Getting pregnant while on antibiotics

Getting pregnant while on antibiotics
September 22 08:16 2016

Question: which Antibiotics Are Safe To Take During Pregnancy?

It totally depends on which type of medicine you are going to take. Some of the medicines are safe to use throughout the pregnancy but while other are harmful and can trigger side effects to you baby. When you rank a drug in the bottom category then there are some factors linked to this rating. There is not much safety information available about the drug or the significant risk of using drug is specifically weighed when it comes to the advantages or disadvantages of the drug. Mostly the disadvantages team won this title with a heavy margin.

Concluding it, if you are pretty much ill and when you are thinking to use an antibiotic, because that will be the only miracle to treat you for getting better. But getting well might cause some problems for your baby. But there are also some cases in which if you are not going to treat well then the health issues will be dangerous for the baby, then the medicine itself. As it has been explained earlier, there are factors linked with the use medication. In some cases if you are prolonging the use of medicine after curing the problem then the prolong use of drug will also land you in hot water.

There is a huge variety of antibiotics medicines available and it is not to explain all of them here. We will only list the common medicines, which will be used as an antibiotic. The known types of safe medicines which are considered safe during the pregnancy hours are penicillin for example ampicillin or amoxicillin, erythromycin and cephalosporin include cephalexin.

Some of the professionals are of the opinion that a medicine such as metronidazole comes handy when you have to treat vaginal infections for example bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis and many other types of infections that trigger birth side effects. But new researches about these medications have proved other wrong. They say the there is no chain between the use of medicine and birth side effects and the use of these medicines are also safe for most cases.

If you are having the feeling recurrent kidney infection, or urinary tract infection. The physicians will suggest you to use a nitrofurantio which is also known as Macro bid or Macrodatin. These will also be prescribed for the rest of your pregnancy period to avoid any kind of any other infection. When you are about to enter preterm labor or your pregnancy has crossed the line of 36 weeks then there is an immediate need to stop the use of this medicine. If you are prolonging the use of this medicine and have stopped taking it, within the close range of delivery then it have a little chances to vanish some the baby’s red blood cell.

Another drug used to cure urinary tract disease for example Septra or Bactrim is known as Trimethoprim. Trimethoprim is having a side effect with its use, so it can’t be considered as a fine step to cure an infection. It cuts off the effects of folic acid. Folic acid is an essential ingredient when it comes to pregnancy because during the time of pregnancy and preconception time, folic acids minimize the child’s risk having any sort of birth defect or specifically neural tube. If there is no option left for you to consider and it is important to take of the drugs, then make it hundred percent to take the routine dosage of prenatal vitamin as well. Some of the studies suggest that having a daily dose of folic acid give a minimum of 400 micrograms such as the prenatal vitamins normally have double this amount and it will also overcome and cut off the blocking effects of trimethoprim.

The medicines which you have to completely restrict from using altogether during the hours of pregnancy count streptomycin which comes handy to cure tuberculosis. This streptomycin will also give defects of hearing loss to your baby, and tetracycline such as doxycycline, oxtetracycline and minocycline. Tetracycline is also used to cure respiratory infection and acne. And when you are going to take tetracycline in the second of third trimester and it can also cause discoloring effect to the growing baby’s teeth.

There are also some categories of medication in which they are arranged.

Category A

Limited research in female fails to show a potential risk to the fetus in the initial trimester. There is also no proof of risk in the second or third trimester. And there is also less probability of dangerous disease caused by these category medicines.

Category B

The tests counted with the animal reproduction research have not given some serious risk but there also no or any sign of limited research with the females who are yet to become a mother. With the use of these medications animals reproduction system have a little negative effect only linked with the shortage of fertility. This side effect was only proved with animal’s reproduction system and on the other hand with women in their first trimester there were no strings attached with this cause. In the second or third trimester, there was also no risk linked.

Category C

In this category animals have shown some reverse major effects on the fetus causing death or abnormalities. There are also no limited researches in female or research in females and animals are just not available on the radar. The medication chained with this category, should be only used when the woman is having any significant threat to the fetus and it could be justifiable.

Category D

No dangerous risk to human life exists but the advantages from the use of these medicines may be acceptable putting aside the possible risk such as,  if there is a grave emergency and the drug is need for some concerned diseases for which safer drugs are not effective or can’t be used at that moment. These drugs can also be used in a life threatening situation.

Category X:

Research done on these medicines, show that humans or animals have shown some serious troubles, while taking these medicines such as the abnormalities. There are proof present too for the fetal risk hanging on animals and humans both. The risk of using this drug entirely out class any benefit linked with the use of medicine. So it is suggested to avoid from these medicine. There should be a complete ban on these medicine and should be kept away from women who are going to be a mother or yet to be pregnant.


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