Guide to Headache before labor

Guide to Headache before labor
February 05 13:43 2017

Pregnant women always have a lot of questions to ask concerning their pending pregnancy especially if it is the first pregnancy. One of the most common issues that comes up among pregnant women is the issue of getting severe headaches towards the end of the pregnancy just before labor. Some women say that getting headaches at the end of your pregnancy is a sign of labor. Is this true?

Yes, and No. You have to understand that bodies are different and they work and react in various ways. While it may be true for some people that getting severe headaches is a sign of pre-labor, it is not always the same for other people. A headache is one of the signs listed under the pre-labor symptoms but it is not always present and whenever it is present it is usually accompanied by other pre-labor sign. You can not say for sure if you are in labor or not unless the other pre-labor signs show up.


Signs of Pre-labor

  • lower abdominal pain

Feelings of pain on your lower abdominal region toward the end of your pregnancy can be an early sign of pre-labor. The pain is very characteristic though, it has to be unremitting lower abdominal pain that stretches for over 3 to 4 hours. The pain is due to the baby moving towards the pelvis for birth and this pain usually precedes the contractions. When you feel pain in your lower abdomen it means your cervix is also dilating in preparation to receive the on coming baby.


  • Well timed contractions 

Well timed contractions are the usual tell tale sign of labor. They are easy to recognize, they are rhythmic contractions that come and go at respected intervals. If the contractions are about 10 to 15 minutes apart the baby is due and you are about to become a mother.


  • Breaking of the waters 

This is the most classic sign of labor. Once your water breaks, labor usually follows almost immediately after. Usually when the water breaks it is time to go to the hospital for delivery. Always take note of the color of the water, if it is tainted or discolored or showing any deviations from the normal colorless nature you should inform your doctor upon arrival at the hospital.


  • Bleeding

Bleeding towards the end of pregnancy can be a sign of labor. When the cervix dilates in preparation for the baby, small blood vessels can rupture and bleed into the vagina. Any bleeding towards the end of pregnancy should be reported to a doctor immediately even if you think it is labor induced. Sometime it can be a sign of something that is going wrong and having it checked out early can be very vital to your pregnancy.

Remember, people are different. Headaches can be a sign of on coming labor to some people and it can be absent in other people. Experienced people say that once you feel your body acting up or behaving weirdly toward the last days of your pregnancy, it is a sign that you are about to enter into labor.



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