Healthy sleep habit: how many hours does your child need?

Healthy sleep habit: how many hours does your child need?
August 24 13:17 2016

Kids are the most precious gift of GOD for the parent. The parent wants to see their kids happy and healthy. The kids remain healthy if they get a proper sleep. Sleeping helps the kids to grow in a very comfort state. The kids enjoy their sleeping time and grow properly. The kids who do not have a proper sleep will cry most of the time and show aggression in their mood. The healthy sleep keeps the kids happy and ultimately parent become also happy. Sleeping is very important for the kids to grow and vary with the age. Different kids have different timings for the sleeping.

Infants take the sleep for 12 to 16 hours per day and this sleep also including naps. Toddlers have 11 to 13 hours for the sleeping the sleeping time is inversely proportional to the age of the kids. As the kids are growing and their age is increasing day by day the sleeping hours of the kids are decreasing gradually. Different age groups have different hours and routines of the sleeping. The sleeping hours depends on the activities of the kids. If the kids are active and they are doing lots of activities during the day time they will take more sleep.

Preschool kids take the sleep for 10 to 12 hours. And the school going kids have different sleeping hours and these kids need 9 to 11 hours of sleeping. This is the average time for the kid’s sleeping so the kids wake up in a fresh mood after taking this sleep. The children who get up early in the morning always enjoys good health.


The parent is the role model for their kids the kids always follow their parent in each and everything. So the parent can set a good example of taking sleep at the proper time. The parent can make a time table and they should teach their kids to take the sleep according to their time table in the proper way. And make your child a healthy person.


The early riser is always a successful person in the society. By following the timetable, the kids can take proper sleep and will get up early in the morning with a fresh mood. Some small kids or infants can’t follow the timetable to sleep. The sleep early in the night and then they wake up at the midnight this would disturb his parent during sleep. So the mother also has to wake for her kid in the midnight to take care of her kid. In this way, the children cannot get proper attention of their mother in the day timings. In these cases, the mother can make her child get to sleep in the proper timing.

The parent should know the importance of the sleep in the kid’s life. The proper sleeping let the kids grow in a healthy way. The infants who sleep most of the time are so healthy.


The parent should engage their kids during the day time so that the children can get proper sleep at night. Because when a child will remain busy in the day time enjoys more and will go to sleep early at night time. Due to getting the sleep whole night, the child will wake up early in the morning with good help.


The children enjoy the sleep in the peaceful environment. For the peaceful sleep of your child, there should be a calm atmosphere at the home and also no noise so that the children enjoy their sleeping in a good way. The parent should know the importance of sleep in the children’s life the children who get proper sleep never become lazy and enjoys a good health. The bedroom should be so calm and supportive for the proper sleep. There should not be any anxiety in the children’s bedroom. The bedroom should be neat, clean and decorated with the children’s taste.


The children’s bed should be neat and clean. Never let your child sleep on his or her bad with the milk bottle and toys because the bottle and toys will go to disturb the sleep of your child at the night time during their sleep. This disturbance will make your child cry and aggressive. The children hate to be disturbed during their sleep. The uneasiness during the sleep makes the children unhealthy and weak.


The parent should also not be very organized that if your child wants to sleep in the hours other than sleeping time never restrict them of sleeping. Allow your children to get the sleep that can reduce the anxiety in your children. because the children get tired by their activities or due to overburden sometimes. The children have to go to school then have to do lots of homework. Take great care of your child and help him to sleep to relax.

The children of different age group have the different timings of the sleeping. The children enjoy the sleep well at the night time if they have a healthy sports time during the day. The sports keep the body active during playing and so much amount of energy gets consumed. This loss of energy can be obtained by taking proper rest and sleep. The children who play or have outdoor activities at the day time they enjoy the sleep very well and these children have positive and healthy response towards everything or activity. The children who enjoy their sleep always remain healthy and fresh while the children who don’t get a proper sleep are unhealthy and weak. These kids have to be cared by their parent in a good and in an effective manner which can help their child to achieve goals in his or her life. The sleeping plays a very mportant role in the children’s health. The parent can help their children to follow a suitable timetable for the sleeping.


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