Fighting the pregnancy discomfort

Fighting the pregnancy discomfort
September 13 15:08 2016

Pregnancy is the hardest time that a woman has to face. There are always issues in these whole 9 months and you really can do some about the m them. When you are pregnant you literally can’t find a comfortable position to sleep, sit or any other position. You experience discomforts and various types of aches in places that you would not have taken into account earlier.

Majority of women had to face back pains and pelvic plains. As your pregnancy moves on the intensity of these pain increases. In your initial trimester, you might have to suffer from breasts which will be too sore and with the passage of time, laying on your front will be like a whole level of new problem when your belly grows. When you are sixteen weeks pregnant, having a comfortable able back will be a dream only because when you will do this for long hours you might faint because your baby will be pushing against the main blood vessels. So let us start now with pregnancy discomforts and how to stay comfortable in them.


This is the problem from which every woman has to go through during her pregnancy time. The baby in your belly or in short the additional weight you are carrying with you starts a strain in the bottom of your back muscles making them to be more sore and stiff. If there is a continuous back pain, then you made need to pay a visit to your doctor, checking that this pain is caused by any other health issue.

Some ways, by which you can decrease the level of back pain.

  • Wearing low heel shoes also make you comfortable with your back. High heel shoes make your body tilt and then you feel more pressure on your back.
  • Make use of your legs not of your back by twisting your knees and remaining straight, when collecting object under waist level. Call someone else when there is a need to pick heavy objects, doing this on your own self which cause your more pain. And keep objects in your radius, so that you didn’t have to strain yourself to get them.
  • To comfort your back or to ease pain, you can use a heating pad, cold compress or warm water bottles.
  • Do a bit of exercise which will keep your back muscles stretched. Using comfortable positions and by doing exercise, strength your back muscles.

Gas and Constipation

During the hours of pregnancy, you might feel the rush of hormonal changes or due to the use of vitamin supplements. This will increase the painful bloating and gas too, which will be increased in the eleventh hours of pregnancy when the mass of your uterus will start to push on your rectum.

To decrease the level of gas and bloating

  • Do a plenty of excising which will help your digestive system to stay on line.
  • Drink a lot of fluids which will help to put off all your digestive tract.
  • Have high levels of fiber foods, counting vegetables, bran cereal and whole grain bread.

Breast Tenderness

When your body starts to prepare itself for breastfeeding you will feel that your breasts will be heavier and larger. They might feel tender yet full.

  • Wear a comfortable sleep bra which will give you support while you were sleeping.
  • Wear a bra that will be supportive and fits very well. Use a maternity bra, that will be built with additional wide shoulder straps, additional row of hooks and more radius in the cups will be a very good choice.


These can be caused by the stress, hormonal changes, and fatigue, saying no to caffeine or increased hunger.  And to get relief from these headaches, consult a doctor before taking any further step.

  • Have a lot of fluids.
  • Have a lot of rest.
  • Rest in a dark quiet room.
  • Put a cold face cloth on your forehead.
  • Eat small portions of meals the whole day to maintain the blood sugar level.
  • Ask for someone’s help or firmly massage your temples.

Constant Urination

It can be triggered by many sources. Your body is working very much harder to throw all the waste out of it. When your uterus expands it begins to go against your bladder and make you feel like that there is an urgent need to visit rest room and then can happen even when your bladder is completely empty. This situation might calm down in the mid pregnancy when your uterus no longer rests on the bladder, but might start again in the 11th hours of pregnancy when there is a drop in uterus into pelvis. After sneezing and coughing and because of the pressure on the bladder your might leak urine. To stop this you can protect yourself by wearing sanitary napkins or panty shields.

To get rid of constant urination:

  • Put off coffee, colas and tea from your diet. Don’t decrease the intake level of fluids you drink as this will finish off baby’s vital fluids and will rob you too. Use of caffeine also makes you to urinate more.


These are the itchy, painful and varicose veins in your rectum. Hemorrhoids might be started by extra blood in the pelvic portion and the pressure of the growing uterus on veins in the bottom of your body. Hemorrhoids can also appear when you are constipated due to the straining bowel movement which captures more blood in the veins. Hemorrhoids will vanish but only for a short time and only to get back against meanwhile the labor due to the bruises of delivery.

To put off hemorrhoids completely:

  • Do not stick for a long passage of time, because sitting puts pressure on the veins in your pelvic region.
  • Finish off the constipation level by having many fluids to drink and also by taking plenty of fiber.
  • Do not over gain your weight. The extra pounds you will gain you make hemorrhoids more painful.

To minimize the level of painful swelling of hemorrhoids:

  • Coat with hazel pads.
  • Apply ice packs
  • Soak them in water
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