How bad is labor pain?

How bad is labor pain?
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Your world has changed.

You are not the same “you” anymore. These 9 months had more impact on you than all the last 9 years combined.

Something that was born out of nothing but passion and love is suddenly everything to you.

You are not living just for yourself anymore. For the first time in life, you are responsible for someone else. A little creature who will be completely dependent on you the moment she is born.

Just thinking about your tiny cub makes your eyes wet for no reason. You want to do everything for your baby. All the problems seem to crumble just at the thought of your own kid.

At the same time, you are worried.

Self-doubt starts eating your mind. Will you be a great parent? Will you be able to fulfill the little devil’s demands? And what not.

But this isn’t even the end of your troubles.

A pregnant woman gets to hear all sorts of crazy and scary birth stories.

She hears saying, somebody, it feels like cracking all the bone while others say like it feels like a battle is going on the inside with your organs. In fact, some women even said it felt nothing more than an intense menstrual cramp.

And amidst these rumors, you are confused & frightened.

The question “what does labor pain really feels like? How bad is labor pain???” haunts your mind all day.

On one side, you are excited to become a mom, to see your baby that has been causing all the mischiefs in your tummy for nine months but on the other side, you’re nervous and maybe a little scared.

So, to remove the ambiguity, let’s sail through the stories of different moms from all over the world.


Laber: What Not to Expect

Before you get to know what happens during labor, you must know what NEVER happens.

Have you seen the scenarios they show in the movies? A pregnant walking down the road & suddenly she sees her water breaking.

Just then the pain starts and in the blink of an eye, it becomes unbearable. The next thing you know is she is holding her baby with a teary smile.

Well, real life doesn’t resemble with the films and it’s no surprise.


Labor: What to Expect

The process is gradual rather than sudden.

The doctors will give sedatives and painkillers at the beginning to calm you down.

After that, a hormone called Pitocin (a synthesized form of oxytocin) is given through IV. It helps in contraction of uterus to push the baby.

The pain gradually increases.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lightest and 10 being the most intense pain, you gradually move towards the pain.

Average labor lasts about 10 hours. Does this mean the mother is in the pain of scale 10 the whole time?

No. The labor pain (especially back labor pain) is gradual & the high intensity does not last long.

Think of the aching in form of waves. The contraction of uterus to push the baby causes the discomfort.



The truth is the answer isn’t one size fit for all.

In fact, some stories suggest surprising contradictions.

For some scary anecdotes, some said it felt like

  • A cramp but million times more intense
  • Someone waging a war with their internal organs
  • All the bones of the hips crackling

However, a surprising number of women told

  • Not as bad as they expected
  • Nothing more than an intense menstrual cramp

So, to know what it feels, you have to go through the delivery. You have a different mindset, body & capacity to endure pain.


Preparing for Delivery

There are quite a few things you can do to help you cope with the stress related to labor.

Talk to an experienced lady who has been there & done that. And you don’t even need to go searching for the one because you already know here. That’s right. Talk to your mother & let her know how you feel. Ask for any golden nuggets of wisdom she has to offer.

Talk to your husband. These days they allow the partner in the delivery room. But that doesn’t he has to be there. If his presence makes you feel safe & good, let him know you want him there. After, you are in this journey together J

Talk to your doctors. During delivery, you will have a nurse to comfort you. She will guide you through the whole endeavor. Some prefer anesthetics to numb their pain while others are ready to endure it. It depends on completely on you.

One last tip. When everybody is advising you to stay positive, we prefer you to think negative.

Wait before you lose track of this, just endure with me for a while.

Women who expected the delivery to be horrifying & painful actually didn’t felt just the opposite. In fact, these were the women of this subset reported they didn’t felt their internal organs ripping off!


Because they prepared their body and mind for something worse. And when the labor actually was begun, their body responded in their favor. They felt delivery wasn’t all it hyped to be.

So, forget about positivity and it won’t hurt that much stuff.

Let the negativity flow through the mind.

As the old saying goes, “Opposite emotions are complementary to each other.”


Closing Thoughts

There is something magical about these 9 months.

You are sick, ill, puking stressed out but you wouldn’t want to trade it for the world.

You are ready to endure all the hardships nature has to offer for someone you haven’t even met.

The one copy thing in every pregnant lady’s story was that as soon as they got hold of their baby, all the pain & problems seemed to melt away.

That one pound of beauty made their heart race like never before.

In fact, if they have to go through the storm all over again, they would it without a second thought.


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