Having Kids Young: 10 awesome things

Having Kids Young: 10 awesome things
August 30 10:43 2016

Having children can be a dangerous thought for most people but even in this day and age, with women being provided more opportunities in the work place and having an equal voice in matters, most women tend to focus on their career. There are still many women out there who love the idea of motherhood and cherish the idea of starting a family at an early age. Same goes for men, most of them are thinking about what to do with their lives in their early twenties but some relish the idea of starting a family at an early age. Most people would think you are throwing your life away by starting a family at the age of 21-23 but it comes with many perks of its own.

  • You’ll be more active

One of the major problems parents have is dealing with the stress and long sleepless nights that come when raising a child. At a young age, you are quite more physically and mentally active to take on this challenge. It isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination but your youth would help you get through difficult days. Also, because you will be raising a child at an early age, chances are that your parents will also be active and will be quite happy and able to help around with the baby.

  • Time

Time is very important. It is the only constant that does not stop for anyone. Having a child at an early age would increase the maximum time you spend with your children. You can be with them through so many of their phases, be a part of their lives for much longer and may even stick around long enough to be a great-grandparent.

  • You’ll have more time for yourself

Once you’ve gone through the phase of raising a child and once they’re going off to college and become independent, you will have plenty of time left over to do what you want to. Pursuing any lifelong goals or traveling the world, you can do what you’ve wanted to without much to worry about and when you’ve retired, you will be quite young as compared to other parents and you will be more energetic than most. Most people would imagine retirement as the age where you sit by your porch all day and enjoy the peace around you and you could do that if you want, but retiring at a younger age will give you a lot more options on what you want to do with your retired life.

  • Finances

Most people may think that raising a child at an early age would be difficult because of the enormous expenses that come with it. Although it is true that raising a child is expensive but it doesn’t have to be. You might find it difficult but the process can be carried out in a cost efficient way. It might seem difficult but it would cause a lot of trouble only initially. Once you get settled and get the hang of it, you will get used to it.

  • No fertility issues

Once you decide to conceive at a latter age, you might face certain difficulties with your body and you could be unfortunate enough to not be able to conceive at all. At a young age, your body is fresh and durable. Conceiving at that age is substantially easier and you can regain that glow quicker than you would if you conceive at an older age. It might not always be the case of course, but conceiving a child at a very young age is easier for the body to recover from.

  • Your priorities are set straight

When you enter adulthood, most people are still very confused about their goals and rightfully so, keeping your future in check is very important and a task that requires a lot of effort and time. Most people take the process too easily and don’t take it as serious as they should. When you decide to have a child at that age you will know that you have brought a life in this world who you are responsible of. That is an automatic motivation that drives you to get make the most of your needs. Making this decision at that age will set your priorities straight and will keep you on the right track and responsible.

  • You get to play again

Having kids at quite a young age helps you be a good father because that way there isn’t a huge age gap between you and your child. After you conceive you will get to revisit your childhood and get to buy toys for children much like your parents used to buy for you. It can be a wonderful feeling and all young mothers give it enough attention.

  • The house has a different atmosphere

After your child is born, the house will have a more playful atmosphere because of a baby’s presence. You might have guests more often or family members over and the house has a totally new atmosphere. You will find people with love to offer and joy to give out.

  • Babies are adorable

Who doesn’t want kids? Well there is always the extra effort and responsibility you have to shoulder but there is no denying that babies are adorable. Most people do love babies and they are just a treat to hold and love.

  • Less peer pressure

Peer pressure is immensely reduced once you have a baby. You are mature enough to make sensible parenting decisions without being overwhelmed by your friends

To conclude, babies are adorable and if you decide you are going to have one in your early 20’s, it might be a bad decision. There are many benefits of having a baby in an early age. If you decide to conceive at an early age, you don’t have to be afraid, rather you should look ahead and make the most of this.