Evaporation lines

Evaporation lines
October 05 13:52 2016


One of the most common home kits is the pregnancy test, just about every pharmacy has them in stock and they do sell a lot. This is probably because most couples and women are eager to know if they are pregnant or not and also most women know how to use the kit, or at least that is what they think. Quite a number of women do not know about the evaporation line on the pregnancy test which tends to alter the results enormously and bring about false positives. It is important to know about the evaporation line and how it comes about, but first let us take a quick look at how the home kit pregnancy test works.

A home kit pregnancy test or pee stick as it is popularly known is a easy to use tool that helps detect early pregnancy. Women or anyone, in general, can purchase the test from a local pharmacy or store, pee on it and it will let you know if you are pregnant or not. When used correctly, these tests are usually reliable but false results can appear from time to time.

The good thing about home pregnancy tests is that it can detect a pregnancy just 10 days prior to the missing monthly period.


Understanding how at-home pregnancy tests works

The principle of the home kit pregnancy test is based on the levels of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a woman’s urine. The hormone becomes available in the urine just days after fertilization and as such, the pregnancy kit is equipped with a chemical that can detect this hormone and tell you if you are pregnant or not. Now every lady is different and as such the levels of this hormone can vary in urine, which makes it not conceivable to get a positive pregnancy test outcome all the time. Some women have to wait around 48 to 72 hours more before the hormone can be detected.


Explaining the evaporation lines on home pregnancy test kits

An evaporation line is a line that appears in the results section of a pregnancy test just as the urine dries up. It appears on any pregnancy test and can occur to anyone that is why it’s important to know about it. Generally, it’s a faint and colorless line that leads most women who are not knowledgeable to think that they are pregnant. Learning how to differentiate between a positive test line and an evaporation line can save you from false positive results.

Evaporation lines appear due to the user not following the pregnancy kit instructions. Different kits have different usage instructions that must be followed accurately in order to get perfect and accurate results. Some kits may require a drop of urine to give results while some might need you to pee on it really strong or dip it in urine for a considerable amount of time. It all depends on the kit really and they always come with instructions. Void and unreliable results like evaporation lines are brought by not following the pregnancy test kit instructions.

Generally, evaporation lines show up in a test due to the user not respecting the delay time needed to read the results. When you take too long to read the results and leave the test sitting there, the urine will evaporate and leave a line that can easily be perceived as a positive result.

 What Does An Evaporation Line Look Like?

When you delay reading the test results, the urine on the test stick starts to evaporate leaving behind a weak line. It takes about an hour for this line to appear and alter the results to become falsely positive. If you read your results an hour after taking the test and notice the line, just discard the test and redo it with a clean stick making sure to respect the test guidelines issued by the manufacturer.

The evaporation lines lead many women into believing that they are pregnant, in most cases, this is a false result but it does not necessarily mean that you are not pregnant either. When you read your results after the given results window period has passed, the result is void and you have to retake the test again.

In as much as the evaporation line appears faint on the test stick, it does not necessarily mean every faint line is an evaporation line, sometimes your hCG levels are not high enough to be detected by the urine test stick and so retaking the test a day or two later might be ideal.

To avoid voiding your results with evaporation lines you should always make it a point to read the instructions that come with the home pregnancy test kit, then follow the test guidelines perfectly.


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