Guide to Phantom Baby Kicks

Guide to Phantom Baby Kicks
December 19 10:31 2016

Many women have been stopped dead in their tracks by feeling some baby kicks and or movements after they have given birth. Some feel the baby kick a few days after giving birth, some weeks after and other months later. When you feel these baby kicks after you have given birth you tend to think that you are going crazy or wonder if you are pregnant. If you are one of those women feeling the phantom baby kicks you should know two things: phantom baby kicks exists, it is a thing and no you are not crazy or pregnant!


What are phantom baby kicks?

Phantom baby kicks are feeling of fetal movement in the uterus after the pregnancy has been delivered. During pregnancy, women can feel their unborn baby moving in their womb, this is popularly known as baby kicks or fetal movement. In cases of phantom baby kicks, the woman who has given birth to their baby continues to fetal movement like in their uterus or stomach. Some describe this movement as similar to that of the actual feeling the felt during pregnancy.

The movements can be felt right afterbirth or some time after giving birth, it varies from one woman to another. Some women many feel it for a few days, some can go for weeks or months. The women who feel the movements months after pregnancy usually think that they are pregnant again and tend to get frustrated because of the negative pregnancy test results with continued feelings of baby kicks or movement in their abdominal region.


Phantom baby kicks are not phantom pregnancy

It is common to mistake and confuse phantom baby kicks for phantom pregnancy. Phantom pregnancy is a situation where by the body believes it is pregnant and under goes the changes and developments as if it was real pregnancy.

While phantom baby kicks are real, studies are still underway to correctly classify them medically. Some theories as to the cause of these phantom fetal movements are discussed below.


Causes of phantom baby kicks


Contractions of the Uterus

During pregnancy, the uterus grows with the baby and expands. After the baby has been delivered the uterus has to shrink back to its original or regular size, it achieves this objective by contracting from time to time. This takes about 6 to 8 weeks and during that time it is possible to feel the uterus contractions and mistake the contractions for the baby movements you were used to feeling during pregnancy.


Enhanced body sensors

When a woman gets pregnant, they begin to feel different things within their body that they did not feel before. In short, they become more sensitive to the happenings of their body and organs. Every little internal change is registered and felt. This is probably the body’s way of making sure you are in touch with the growing baby just in case something goes wrong and you have to do something.

Now once the pregnancy has been delivered, it is very common that the sensitivity to events within the body remains pronounced and as such you will be able to feel some movements in your stomach that naturally existed before the pregnancy but you were not aware of. This includes gas, digestion, movement of the intestines, and movement of the uterus muscle.


Phantom Limb Syndrome

The phantom limb syndrome involves the brain and nerve memory. It is a popular topic in medical psychology and the concept is the same as that a person who loses an arm or a leg to amputation. The limb does not exist on the body anymore but that person might feel pain on that arm as if it was still there. The sensation comes from nerve memory in the brain. It is a mere recollection of the feelings that leads to the person feeling like the limb is there hurting like before.

So when the same theory is applied to phantom baby kicks, the nerve memory will be just replaying the sensations that you felt when you were pregnant or misinterpreting intestine and uterine movements for fetal movement there by making you think that the fetal movement is still happening even though you have given birth and you are no longer pregnant.

If you are feeling the phantom baby kicks you should not worry, it is normal and there are a lot of other women experiencing them out there. Depending on how long it has been since you gave birth, the first thing you may need to do when you feel sensations of fetal movement is to have a pregnancy test so you can eliminate the possibility of being pregnant.

Once you have confirmed that what you are feeling are phantom kicks you can then train yourself to ignore them and eventually your system will return to normal and you will not feel them anymore.