Do babies cry in the womb?

Do babies cry in the womb?
October 01 13:14 2016

Many women wonder what their unborn babies are up to in their wombs, are they being naughty or they are always sleeping the whole time. Some even think that the baby gets bored doing nothing in the womb for 9 months that is why they end up kicking and misbehaving in there causing all sorts of trouble like selective eating by the mother. One heartbreaking but popular question that exists out there is: Do babies cry in the womb?

You as an expecting mother have probably asked yourself the same question. The information is not readily available in the baby books that you read while expecting but studies have been carried to figure out fetal activity in the womb.

So if you are one of those people wondering if babies cry in the womb then grace yourself for the hard truth, Yes babies can cry in the womb. It is not an audible scream like that of an already born baby but it is a cry alright. It’s a silent cry that happens in response to certain stimuli or affections. There is no way you will be able to tell that your little one is crying in your womb unless you have an Ultrasound machine.

What happens when your baby is crying in the womb?

Using ultrasound technology, studies show different expressions and movement that is linked to crying. Researchers who proved that babies do indeed cry in the womb used a vibration signal to affect the baby then recorded the reaction using an ultrasound machine. Through this technology they were able to note crying behavior which comprises of:

  • Trembling of the bottom lip
  • Open mouth
  • Depressed tongue
  • Irregular gasping
  • Abdomen movement
  • Limb movement
  • Tilting of the head
  • No sounds are detected

If you want to know more about this, there is an ultrasound video you can check out here.

Why do babies cry in-utero?

Probably by now you are very sad that your unborn baby cries in your womb and you are not able to comfort them. Well, you shouldn’t be sad as it has been proven that this crying is part of the embryological growth of a fetus. It is said that for babies, crying is the only way to communicate with their parents until its psych-neurological functions have developed enough to allow speech learning.

So while it is the womb the baby has to practice for the big first cry it has to take upon birth. It is this cry that opens up the baby’s airway system and allows for it to breathe, it’s a completely necessary physiological process that all babies go through. The throughout its newborn life, it has to communicate whenever it’s hungry, wet or in discomfort otherwise you as the parent wouldn’t know there is something wrong.

So you now understand why your unborn baby needs to cry a bit while inside your womb.

What else is your baby up to in your womb?

So, babies do cry in the womb but do you want to know what else your baby is up to during the whole 9 month period? Its quite interesting and fascinating really, at any given moment, besides sleeping, of course, your little bundle of joy could be doing any one of the following things:

  1. Tasting your food and making you picky

One thing all mothers know is that an unborn baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. The nature of this fluid can be influenced by the food you eat. From the 15th week of pregnancy, the baby can swallow amniotic fluid and actually taste it. The sweeter the amniotic fluid is, the more your baby will swallow it! You see how they already like candy!! Foods that can alter the taste of amniotic fluid include sweet flavors, garlic, ginger and other stuff.

  1. Opening their eyes

In as much as it’s dark inside your womb, your baby will open their eyes from time to time. Basically, they start by reacting to the light coming through your abdomen around the 15th week then gradually learn to close and open their eyes on week 28.

  1. Wee-weeing

When your baby swallows amniotic fluid, it will pass through the digestive system and excreted back into the fluid in form of urine. This is a completely normal physiological reaction that can be used to study the baby’s swallowing reflex.

  1. Breathing

From time to time, your baby will practice breathing in-utero in preparation for the all-important first breath that it will have to make during birth. This breathing exercise has no effect on oxygen supply to the baby as all oxygen supplies are carried by the umbilical cord until birth.

  1. Smiling

If babies can cry in your womb then they sure can smile. Scans show that babies smile when they hear the familiar voice of their parents or certain kinds of songs that are usually played frequently around the house.

  1. Bonding

Another in-womb baby activity is bonding, not only with the mother but with the dad as well. They use this link to tell the mom what they like and dislike. That is why it is encouraged for the dad to casually speak to the unborn child so it can learn to express itself to someone else other than the mother.