First Signal pregnancy test

First Signal pregnancy test
January 26 07:25 2017

Finding a good pregnancy test can be a hard challenge these days. The market is filled with different products and they all promise to offer fast and accurate results, for a cheap price. Many important companies invest a lot of money in advertising their products, instead of focusing on quality. That’s why, you shouldn’t purchase the most expensive pregnancy test, because that’s not necessarily the best. But how can you distinguish a good pregnancy test from an ineffective one? Well, first of all, a pregnancy test is a medical device and therefore, it should be approved by a medical institution. A medical approved pregnancy test is accurate and it will ensure an over 99% success rate. However, a lot of women buy more than one test, in order to be sure about the outcome of the result. If you want to do this as well, than price should be a decisive factor, because you can’t afford spending hundreds of dollars for some inconclusive pregnancy tests. Bellow, we will present you the First Signal Pregnancy Test, a cheap, reliable product, which will always provide you the most accurate results.


The First Signal Pregnancy Test is very cheap and you can buy it for less than $0.90. This is a great thing if you want to get pregnant but you can’t afford to spend $10 every time, just to find out that you’re not. For less than $10, you can buy even 10 pieces at a time and save them for later. They will properly function even 2 years from now, so you shouldn’t worry about any expired product. If we were to compare it with a more advertised product, the First Signal Pregnancy test is over 10 times cheaper. Still, many women who used both tests in the same time, said that the result was corresponding and they didn’t notice any difference. So this product is a great money-saver.

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This pregnancy test is available in almost every drug store chain from the country. It can also be purchased from general stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree and many others. The First Signal Pregnancy Test can also be found at some gas stations but there, the price might be a little higher. Still, if you’re in an emergency and you cannot find one anywhere else, you can buy a First Signal from there. However, it’s more advisable to buy the pregnancy test from a specialized medical unit. While there, you can ask some questions on how to use it, what results to expect and how often should you try a new test, to be certain that you are pregnant or not. This pregnant test is also available in many doctors’ offices. They often use the First Signal as a standard pregnancy test, because it’s extremely reliable, fast and accurate.


The First Signal Pregnancy Test provides some very accurate results with an over 99% success rate. However, for a more accurate outcome, it’s advisable to use at least 3 different tests, at a difference of at least 2 days each. This way, you will be certain about your pregnant / not pregnant state. If the result is positive, you can be sure that you are pregnant and you can establish an appointment with a specialist, for further investigations. With this level of accuracy, you don’t need yourself a digital pregnancy test and this way, you will save at least a couple hundred of dollars. So, if you follow the instructions accordingly, there is no way to receive anything else than the right outcome.


Like we mentioned before, the First Signal Pregnancy Test is very simple to use. Whenever you think that you might be pregnant and you want to perform a test, you should follow the next steps. First of all, you need to collect a urine sample in a dry, sanitary cup. Next, you should dip the absorbent tip of the device in the cup, and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Take it out from the cup and put it on a flat surface, for another couple of minutes. The results should appear soon. The result screening is the same as in every other pregnancy test. One line symbolizes a negative outcome of the test while 2 lines mean that the test came out positive. Any second line that appears on the test, represents a positive result, no matter how faint it is. If no line is displayed, it means that the test is invalid. In this case, you need to follow all of the above steps again, using a new pregnancy test. For a more accurate result, you should perform 4 different tests, with a time gap of at least 2 days between each.


When you buy a pregnancy test, you don’t tend to care about the money, because most of all, you want an accurate result. However, the First Signal manages to offer that accurate result, for a very cheap price. Still, the test is considered by many, a very basic device. It can have only 2 outcomes: pregnant or not pregnant. In case of a positive result, some women would like some more information about the pregnancy status. The FS test doesn’t offer additional information, like a digital pregnancy test does. Even if you’re using a digital device and the result turns positive, we advise you to visit a specialist for a more accurate examination and don’t trust the test. If a digital test says that you’re 3 weeks pregnant, that doesn’t mean you necessarily are. Only a doctor could tell you that. That’s why, you should only care if the result is either positive or negative and not spend hundreds of dollars on a digital test.

Overall, the First Signal Pregnancy Test is a very recommended device. It will provide you an accurate answer in no time, without too much of a hassle. If you follow the instructions, there is nothing that could go wrong and you will know for certain if you are pregnant or not. Just make sure to consult a specialist, if you have any questions regarding this product or if the test comes out positive.

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