Guide to losing baby weight

Guide to losing baby weight
September 15 10:00 2016

You take nine months to put on the weight, so at least there will be nine more to put off the weight. Mostly the new moms, wants to throw off all the weight they have gained as soon as possible. But they feel irritated when they are not as easily able to throw the weight as they have gained, and they feel frustrated about that.

In hurry to lose all the weight they have gained, they fall prey to the those advertisement and companies that promise a quick result and run way from those brochures which are saying a slow and study progress. In some cases the baby is now older but the mother is still stuck with the extra pregnancy pound weight just because she have lost all her motivation or she thinks that now she is stuck with that weight and can’t do anything in her hands.

But today, we will give you three simple steps to hose baby weight.

1st Step, Reconsider your Expectations

The most important thing is to get real. We have some rare moms, who can gain back their pre-pregnancy figure and weight just weeks after giving birth to the child. But we should keep in mind that mostly moms are not that much lucky as those moms are. Mostly mothers have to do a lot of hard work to get back within the radius of even 10 pounds of the weight, they were before pre-pregnancy.

From bad to worse, even if you managed to lose all the baby weight, they are some chances that you will not be able to fit in to the clothes of pre-pregnancy time and if you somehow managed to get it the clothes. Then they will not give the same feelings that they were giving you before cutting short, you will not be able to luck like before. You should let the heights of disappointments fall and remind yourself that your body has gone through a lot of different things that give birth to a new soul. After going through all that hard work, you just can’t imagine to go back into that same position just with the blink of your eye.

Don’t just lose your hope with the wait of losing weight; build new expectations to get your old physic back. For this there are a lot of trimming of your so obsessed hopes. Make them realistic and draw realistic plans to follow suit. After losing all the baby weight, don’t be amazed with this new figure of carrying weight. The most important thing is to realize that your body has suffered and it will not be the same as it was before and it will not matter how much weight you have put off.

  2nd Step, Making Comfortable changes

With the new soul with you, you can’t be the same again. You need to revise your lifestyle and adjust it with the baby needs accordingly. If you were not a fan of healthy dieting and exercise, then you need to work out on this because it’s never too late. New born learns from their parents. Your child will adopt his easting and exercising habits just by keeping an eye on you. If as a parent your life style, dieting habits and exercising is up to the mark or you are not even interested in that walk of life then it’s a grave situation because as a matter of fact, your child is going to place his feet in your shoes.

Your child’s life will be totally depending on your lifestyle; he will follow you and have positive or negative vibrations from your lifestyle. If you as a mother are not enough motivated and don’t have the will power to drive health effects in your life, after giving birth to the baby, things certainly will change.  For your child, you have to adopt new life style because of the baby. It will be the major reason to have new life because it is now important and it does matter. Your new born is the reason which will drive you to lose weight and have healthy life.
With healthy life you can also have the edge to lose weight but this will take time. For a positive life, you don’t have to do something special. Just some small steps will do the trick for you.

  • If you are in habit to drink soda, then go for diet soda.
  • If you are a fan of ice cream, shift it to a non-fat frozen yogurt. And now take one scoop less from your normal habits.
  • Don’t eat pasta, pizza, white bread, etc.
  • Have homemade food with you, or if it is necessary than break at a deli or sandwich shop but don’t for fast food.

These minor changes will have a huge impact on your weight. Your calorie will now digest slowly and at the end of the day you will lose pounds. And the same goes for excising. After giving birth to a baby, no one will expect a marathon from you. If you have jogging shoes, it is nice. Go to a nearby park and do some running or exercising there.  And this will also result positively on the baby’s health. Fresh air will cheer up his mood. And walking of 20-30 min daily will also pull some weight off from your body and you will be feeling healthy over all. If you are not a walking type of person, then opt for yoga, swimming or anything that fits on the mood.

3rd Step, Build it up

With these minor changes in your life, you will observe the goodness in you which eventually will bring changes to your life. Don’t expect to have immediate changes just by blinking your eyes, things happen at their own pace. They just take time.
After going through the second phase, add some more changes to your life. Do some more excising then you were doing before. Do dumbbells daily and integrate the amount slowly. Have some leaner meat in your food. Don’t fall for 20-30% fat food; try to bring down the level. And it helps try a vegetable of turkey burger.

These minute changes will bring positive effect in your life. The first step is always the hardest and the last step is always the easiest. After achieving what you dreamed, enjoy these small changes in your life. Show some consistency in the plan, after having what you want, at least go for half an hour walk daily. Gradually the baby weight will fade away and you will be in love with your new self.


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