How To Shorter Your Labor

How To Shorter Your Labor
September 01 07:58 2016

One prominent thing in the mind of pregnant women is the labor process. Many wonder how they will be able to handle it and how it would be like. One thing many agree on though is that it’s best if it is as short as it can safely be.

So what if we told you there is more to having a short labor than luck. There are things you can do that will effectively shorten your labor time. If you are interested in such a thing, then you definitely must read this article.

You may also want to gain the knowledge so you can pass it on to a friend or family member who is pregnant, or you just store up the information for future use yourself.

How short is short? For our purposes, we can say a short labor should be around 90 minutes? Sounds incredible right? Read on and find out how!

We should probably mention here that short labors are not as simple as you might think. They can come with such intensity and your body may not get enough time to flow endorphins perfectly. The intensity can be so much that some women could actually go into shock. Obviously, we can then say labor is good when short but not too short.


There are a number of things you can do to shorten your labor and avoid the prolonged type.

We have listed below 12 of such things which you can start doing from today.

1: Eat A Healthy Amount Of Dates

Recent studies have shown that eating dates can actually help pregnant women shorten the duration of their labor. The study compared the labor time of a few women who eat dates every day before labor with women who do not. It was found that due to higher cervical dilation, women who ate dates were able to achieve about 8.5 hours average on stage 1 of labor compared to 15.1 in the others.

In addition, 96% of those women who eat dates has a spontaneous labor instead of 79% which was the case for the others.


2:  Preparation for Birth

Giving birth should come with a bit of preparation so you are familiar with the workings of your body. Do not underestimate the importance of this self-knowledge in reducing your labor time and making the whole experience easier

In addition, this knowledge also helps to reduce tension and fear in pregnant women. This is particularly important since fear and tension would cause the release of adrenalin and slow down the labor process.

#3: Body Work

We cannot overemphasize the important of exercise during labor as long as it is not overdone. This is because labor is not a walk in the park. It is physically tasking and might leave a pregnant woman feeling like she has just ran a marathon. It has been observed that women who are fit and healthy usually have a more straight forward labor. Thus, it is advisable that you try to get yourself fit as can be as the estimated delivery date approaches.

How do I keep myself fit for labor? Well, you could for a short walk every once in a while and avoid sitting idle for too long. If you work short walks into your daily routine, you will be effectively working towards a shorter labor time. An option is the prenatal labor classes which you can take.

Yoga also helps you relieve tension and you can apply techniques learnt to focus during labor. Have you heard of Prenatal Tigress Yoga? This one is specially designed for pregnant women and we recommend that you make efforts to learn about it and consider doing is for a shortened labor time.


#4: Massage

You should also consider getting a regular massage with a well-trained pregnancy massage therapist. This kind of therapy teaches your body to relax after the initial labor contractions. It also promote the release of a hormone called oxytocin which helps attain effective uterine contractions.

#5: Get Baby Ready

The position of your baby is very important if you want a fast labor with minimal pains. The ideal position for a baby in the womb is head down with the back facing your front and chins tucked in. You can encourage your baby to get into this position by not lying on your back or slouching backwards on the couch. Instead, you can kneel on the floor regularly or sitting backwards on your chair. Also, you can kneel over a birthing ball.

#6: Prepare Your Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor muscles are very important to whole process as they take the weight of the growing child in the womb. They will also have to stretch to give way for child birth. Thus it is important that the pelvic Floor is prepared through strengthening for its important role. You can strengthen it through the performance of specific exercises.  This will help you be able to push effectively during labor.

Please note that pelvic exercise are important even if you do not plan to have a vagina birth as the pelvic floor still has to withstand the weight and pressure from the baby during pregnancy.

#7: Hire A Doula

The support of a doula can really help you become active, upright, and avoid any intervention which would might cause a prolonged labor. You may therefore want to find out more about doulas and how they can help you.

#8: Stay Home Longer

Unless your doctor has instructed otherwise, you should endeavor to stay at home for some time after the commencement of your labor. You get to use the comfortable surroundings to your advantage and you only have to leave when your contractions are about 1 minutes long and 3-5 minutes apart.

#9: Clear Your Mind

Stay positive. This is good advice that works in all areas of life and in giving birth. You should rid yourself of any negativity. Do not let yourself become scared of labor so much that the tension and fear would cause issues for you. You may want to try affirmations and tell yourself you are strong and powerful enough to go through the birthing process easily.  If you need to speak about it, you can confide in a friend, midwife or a doula. Just eliminate the fear as quick as possible as there is no need for it.

#10: Stay Active And Upright

This should be clear. The more active and upright you are, the more you encourage labor to proceed in a timely manner.

#11: Use Your Voice

When in the labor room, try not to hold back the shouts. Use your voice effectively as it will help relieve the tension and get through the process quicker.

#12: Use Your Environment

Finally, you should ensure you choose carefully those in your environment during labor. You want to ensure you are surrounded by people who help you feel safe. Ensure the setting speaks safety to you as this is very important for an efficient labor process.


If you following these 12 tips, you will stand a much better chance for a more effective and timely labor process. You can share your experiences with us and we will be willing to give good advice. Just leave your comments below. 



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