Ear infection during pregnancy

Ear infection during pregnancy
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Just a few months ago, diseases like fever and stomach bugs were not a big issue for you. In fact, you could probably postpone its treatment according to your schedule. And you hardly cared if it didn’t get severe.

However, you don’t even recognize your previous self anymore. A tiny sneeze makes you run towards your thermometer to check the body temperature.

Why that happened suddenly made you aware about your health? Why are you suddenly not allowing yourself to catch the tiniest of disease? What made you change?

Let me take a guess about your ear infection pregnancy signs

Your body isn’t just for you anymore. There is someone else, someone who you haven’t even met yet is more important to you than anything else in the world.

In fact, you can go to any extent for its safety and well-being. Taking care of your health for the sake of her seems like a little task now.

You see, this is the beauty, the awe-inspiring changes associated with motherhood.

Apart from the physical changes, you evolve mentally in a way that surprises even you.

Suddenly, you start caring about things that you didn’t even bother to notice before.


Even the thought of getting an ear infection makes you jump off the bed.

“Is it going to affect my baby?”, “Is the infection going to have any impact on your unborn love’s health?”

Questions like these start taking over your mind.

Well, we have good news.

Long answer short, it won’t.

In fact, if the infection isn’t severe, probably your doctors will also advise the same.

Ear infection pregnancy symptom

What if you don’t know for sure?

Even though in any case, you would want to go to the doctor, you might also want to check for the signs yourself.

Your doctor will surely ask for symptoms and problems that you have been facing. So, it is better to do your small research beforehand.

  • The most primitive sign you could notice are ear aches
  • Infections also cause interference with hearing. This might lead to hearing problems temporary
  • Headaches
  • A bizarre feeling of pressure building up in the ear
  • Swelling of the ear

These are the typical signs of an ear infection, especially while pregnant.

A to Z of Ear Infection

When infection causing bacteria or virus attacks the middle ear, it results in its inflammation. Ear infection pregnancy symptom

This causes a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum, which in turn causes pain.

The majority of people suffer from acute infections. It causes pain but only for a short period. Sometimes, doctors even suggest leaving the problem on its own.

However, a small subset of people is diagnosed with the chronic infection. Due to bacterial activities and ear structure, the infection keeps coming back. In those cases, the mother has to take extra precautions.


Ear infections can arise when pathogens find a way to get in the ear. These microbes cause problems like excess mucus, cold, allergies, sinus infections, and swollen adenoids.

This causes of inflammation and blocks the Eustachian tubes (the tube that connects the middle ear and the pharynx). This blockage causes fluid build-up in the middle ear, resulting in infection.

Course of Action

From home remedies to hard antibiotics, there is a whole lot of treatment in between.

You should only turn to treat it yourself when your doctor gives you a green signal. This means you are suffering from an infection of the lowest degree.

  • Garlic oil
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar

Soak a cotton bud in any if these solutions and gently use it in the infected ear.

You can also get ear drops from stores. These solutions help in the fight from the pathogens that caused the infection.

However, sometimes home remedies aren’t feasible. If your doctor thinks the infection can cause long-term disability, they might suggest antibiotics to treat it.

Just in case, you should know antibiotics affects your body in not a good way. Moreover, if you are given a high dosage, it even might affect the baby in the womb. So, discuss it with your doctor and consider alternate treatment if possible.

In rarest of the rare cases, surgery is used as the last resort for treatment. It depends on the severity of your infection, health condition & pregnancy stage.

Even if your doctor does suggest surgical treatment, chances are it will do after the birth. So, discuss with your doctor and check the possibility of postponing the operation till the delivery.

In any case, if it happens that your medical practitioner suggests it immediately, there is nothing to worry about. Usually, surgery for ear infection means draining all the fluid through a tube and cleaning the ear.

It’ll be over faster than you think.


The quote from the old sages, “precaution is better than cure” is indeed priceless.

So, why learn this lesson the easy way?

  • If you are prone to ear infection, make sure to cover your ear with plugs while swimming or any activity that requires complete immersion in water
  • Maintain hygiene of your ears through cotton buds or clean clothes.
  • When using buds, be sure to not bury it deep in the ears. It might damage your ear drums and will permanently cause the loss of hearing.
  • Minimize the use of earplugs especially during infections. Clean them before using if you are prone to ear infections.

Closing Thoughts

Ear infections during pregnancy are ridiculously common. 1 out of every 3 women suffers once during the 9 months.

You might ask why?

Well, the hormones during pregnancy are a mess. This contributes to the infections directly. Not to mention, the whole immune system is also affected. This reduces the fighting capacity of your body significantly.

As long the infection mixes up in the blood stream, your baby is completely unharmed.

However, you do not want to take your chances & become your own doctor.

If you have any of the symptoms of the infection and it persists for more than 2 days, check your local practitioner immediately.

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