How does implantation blood look like?

How does implantation blood look like?
November 10 12:07 2016

Humans are considered as the best creature in all aspects. Because we all have the ability to think, respond and much more. Human body consists on many parts, which perform many functions. All human bodies are same in the sense of their function. In this context I would like you help you with the confusion which most females face. A married woman always wishes to be expected. Even it’s the dream of every married woman. They all want to make their like perfect in all aspects.


Pregnancy is the thing that needs to be confirmed for expecting a baby. For pregnancy every married women patiently wait for the” Implantation bleeding”. As the name suggests a type of bleeding that confirms the implantation of the egg in the uterus wall. Many doctors declare it as a good sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy first sign is the implantation blood that’s flow and consistency varies from person to person. Every third female in the world experience the implantation blood. During your implantation bleeding a married woman may feel anxiety as she is not sure about her pregnancy. Through this article you will forget all your anxiety and confusion regarding your pregnancy. Because this will give you brief description of the characteristic of implantation bleeding.

Now the question have an answer that how a female know that’s the implantation bleeding not the menstrual cycle. Now no need to worry I am here to help you out with my personal knowledge and through the others specialist researches. Here are few important identical characteristics of the implantation blood which surely helps in the identification of implantation blood. These characteristics remain same for every female.


Characteristics of the Implantation Blood

These are the unique features of implantation bleeding; every female should need to know about these features. It will help you in solving your confusion regarding pregnancy.

  • Color of the implantation blood

First identification mark of the implantation blood is its color. Now you can distinguish between menstrual blood and implantation blood very easily. Its color is usually pinkish or brownish red. You can say that it is slight darker than the menstrual blood. Many gynecologists said it is may be light pink in color or may be brown but not blood red. Its discharge is very low only able to wet just your panties nothing else. Some females complain about the brownish vaginal tract, it’s nothing else but the implantation blood.  Bright red color is usually seen in the menstrual cycle which continue from 4-7 days.

Color is considered as the best characteristic of implantation blood. It is not same as the menstrual blood of a female. Its color is same as the fresh blood. Because implantation blood is the discharge of the fresh blood from the blood vessels.

  • Occurrence time of implantation blood

No, one is able to predict the exact time of implantation blood. But the duration of implantation blood lies between 6-12 days after the intercourse. Its gives you the signal that something is happened or going to be happens inside your body. Don’t get worried to see the implantation blood because it is very slight due to breakdown of blood vessels in the vaginal tract. If anyone from you observes more implantation bleeding please immediately consult to your gynecologist.

Occurrence timing of implantation blood consider as the first sign of your pregnancy. When usually appear in a married woman between 6-12 days after the contact. It is not obvious that every female face it, because it depends on female body mechanisms and physiology.

  • Appearance of the implantation blood

Two identification marks have been explained now move towards the third it will tells you how the implantation blood look like??  It is said that menstrual blood is thicker in consistency but the implantation blood is one which is quite thinner. When researchers compared its density to the vaginal consistency and with menstrual blood consistency and declared that implantation blood consistency is same as the vaginal discharge. You can say implantation blood is basically the vaginal discharge with light pink or brown stain. That just tries to wet your panties or place a spot over them.

Implantation blood is of red color but it consumes time to come out from the uterus. Because of the time consumption blood turns into brown color. Brown color is basically old blood.

  • Consistency of the implantation blood

Every female has different body mechanism, so, the quantity of the implantation blood also varies from female to female. Some married women experience the implantation blood just for a few hours, while others may receive it till two days. You can say it remain for a shorter duration than does menstrual blood. The implantation blood will be lighter than the menstrual blood.

During the menstrual cycle bleeding remain continue from 4- 7 days. As the prepared uterus is degenerate in menstrual bleeding. But the implantation bleeding continues from few hours to the days. It basically depends on how much destruction of blood vessels occur in the uterus during implantation of the egg.

  • Clotting in the implantation blood

Menstrual blood which is reddish and also contain blood clots in it. But implantation blood is different from it. Implantation blood carries no blood clots, as it is lighter in density. It is not too thick like the menstrual blood but thinner one. Implantation blood is just to give you a signal about your pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding is due to blood vessels damage in the uterus wall. There is no type of clot formation occur as in the menstrual process. That’s why implantation bleeding carries no clots in it. It is just a simple discharge with a lighter color.


  • Cramping during implantation bleeding

One and the most important thing that happen during implantation bleeding is cramping. Implantation cramps are not very intense like the menstrual bleeding. If you are experiencing light cramps with thinner consistency discharge with pink or brown color, that is the signal of your early pregnancy.

These cramps basically occur when fertilized egg attach to the inner wall of the uterus causes the contraction of uterine muscles. As the contraction occurs it may cause pinching of the nerve endings in this area. The message goes towards brain and a pain occurs. This pain is somehow similar to the menstrual cramp, but lighter in intensity.

After all the discussion, you will surely be able to differentiate between the implantation blood and the menstrual blood. Implantation blood is of light pink or dark brown color, have the thinner consistency, May be continue for few hours to the two days, having no blood clots and light cramping also occur during implantation discharge from the body.  If you are from the one who don’t experience the implantation blood than no need of worry because your body physiology is unique one. Many of the females have menstrual bleeding during the start of their pregnancy. If you are pregnant and experience implantation blood, moves towards your gynecologist for your diet plan and other instructions. Start taking care of yourself as you are not alone now but having a new individual inside your body. You are the guardian of the upcoming individual.





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