How to get a toddler to take medicine: 9 ways

How to get a toddler to take medicine: 9 ways
May 01 12:57 2017

Let’s face it, taking medicine is not easy even for adults. Imagine how toddlers must feel when they to take medication? None the less, here are creative ways to get your child to take it effortlessly:


  1. Make the medicine tasty

This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to getting kids to take their medicine. Most of us have had a sweet tooth at one point or another in our lives. Kids in particular love candy and anything sweet.

As such, you could try to crash and mix the medicine along with something which is sweet; say ice-cream, and give it to your child. This works well with medicine in liquid form such as syrups. You could blend it along with their favorite juice.


  1. Swallow aid

This revolutionary product is aiding both adults as well as children in taking their medicine. It’s actually pretty simple really. This specially formulated gel allows you to insert the pill into the gel which you swallow.

The gel comes in a variety of flavors which eases the entire process, thereby guarantying that your child will take their pills. To further expedite the process, the gel contains ingredients which stimulate saliva production, thereby making it even easier to swallow the pill.


  1. Seek assistance from your doctor

This procedure is self-explanatory. To accomplish this task, you need to seek counsel from your family doctor. He/she will be able to for instance recommend tasty alternatives or at best, prescribe a stronger kind of drug which you only have to give to your child say once a day, rather than three times a day.


  1. Reward them

All kids love getting a reward for their efforts, in fact, the older the kid is the better he will be able to react to this method of delivery. A sticker/ points system works wonders. Each time they take their daily dose, you give them a sticker and once they collect enough stickers, they get to cash in for a “secret gift”. Keep the gifts interesting and close to their liking.


  1. Make it look fun

This method involves lots of patience and participation from both parents as well as members of the family. Children are curious beings and it is this curiosity that we are looking to take advantage of.

By passing a spoon containing the medicine around the family members and then, in turn, pretend to be taking the medicine, your child should develop enough curiosity to actually want to try and see what everyone is doing.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Wouldn’t you say it’s much easier to teach a child to ride a bicycle as compared to say; a 40 or 50-year-old? Same applies to swallowing tablets and less tasty medicine. It is always best to teach your children how to swallow capsules and tablets from a tender age.


  1. Speak to your child

By informing your child on the benefits of taking their medicine, your child will get to understand the benefits of doing so. I am not a fun of telling lies, but, for the sake of your bundle of joy, you may have to even cook up with your own version of “Popeye and his can of spinach”


  1. Feeding them something cold

By dulling the taste buds of your child’s tongue, you can easily make the unpleasant task of swallowing their medication. This can be achieved by giving them an ice-cube (add flavoring such as orange) to suck on right before the sour, terrible tasting medicine.


  1. Physical handling

This option should only be used as a last resort. As a parent, you should be patient with your child at all times. But, for their own sake, you may have to be rough on the long run. Just make sure you are not too rough.


If everything else fails, you will need the assistance of someone else to aid you in holding the child. Ensure that the proper dosage is filled up in a syringe- with the needle removed of course. Hold the child’s chin up with their mouths open. Squirt the medicine into the child’s back tongue and shut their mouths to prevent them from spitting it out.


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