is. Girls who are born to single mother usually settle for man that does not show healthy signs and often abuse them.

2. Emotional Resilience

You can often find fathers usually let their children cry for longer than the mothers.

It’s not because the fathers are thick skinned or unaffected from his child’s problem. It’s usually because the father wants his child to become emotionally stable. They teach them from the very beginning the importance of figuring out the problem yourself.

A mother does exactly the opposite. She can never withstand the sight of her child crying. For mothers, this behavior of the fathers seems cold-hearted and careless.

But as you can see, this is not why a father pampers his child less than the mother.

But let’s not forget – the mothers pampering is as important as the father’s cold-hearted problem solving approach.

3. Physical Toughness

Similar to emotional resilience, if a child suffers a bruise or a cut, the father lets his child “suffer” a bit. Not because he doesn’t care but because he wants his child to be capable to handle pain.

And as we know, if the mother sees even a small scratch, she’ll go crazy and start panicking like it’s the end of the world. And don’t even get me started how badly the father will be demonized if

she comes to know that he has known about the injury all along.

4. Discipline

Who teaches the kid the discipline of waking up early? Who challenges the kid to perform better in the high school sports team? Who terrorizes the family members and instills fear of coming home late at night?

Yup, it’s the father. He can discipline his kid like no other.

Kids can escape their mother’s rules through emotional drama but they know well it won’t have any effect on daddy.

The strict rules and discipline not just helps to maintain the decorum of a family but it also forces the kids to learn the power of discipline from a very young age.

4. Outdoor Activities

From camping to soccer, from cricket to hiking, going out on adventures with their kids is a man’s job.

Whether it’s the excitement of camping in the woods or the joy of playing in rain covered in mud, it’s the perk that you often enjoy with the father.

It’s not that mothers are not seen playing with their kids, but the sight is actually rare.

5. Security

Who goes to check out the scary noise in the basement when it’s dark? Whose arms feel most comforting when thunder strikes all of a sudden? Who steps forward to kill the creepy bugs that terrorize the kids? Yes, its daddy

He makes the kids as well as the whole family, feel secure in his presence.

While mothers can be as protective as the father (sometimes even more), traditionally speaking, it’s a man’s job.

6. Fixing

Guess who comes to the rescue when the car’s engine isn’t working? Who takes care of hammering and sticking all the book shelves to the wall?

That’s right. Fixing things are one of those father’s jobs that mothers cannot get.

Anything and everything in the house is the house that needs fixing are taken care of by the fathers.

It’s not that mothers can’t fix it themselves; it’s that solving problems (and screwing things) are just a guy thing.

7. Confidence

All the discipline, rules and regulations of father, that the kids despise, pays off big time in their future.

This grueling way of parenting toughen the child and make them ready to face the real world.

This increases the confidence of child. And as we all know confidence is one of the most important traits that affects the performance and success of the child in life.

8. Silly Stuffs

Dad is there for you for all the crazy stuffs. Whether it is to give a ride on the back, help you to prank on someone, give you the permission to watch TV for just 5 more minutes, you can always rely on him.

He has the ability to transform into somebody who dangerous than Hitler and at the next moment someone who is softer than the mother.

9. Bully

A father is the better parent to teach his son the lessons of bullying. He acknowledges the fact that there are people out there that like to feed on the weak and so he knows to train his son properly in order to face them.

Mothers are usually inexperienced in such situations and don’t know what to do. Sometimes they even go to teach the bullies a lesson herself forgetting the fact that her kids have to face their battle themselves. No matter how protecting she is, she cannot be with them forever.

Closing Thoughts

You might have noticed a common pattern emerging from almost every point – the parenting of fathers and mothers are completely opposite in almost every single case.

This is not a coincidence.

This is because a kid needs the nourishment of both the masculine and feminine side.

The parenting of fathers and mothers are like the magnetic poles of the Earth – that helps the Earth (the kids) to be stable and balanced.

This article was just a shout out to all the fathers out there, the unsung hero, that do not the praise they deserve due to some uncivilized of the society.




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