How to talk to your child about sex

How to talk to your child about sex
September 21 09:09 2016

We all are living in a high caliber sexualized society. Childs are also a part of the same society where they are exposed to different sexual languages, acts, pictures, videos and whatever else at very little age as they are not mentally or physically prepared. Your child is not mature enough to handle all the matters related to sex. They knowingly don’t know anything about sex. They may don’t want hormones at the very early age but they are always curious about handling their changing bodies and they might urge in a society that shows yes but tells that it’s not the right time.

In this case when your kids are unknowingly in the knowledge of sex but they really know nothing, so you must talk to your kids to make them understand the basics and the pros and cons of sex. You can have a talk to your child on the following topics and explore what they actually think about and what the want to do? You must keep in mind one thing that you have to explore them, observe them and make them follow the right path rather than to force them, yell at them, and make them even worse than before.

Never discredit love

There is absolutely a totally different definition of love that your kids follow. There is a huge difference between the love that you do and the love your kids do. Your kids at their little age are unable to differentiate between love and lust. You don’t have to make your child understand what you think but you should explore your kid’s feelings, emotions they generate  and their attachments with others.

Never stand back from teaching your child

If you will not teach your child sex education then keep in mind someone else is going to do that in place of you. Your kids are never going to be uneducated in terms of sex education because they will learn from other adults, social media, mass media peers and other channels. This can be worse so you should stand up and teach your child in your own way and put your teachings in their mind as their good can only be thought of you and no one else.

Talk to your child about sex early and often

When your kids are pretending that they are not listing to you, they are actually listing to you very carefully. They ar totally interpreting what you say and what you want to say. They might not believe you sometimes but you don’t have to stop telling them. Keep pinning your beliefs into their minds so they may act upon them.

Avoid using don’t in all of your conversations with your kids

While talking to your teenager kids don’t ever make use of the word “don’t”like you should not say, don’t do sex, don’t get pregnant or don’t get any disease from sexual acts. There would be a mess of don’t don’t and don’t and your kid will just start doing the same shitty things you don’t want them to spite you can let them do the safest things like telling them the easy and healthy ways to know about their partner, to have sex in a safe way, or you can let them do some easy tasks as you suggest.

Right place and right time

You should meet your kids in the place they love to stay. Tell your kids the honest answers to their questions. If your kid asks you about the meaning of sex, you should first know properly what your kid wants to know. Whether your kid is asking about the sex in terms of gender or something else. After that, you should give answer properly to make your kid understand the right meaning.

Stay who you are

Don’t try to bring in myths and rumors in your talks with kids. Be real, honest and trustful to your kids and provide them the real and right information that is necessary and useful for them. Avoid making use of the sexual talks to  teenagers and children.

Give power to your kids

You should give full authority to your kids about their privacy, space in their relationships, their friends, and including family to let them know how they are beloved to you and you should always make them feel honored and valued. While doing all theses things you must keep an eye on your kids to prevent them from anonymous gatherings, people, and medicines that may potentially harm them.

Use of media

You should make use of topics that are presented in the social media, mass media or daily routine to teach your kids the right ways to have sex at the right time. You can then have theoretical conversations with them about sex and their relationships.while conversing , avoid public statements and judgments even about the fictional characters. In this Way, your kid will anticipate all the matters and puts his own beliefs and view about that particular sex talk in front of you. This will be an amazing opportunity for you to mold their thoughts according to your desire and the ways you want them to think and react.

Live by means of examples

If you are being committed in a good relationship, then you must let your kids know about it so they might learn how to stay cool in relationships and make them even stronger. Set examples for your kids about sex to make them learn. Don’t feel shy and just let them see you doing kiss and makeup.

Listen more than you talk

As mentioned earlier you have to explore your kids and their thoughts, so, you should not talk more than you have two ears but one mouth which clearly shows that you should speak less and listen more. Listen to what your kids think about sexual activities and interpret wisely. Make your kids strong enough to take right decisions, make them self-dependant and courageous. You should make them wise in their thinkings and actions by having conversations with them rather than lecturing them.

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