Five Food Items You Should Never Let You Baby Eat

Five Food Items You Should Never Let You Baby Eat
August 05 14:58 2016

As your baby grow, it is normal that you begin to introduce him/her to different new foods. The purpose of this is to ensure that the baby has adequate amount of vitamins and minerals needed for growth.

However, as these new foods are introduced, it is extremely important to ensure that you don’t give your child unhealthy food like food with high sugar or salt content. Apart from the health hazards associated to high sugar and salt consumption, these kinds of foods are often also low in nutrients that would help your baby stay healthy. They also fill your child’s tummy so much that there is little space for healthy foods and they are also quite addictive.

So while you try to come up with your meal time table, listed below are foods and drinks that you may want to totally avoid.


1. Crisps and crackers

The problem with crisps and crackers is that it fills the tummy so quickly that there isn’t room for healthy nutritious foods. They also have a high salt content. You should know that your baby only need a small amount of salt; about 1g (0.4g sodium) a day until they reach age 12. Giving baby much more salt that this is burdensome to the little one’s kidneys.

In fact, breast milk or formula milk would provide all the salt needed by a baby in just six months.

Once the child begins to eat solid food, it is advisable to avoid adding salt to home-cooked baby food. It doesn’t matter if it tastes a bit bland. Also, stock cubes with high salt should be avoided when making solid baby food.

Even toddlers under the age of 3 should not be given more than 2g of sugar (0.8g sodium) per day. Ensure to limit your toddler’s crisp consumption to a few and not give them a whole packet to eat.

Instead of crisps, healthier snack choices for young ones are sliced vegetables, fresh fruit rice cakes, mini-sandwiches, and fromage frais.


2. Ready meals for older children or adults

The problem with such meals is that the salt or sugar content is usually on the high side, much higher that what is recommendable for babies and toddlers.

It is still possible to make same meals for your whole family which would be cheap and healthy for all. You can consult our mum and baby meal planners for interesting ideas.

We are not totally against buying prepared food for babies, as it is understandable that busy mums would have to do that sometimes. But it is important to always check that any food bought suits your baby’s age range. Also, you should always avoid giving your own food to the baby.

3. Sweets and chocolate

We all know kids love sweets and chocolate and it would be almost impossible to keep a child away from them. However, it is clear that these are food items with pretty high sugar contents so much so that they are unhealthy. For instance, the sugar consumed creates acids which attacks the enamel in the mouth of your child.

Sweets, when necessary, are best given to toddlers at mealtimes. That way, the saliva produced while eating helps neutralize the acid produce by sweets which otherwise would be potent enough to cause trouble for the child’s enamel.

You should prefer sweets that would dissolve quickly such as chocolate and fondants unlike toffee which is more harmful to a child’s teeth. You might also want to encourage the child to eat all the sweets at once rather than taking one per hour.

Another good idea is to give the child cheese after eating sweets, this will help counteract the sugars. Teaching the child to brush thoroughly would also be of immense help, you might want to supervise the tooth brushing after a round of sweets and chocolates.


4. Fizzy drinks

There is no need to give a baby fizzy or soft drinks. These drinks have really bad effect on a baby’s young teeth. In addition to unhealthy amounts of sugar contained in such drinks, some of them even have caffeine e.g. cola.

Ideally, a baby should only drink milk and water and not fizzy drinks which fills up his tommy quick leaving no appetite for much needed nutritious and healthy foods.

In addition, these drinks also have high amounts of calories which might make your child overweight so early in life.


5. Fruit juice

This might sound a bit strange but giving a baby fruit juice is really not the best. The reason is the same as why fizzy drinks should not be given to babies under age 1. It is because of the high amounts of acids and sugar in fruit drinks which can cause damage to a baby’s teeth.

For a baby under a year old, it is best to stick to water, breast milk and formula milk. Subsequently, full-fat cow milk can serve as the main drink.

This is because milk is rick in calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin B2 which are vital minerals and vitamins every baby needs.

A baby that can eat solid foods can also be fed vegetable juice and diluted fruit juice during meals. However, the juice should be dilute with about 10 parts of water to each part of juice.

This will help protect the baby’s teeth. Note that the diluted juice is best served in a cup during meals rather than in bottles at bedtimes.

Vegetarian babies would also benefit from vitamin C present in diluted fruit juice as it will help the child absorb minerals like iron readily from meals. However, it would be better to consider adding meat alternatives with fruit juice.

So there you have it; 5 things you should never give your baby. If you are wondering what then should you give your little ones then check here for great ideas on best food for little babies.


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