How to Prepare a Young Toddler for a New Baby

How to Prepare a Young Toddler for a New Baby
August 19 08:21 2016

When you already have a young child and are expecting another one, you probably know that more sleepless nights are on the way. By this point you would have some experience on how to raise a child through the young ages but another child would require more effort. Just remember that it’s nothing to worry about and that if have done well in raising one child, you can raise another. However, you will have to face a rather delicate issue when expecting a child when you already have a toddler. It might be difficult for your child to understand at the point why you are sick most of the time and why you are gaining weight. We will answer some of those questions for you.

When to tell the child about the baby

When you’re expecting, try not to break the news to your toddler too early. When you start to increase in size and your child starts asking questions, then might be a good time to mention that they will be having a younger brother or sister. Try not to go too much in detail, just mention it casually a few times. Let you child get more interactive, let them feel your belly and tell them to say hi to their sibling. If you can, try to take your child to some appointments so they can get a better idea as to what is happening. If your child does not seem too interested, don’t worry too much. You child is still too young to understand or fully grasp the whole concept. Let them catch up on their own pace.

Don’t make your child feel left out

When you are expecting, it is natural to focus more on your appointments and everything. Try to make sure your child is involved and isn’t too left out. When shopping for new clothes or toys, your child might feel they are for them so let them play with them. They might get possessive about them but the important thing is that you start to pass the information along to them that they will be having a new family member.

Don’t be the only one to tell them

You can always try to invite close friends or relatives and have them try to talk to your child. If your child sees you as a rather strict parent or if your child is close to another family member or friend you can always ask them to try to talk to your child. After interacting with different people and having the thing explained to them by someone other than their parents, the child can start to grasp the concept in a better and more effective way. Though, this method may not always be effective, it is worth a try.

Use dolls

If you already have a child, more likely a girl, you must already have bought them their fair share of dolls. Try to let your child take care of a doll and make them realize the importance of being gentle around a smaller being. Show them how to pick the baby and what not to do with it. A child learns best from analysis and their parents are their first teacher. Seeing the mother or father take care of a doll gently with reproduce the same behavior amongst the child and develop a sense of affection and care.

After birth, try to give the newborn and your toddler equal attention

Once a new child is born, it can be very difficult to juggle the responsibilities between your two children. You may also feel that maybe you don’t give your toddler as much time and attention as your newborn and that is completely natural. A newborn baby requires more attention than an older baby. Try to spend some time with your toddler separately when the other parent is taking care of the newborn. Make sure to explain how the newborn needs more attention because it is incapable of talking or moving around by itself. It is common for your toddler to get envious which is why you must make most of the time you spend with them and make them feel loved.

What to do around the time of birth

When the contractions start to increase and it is almost time for you to go into labor, you will start to be visiting the hospital more often than not. It is important to have a baby sitter or relative/friend to have within contact at all times. Most times when you cannot take your toddler with you to the hospital, it is important to keep around someone they trust and are comfortable with weather it is a baby sitter or someone else. Make sure you keep in contact with the person who will be looking after your toddler at all times so you can ask them how they are.

To conclude, having a toddler while you are expecting another baby can be difficult to deal with. Apart from the increased work ethic, you have to deal with how your toddler will adjust with the new baby. It can be a difficult time for them as they would start to feel left out but it your partners and your job to make sure they don’t. Try to involve your toddler in the process by taking them with you to the hospital on appointments and to shop for the new baby’s things. A difficult task is undeniably on your hands, one which requires a lot of effort, but it is one that you must take seriously. Don’t let your toddler feel too alone or isolated during the process and make them feel as important as they used to be.


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