Homemade pregnancy tests

Homemade pregnancy tests
October 11 13:57 2016

The life of a woman is filled with so many defining moments – her first love, first kiss, first commitment, marriage vows and besides all the most beautiful her first pregnancy. Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. Women have been getting pregnant and giving birth since from ages. When a woman believes that she is conceived the first thing she has to do is confirming her pregnancy. There are so many ways that can help a woman to confirm her condition – like visiting a doctor, buying a DIY pregnancy test kit or homemade pregnancy confirming test.

Most females prefer to choose the first option – but to be frank, it may cost you more especially when you came to know that the results are negative. Moreover, women living in the suburb or rural areas may confront difficulties while accessing the drug stores or clinics. Due to this homemade pregnancy tests are the most reliable and inexpensive way to confirm your condition.

Why to use the homemade pregnancy test?

The options of buying a DIY pregnancy test kit or consulting a doctor were not available to our ancestors. In order to confirm the pregnancy these women used to rely on using the natural ingredients which are now known as homemade pregnancy tests. It is one of the best and inexpensive way that can help you to confirm your condition right from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of a homemade pregnancy test

If you believe that you are conceived, it is likely to be your one of the amazing moments. You’ll be happy, nervous and excited to confirm this good news as soon as possible. Consulting a doctor may seem the best option to you, but at a same time it is costly too. Fortunately, there are some natural techniques that are used by millions of women across the world. These natural tests are convenient and more reliable than others. Some of the benefits of homemade pregnancy tests are as follows:

Potentially cheaper: The first and foremost benefit of homemade pregnancy test is that it is relatively cheap. These tests are usually based on the ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen. It is a natural way to test your status without purchasing anything new from the market. It will also help to save your few good dollars.

No embarrassment: As a woman, if you believe that you are pregnant, there will be a lot of things running in your mind. Going to a pharmacy and asking for over-the counter pregnancy test may feel embarrassment. The Homemade pregnancy tests are best to keep you safe from all the inconvenience  and embarrassment.

Maintain your privacy: homemade pregnancy test will give you the ability to check your status while maintaining your privacy and secret from others.


When to test yourself

Well, this is the most important question. Most women are pretty unsure when to conduct a pregnancy test. Since everyone is different so their symptoms of pregnancy may also differ. Many gynecologists suggest that you need to wait until you start experiencing some notable signs of pregnancy or also when you miss your menstrual cycle. This is so because all the test that doctors and pharmacy conduct will look for the presence of Hcg hormone. This hormone is only produced when a woman is pregnant.

But, in homemade test you don’t need to wait for so long. If you believe that you are conceived you can easily take the natural remedies to confirm your status and celebrate your blissful upcoming journey with your family.

Reliability: Many people believe that homemade tests are not authentic or their results may not reliable as compared to the OTC tests. The reliability and effectiveness of these tests depend on various factors. These tests are in practice since from the stone age, it was a time when health care industry even not existed. Women use to confirm their condition by utilizing natural ingredients and deliver babies without any medical supervision. So we can rely on the homemade methods to detect the pregnancy.


How To Make Your Own Homemade Pregnancy Test

You should know that there are a number of ways through which you can make your own homemade pregnancy test. Some methods are easy, some are difficult, but they are simple and interesting. All of the tests are capable of detecting a pregnancy hormone inside of the urine. As we mentioned above, this human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is only produced when a woman is conceived. So, if it is present in your urine that means your status is positive.

Below we have listed some of the best and easy methods to create your own homemade pregnancy test.


Pregnancy test with glucose or sugar

Sugar is one of the most inexpensive and commonly used household ingredients that can be used to detect pregnancy. This method was usually used in past days, when no pregnancy kits were made. In order to take the test, put 3 to 4 table spoon full of sugar into a small bowl. Then pee directly into the bowl or else add it separately. Now look carefully, If the sugar easily dissolves into the urine, it indicates that your status is apparently negative or you are not pregnant. But, if you observe that the sugar form some clumps in the mixture than it is the sign of pregnancy and chances are you are likely carrying a baby. The reliability of the result can be perceived in this way, if you are pregnant, then the human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in your urine did not allow glucose or sugar to dissolve. So in this way you can stay assured about your test results.

Some recommendations to consider:

  • To ensure that your urine is concentrated and potent, it is recommend you to take this test in the morning as soon as you wake up.
  • Moreover, do not preserve the urine for the longer period of time in any container. It may also decrease the chances of accuracy in your result.
  • If your test result came out positive, it is better to re-confirm it by a doctor. If the doctor tells you the same, then you should go for a better prenatal care to ensure the health of your unborn child.

Tooth paste pregnancy test

The most common product that you regularly found in your bathroom is definitely a toothpaste. This nifty item can prove to be your best companion in detecting the pregnancy. Many past women believe toothpaste as an effective mean of confirming their status, when there were no test kits invented. You can perform this test by using any brand of toothpaste whether it is white, red or blue.


Take a tiny amount of toothpaste in a plastic container and then add some urine. You will either notice two things, first it may start to froth and foam or else it may turn blue in color. Both the reactions indicates the positive results which confirms that you’re probably pregnant. The reliability of this homemade test can be perceived in this way, the human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone will form a reaction when it is combined with the compounds present in the toothpaste. So in this way you can confirm your pregnancy status. 

Some recommendations to consider:

  • Since there is no indication of how much urine and toothpaste to use and how long to wait for a result, so this test may seem a bit confusing or overwhelming.
  • Moreover, if the toothpaste turns blue or appear to froth it still doesn’t assure the pregnancy. So, it’s better to re-confirm it from a pharmacy.

Homemade pregnancy test with vinegar

Another effective ingredient that can help you to confirm your pregnancy status is vinegar. It is the most inexpensive and common household item that we use frequently in our recipes. This homemade pregnancy test works perfectly and has been used since ancient times. All you need is a clean bowl and a vinegar which has not crossed the expiry date.


To make the test take some small amount of vinegar and pour it into the plastic bowl. Now add the first, undiluted urine that you relieved in the morning. There might be some bubbling, but do not bother about it. If you observe that the color of the mixture changes from its original, it means that the test you have conducted is positive and you are likely carrying a baby. But if you notice that the color remain unaltered or same it means that your test results are negative and probably you are not pregnant. The vinegar test is supposed to be reliable and accurate in most of the cases, but in rare times it may turn out to be inaccurate. So if you believe that your results are positive it is better to visit a pharmacy or doctor to re-confirm it.

Some recommendations to consider:

Again the proportion of urine and vinegar is not defined appropriately so it may again create confusions among the females to conclude the results. In most cases the color change aspect is almost negligible. The difference is very less so you should be a keen observer to confirm that the color has actually changed or else the test result is negative.


How to make a Tylenol Homemade pregnancy test

Most of the people keeps Tylenol in their homes in order to use it in emergencies. If you don’t have Tylenol, then don’t worry, you can easily purchase it from any pharmacy. It is inexpensive and will not cost you more. To make the pregnancy test you need to ensure that you follow the procedure and use the right amount of ingredients.

What you need:  

  • A plastic cup or small bowl
  • Hydrogen peroxide 2 table spoons
  • And white Tylenol pills.

First of all take 2 white Tylenol pills and crush them in a powder form. Now add equal quantity of hydrogen per-oxide in the cup. Once all the substances are thoroughly mixed, keep them aside, take a fresh bowl and pee in it. Add your urine sample into the concoction. If you observe that the mixture is turning blue, then chances are you are pregnant. But if you find that the color of mixture is remains same or unchanged, then it means, your test results are probably negative and you are not pregnant.

Some recommendations to consider:

It is suggested to use the white Tylenol pills for best results. Don’t use red or other colors of pills because they will show different results and may cause confusion to evaluate the result.

Also make sure that the urine you will be mixing in this mixture should be the first one as you are out of bed. Moreover, if you observe that your test result is positive, we recommend you to re-confirm it with the doctor.

Homemade pregnancy test with bleach?

You may be wondering that bleach is a cleaning agent, what it has to do with your pregnancy? Luckily, bleach is one of the key ingredients that can help you to detect your pregnancy status. If you believe that you’re conceived, but you don’t have access to the pharmacy or clinic, homemade test with bleach will surely benefit you.  All you need is a powder or liquid bleach and you are set to make the test.

First, take a small amount of bleach in a plastic bowl and set this aside. Now collect your morning urine sample in a container and add a few drops of it in a bowl in which you have already added the bleach.  Watch the mixture for a chemical reaction. If it makes bubbles, foams or fizzes then it means you are conceived. But if there is no reaction at all, it means your result is negative and you are probably not pregnant.

Some recommendations to consider:

Some pregnancy tests are easy and safe, but some are complicated and bleach pregnancy test is one of them. While making the test, it is suggested to cover your face with a mask or handkerchief because inhaling fumes from the urine and bleach mixture could be dangerous and may cause severe issues. Also, bleach is potentially a harmful substance before accessing it, make sure to wear gloves.

Another potential disadvantage of this test is, the proper amount of bleach and the urine sample is unknown. There is again no assumption that how long you need to wait for observing the results. The mysterious guidelines and unclear instructions may cause confusions and give you wrong result signs. If you believe that you are pregnant, re-confirm it by using the other homemade pregnancy tests mentioned above.


How to make a natural pregnancy test using baking soda?

If you believe that you are conceived, but you don’t have the enough budget for a pregnancy test you should make your own homemade test with baking soda. It is again one of the most common, handy and cheapest ingredient available in your kitchen. Pregnancy test using baking soda is considered as 70% accurate and reliable than other methods. Most anciesodant women rely purely on this method when they need to confirm their status. It is easy, simple, safe and also quick so you don’t have to wait for long. Besides detecting the pregnancy, baking soda is also suppose to be effective in determining the gender of a child. But, it is better to just use it to detect a pregnancy. To make the test you need 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a dry, clean bowl. Add the specified amount of baking soda in a bowl and then add some drops of undiluted urine sample. It will likely cause 2 reactions:


  • If you do not notice any change in the mixture it means that the test you have done reflected a negative result. You are not pregnant.
  • But, if you observe any fizzles or bubbles like you see in the soda drinks, this type of reaction ensures that might be you are pregnant.

The reliability of this test can be concluded in this way, the Hcg hormone in the female pregnant urine cause reaction when it is combined with the baking soda. So the fizzles or popping reaction is most likely a sign of pregnancy.


Homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion leaves

Another method that has been in practice to determine the pregnancy from ancient times is the use of dandelion. It is easy to find and still quite common, you can spot many dandelion growing in the backyards or gardens nearby your surrounding area. The amazing fact about dandelion is that the test result obtains by using dandelion can be considered more reliable and accurate than using the other homemade methods. All you need to do is just grab some fresh dandelion leaves that have less contact with the sunlight or growing in the shades. Put these leaves in a container or plastic box and add some morning urine to soak the leaves thoroughly. Now keep patience and wait for 10 to 15 minutes approximately to check the status of leaves. If you observe red blisters on the leaves it means that you are expecting a baby. But, if there is no sign of blisters it means that your test results are negative.

Some recommendations to consider: If you are selecting this method you need to make this test with patience. In some cases, this test may take more time to show the results. If you did not notice the results in 15 minutes, we suggest you to wait some more time. If the things remain same, try a new test.


Advantages of homemade pregnancy tests

The benefits of homemade pregnancy tests are hard to ignore. Besides being inexpensive or cheap these test materials are readily available in our home. You don’t need to spend your additional money to buy the products. The methods are safe, reliable and effective. Just you need to be a good observer to evaluate the results. The directions are simple, nothing is over complicated in just a couple of minutes you are set to confirm your pregnancy.


Drawbacks of DIY pregnancy tests

  • The lack of scientific data, appropriate quantity of ingredients and accuracy of results are the few common concerns in all of the above mentioned homemade pregnancy tests.
  • Some females may also find it difficult to interpret the test result like blistering, clumping, foaming, frothing or discoloration.
  • The results may also vary from one woman to another.
  • They are cheap and inexpensive, but they are not accurate and sophisticated as OTC tests.
  • Homemade pregnancy tests did not provide you other essential information like your pregnancy period or week you need to again rely on the scientific tests to conclude the better results.


When it comes to confirming your pregnancy status, homemade tests are best alternative you can rely on without crossing your door step. These tests are purely based on the homemade ingredients. To make the test you don’t require any additional ingredient or any special tool. Just a few household items and you are able to embrace the news of a motherhood within the comfort of home. Just review the guidelines, read the instructions carefully, check for the observation and so your results could be close to accurate.

Always remember that these tests are just for your convenience if you want a quick and discrete way to find out if you’re going to have a baby. But, you still need to visit a doctor for a proper confirmation.



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